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The Enormous Opportunities Provided By Internet

Internet has given everybody equal opportunity.

Whether you are a big, medium or small organization, you can have an online presence that gives you some kind of respect among your equals and competitors. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual trying to run your own business, you can even command higher respect than multi-national company on web.

There has not been any time like this in any generation that individuals have been so advantageous to become super rich or influential simply because they have some level of online presence.

We have seen an ordinary blogger, graphic designer, forum owner, small business owner become so influential online because of internet. Interestingly, most of these individuals operate from the corner of their rooms.

Therefore, as someone who is interested in starting an online marketing business, you also need a kind of online presence. You need a platform that can help you promote and project what you are doing.

You don’t need a physical office space or staff to do this. You simply need a computer system (preferably a laptop) and internet connection and you can work at anywhere you find yourself and at any time of the day.

Why You Need To Have Your Own Website

Some people have asked me in the past if it is necessary to have your own website. The question is probably prompted from some internet marketers promoting the fact that you don’t need a website to make money on online.

Though, there are some online programs that may not require you to have a website, but if we are talking about you having your own online business, then, a website is necessary.

If you don’t have a website, it means, you are just floating around online. There will be limitation to what you can do. It also means that you don’t have any online business because if you want to market anything online, your website should be the home for all your services and products. Though, you may use social media to promote your products but there is always limitation to what you can do.

For example, you cannot collect subscribers contact on social sites. If you can even do that, you will still need a place to send the details. You cannot place salespage on social media sites, if you are able to make posts on social media sites, you may not be able to track how people are engaging with your promotion.

Your website should be like your online shop or office where you have opportunity to engage your potential customers and existing ones.

With your website:

  1. You can create your own website where you can explain to people what you are all about
  2. You can create blog
  3. You can create sales page
  4. You can create squeeze page
  5. You can direct traffic to your site from social media sites
  6. You can integrate autoresponder to your site
  7. You can monetize your site by placing advertisement
  8. You can start branding yourself as a major player in the industry
  9. You can easily start any other profiting project or program that can make you more money
  10. You can track how people are engaging your site

Having your own website is necessary if you are planning to have a long time online business. But if that is not your own, you can promote other people products through affiliate marketing method.

It means, you are to be sending traffic to the people’s sale page or opt-in page and get paid any time money is made. If you don’t have an existing list to do that, it means you have to take paid advertisement to keep sending traffic to your affiliate link.

If you are to have a list, you will probably need to have a site where you will direct people to first and then, redirect them to the affiliate site that you are promoting.

With this method, you have two benefits.

  1. You will have the contacts of traffic you are sending to your affiliate link and you can always contact them without going to pay for the repetition of the service again.
  2. You will also be making some sales when some of this people buy through your affiliate link on the site.

As you can see, it is good to have your own site.

How To Develop Your Site

Developing a site is very technical. Only few people are able to learn the skill that is required to do that. If you engage yourself with a lot of technical work while you are just starting your internet business, you may soon lose your zeal for online business except you are a techie or someone that has flair for highly technical things.

You probably need a different type of mindset to resolve technical work and also another type of mindset to market. Still, we have people that have to work for month to develop their internet marketing technical skills before they could start making money online.

You might have heard people talking about working on their internet marketing business for 2 years, 3 years or 5 years before they can start making consistent money. The problem is really not because it always take so long to make money online, the focus of most of those that are interested in internet marketing has always being on technical work and not on SELLING which supposed to be their main focus.

Therefore, it is advisable for you to invest into the development of your website. Most people complain they don’t have money. But a lot of people spend more than the amount they profess they don’t have over years trying to figure out how to make money through the internet and it does not make any economics sense.

What you should do when you are just starting is to give the work to those that can help you get it done faster so that you can quickly make money in the business.

Let me also tell you that your first sales online is very important.

If you don’t make it on time, over time, you will start getting frustrated and thinking it is not possible to make money online.

Still, you can learn how to develop your site.

What will I advise you to do that? Sometimes, it is not everything you want to outsource to a technical person especially when you are just starting out and you have low budget to keep hiring professional.

You may need to do simple things like uploading a file, correcting a typo error on your site, changing an image or posting a video. These are minor jobs that you may want to do by yourself and may not even take you up to 10 or 15 minutes to fix that.

At this point, your technical knowledge will be very useful.

