MEMMA Frontend Marketing Resources


How To Make ₦300k+ Monthly Promoting HOT Selling Products Using Online Automated System (Seminar)

This is our front end product for promoting MEMMA and we shall be having this seminar regularly round the country.

Make sure you have your correct link to promote the frontend seminar for MEMMA. Your promotional link should look like this:

where the username is your FasteCash username.

Make sure you use the correct username or contact the Training Coach if you need assistance.

Shorten and cloak your affiliate link with You can also use or

You can learn more about this by reading the FAST TRACK

Below, we have resources that you can use for promotions. The Ad copies for social media, banner and email swipe. Don’t forget to add your promotional link to each of the promotional copy and banner.

Ad Copies for Social Media

Ad copy - #1

If it took 6 days to create the entire universe, why should it take you 10 years or more to become a millionaire? Will you like to discover the secret of becoming a millionaire in JUST A Single Year?  Click the link here to find out how to become a millionaire faster than your brain can imagine it! http://your-affiliate-link-here

Ad copy - #2

Are you afraid of what your future could turn out to be if you suddenly lose your job? Get Your Online Business Started TODAY before the unexpected happens to you. Click the link here quickly to know how to secure your future. http://your-affiliate-link-here

Ad copy - #3

Discover the SECRET of transiting from being a constantly broke fella to A Super Wealthy Chap In the Next 30 Days! Guaranteed! Click this link to discover how to: http://your-affiliate-link-here

Ad copy - #4

Is it really possible to make ₦300k+ Monthly at this time in Nigeria without winning lottery? The answer is YES! Click this link to find out more about it. http://your-affiliate-link-here

Ad copy - #5

If you have the options of getting paid monthly by stern-looking boss or personally generating over ₦300k+ per monthly, which one will you prefer? If you’ve always feel like sacking your boss, TODAY is the time you have been waiting for, click the link here to find out how http://your-affiliate-link-here

Ad copy - #6

You have an impressive degree from one of the best universities but you can’t afford the best lifestyle you so much desire. It’s not your fault, they school never had what it take to prepare you for real life. But if you fail to discover the truth now, I’m afraid, your situation may get worse. It’s up to you to click this link and know how to improve your finances and live a better life.  http://your-affiliate-link-here


Ad Banners for ₦300k+ Monthly Seminar

Here are banners that you can use on your blog or website to generate traffic to the opt-in page for the seminar. Make sure you use your link correctly with it.

Copy and paste the code in the text box below the banner. That is what you want to paste on your blog or site BUT, make sure you change username to your FasteCash Username. If you don't do that you WILL LOSE YOUR COMMISSION.

The code is: <a href="">

Take note of the username after the ref and change it to your FasteCash Username.

Make sure you ask question from your Training Coach, in case you are confused about it.


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