My Dear Online Millionaire,

I want to warmly welcome you to MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA). This is where we are going to give you quality training that will ensure you become a millionaire.

Yes, you have potential of becoming one through the internet marketing business model that we are going to show you. Our plan goes beyond teaching you, we really want to take you by the hand and ensure you achieve your goals.

Below are the descriptions of each section of MEMMA Membership Area


This is where you MUST start from. You are expected to go through all the training lessons in this section. You are going to sharpen your skill from this section and gain understanding on how internet marketing business works.
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This is where you will get tools and resources that will be useful for your internet marketing business. Some of them may be referenced from the the TRAINING section. Take advantage of them.
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At this section, you will get digital products with ready made sales pages that you can start marketing immediately. There may also be swipe email and marketing resources like ad banners that you can use in promotion.
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You will get articles that will be helpful for your development and improvement in this section.
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Get update and announcement from this section

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