With MEMMA, we want to give everyone a fast track to making money. If you are not technical skillfully about developing a website, I will highly recommend that we do the service for you. Click here to see our plan to get you started on time with no delay.

Using OptimizePress Plugin To Develop Your Website

To make website development easy, there is a plugin that we have adopted to do all our work. It is called OptimizePress plugin. OptimizePress is a plugin developed for WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) for creating blog. But the WordPress has been so much developed that it is now been used to create entire website.

Record shows that about 74 millions sites are developed with WordPress and about 18.9% of all hosted sites are using WordPress. What makes WordPress popular is it ease-of-use.

You don’t need to have any programming knowledge to use it. It is user-friendly and simple to update on a daily basis.

But the OptimizePress plugin takes CMS to another level. With OptimizePress, you can build a blog, a website, salespage, opt-in page, membership site and webinar.

It’s seems everything and anything you want to do online has been packaged with the plugin. It gives you a professional and beautiful looks that make you to doubt it is not developed by highly skillful programmer.

Interestingly, anybody that has time and patience can use the OptimizePress to design any type of site for himself or any other person.

Therefore, for the development of all the web tool and resources we need like blog, sales page, squeeze page, webinar or membership site, we shall be using OptimizePress extensively.

If we are developing your website, blog and List building system for you as we have stated it on the blog creation service page,  you don’t need to bother about getting OptimizePress because we it is one of the tool we are installing for you.

We are giving you original license for the software. With that, you can be sure it will give you what you really need.

To get license for OptimizePress will cost you about $97 that is about ₦46,000.00+ based on our fluctuating dollar naira exchange rate.

So, you can appreciate the value we are giving to you with the service.

All the webpages that we designed for this programme has been designed with the help of OptimizePress and that is why it will be good for you to also have one. Don’t forget that getting a website or having OptimizePress is NOT our internet marketing business. Our main business is to sell and get people to pay for our products and services.

Website and all other things being mentioned here are just tools and resources for us to achieve our goal.

Having said that, in case you need OptimizePress plugin license but you have your website already, you can get in touch us to get you a genuine plugin that you can use for just ₦15,000.00.  That means, you will be saving more than half of the money you might have personally used to purchase one.

This opportunity is exclusive for members of MEMMA alone and it cannot be provided for anyone outside this forum. Kindly take note of that.

When you have the OptimizePress, you can shun out sales pages and great opt-in pages at will. These are tools that we need to succeed in this business and everyone must equip himself or herself with that.

For anyone that want to know how to use OptimizePress, the latest version 2.5.7, kindly click here to watch the video.

Using A Single Site for All Your Work

Another challenge that most beginners often have is the confusion of how many websites they should create.

Some have wrongly be taught that they should get a website for each product they want to market. Please don’t do that.

Though, it is a good idea to have different website for different services. You might have noticed that MeritChoice have different website for different services. But you have to be careful about creating several websites. The more the sites you have the more difficult it becomes for you to maintain them.

If you are selling digital products, don’t start creating sites for each product you are to market. For example, if you are to market products like, “How To Create A Website”, “How To Sell Ebooks” and “How To Generate Traffic”, you will see that we have about three products there.

Some people may advice you to go and register different domain names for the 3 products. That is, you should have something like,, It really makes sense but that is a lot of work, first and you will be spending money to buy domain and host each site.

You can just have a single website like and create a subdomain for each of the products you want to sell.

So, you can have something like:

You are going to get the same result exactly with registering each one as a domain. Beside, it will be easy for you to manage the entire site rather than having several websites that you will be paying for every year.

Why some people will advise you to do that is because Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But we are not going to be engaging in all complex terminologies and ideas that take you time to understand. We will be thinking more about paying for our traffic and making money faster. So, we will not be doing all the technical marketing stuff that waste your time and give you less result.

Even, if you are interested in SEO, you can also do that with the subdomain idea stated above.

But then, you may be moving on a snail method of really making it quickly. Remember, you have just about 1 year to make your first million on Internet Marketing.


  1. I will like you to state what you have learnt in this lesson.
  2. Write down the best method to build your website
  3. State the CMS and plugin that is needed for you to quickly build your website
  4. Discuss with someone why it is not necessary to have multiple websites and how best to manage your single website profitably.

Action To Be Taken

  1. Ensure you work toward getting your own website as quick as possible. If you don’t have technical skill to develop one, outsource it.
  2. Get opt-in page to start getting contact of potential people you can always market to.

If you need your website to be done for you fast, click here to get in