Automate Your Marketing For Hand Free Operation

Work once and enjoy the benefit for a very long time through the application of your marketing automation

One of the things that make internet marketing interesting is the ability to automate most of your work. That is, you can just set it to keep running while you do some other things.

That is one of the reasons you hear statement like; “make money while sleeping”.

Therefore, we shall be looking at how to automate your online marketing process.

We have talked about how important it is for you to have your sales and opt-in pages. The next thing you want to do is to generate traffic to the web pages and start following up the people until they decide to buy. Your third action is to collect payment from the people and then deliver the product or service.

Let us state the steps one after the other here:

  1. Create a sales page
  2. Create a thank you, download or delivery page for the product
  3. Create an opt-in page
  4. Generate traffic to the page
  5. Follow-up those that opted in with email
  6. Integrate the sales page with a payment processor to accept payment online

Full automation of your marketing process is possible especially if you are promoting digital product. You can also automate your marketing process with physical product but at the end, you will need to package the product and send it across through courier service or any other suitable means.

Now, let me now explain the whole process.

  1. You need to work on your sales page by writing the copy first. After that you need to create an online web page for it. Writing a sales copy may take you 2 to 3 hours depending on your skills. It may even take you a whole day or more especially if you are a beginner trying to figure out the best way to pass the information across to your prospective buyers.

Then, you will need to design your web page which will also be based on your skill. If you are using tools like optimizepress, you should be able to have a good web design and it may take you some several hours too. You also need to integrate the site with a payment system for you to accept instant payment online.

You must also create your thank you, download or registration page depending on the way you hope to deliver your product. If it is a downloadable product, then you will need a download page which can also be referred to as thank you page. What it means is that you appreciate buyers on the page and give them the download link to get the product they paid for.

If it is a membership site, you may have a registration form for them to fill and then log them into the membership area immediately.

For the purpose of this lesson, let us say it takes you about 2 days to write your sales copy and design your webpage.

  1. You will also need to create your opt-in page with another good content that will compel your site’s visitors to subscribe to your list. Then, you need to integrate it with your autoresponder, so that any time people subscribe, they can be followed up. Let also say it take you a day to work on this too.
  2. You need to get traffic now. But before you start generating traffic, you need to make sure that all your follow up messages has been written. The follow up messages are short email with different topics deliberately written to persuade your subscriber to buy your products.

The email messages don’t need to be long but they must be punchy enough to convince your subscribers to buy your product. You MUST have at least 7 of such pre-written messages. If you can make it 14, it is better. The more the follow up messages the better for you to convert most of your subscribers to buyers.

You will include your sales page or affiliate link in the follow up message so that at any time they open to read the follow up messages, they can get back to your sales page to read the full content and make decision to purchase your product.

Let us say, this also take you about 2 days to write the messages.

  1. You have some short messages to write too. They are the promo ad copies that you are going to use for your online advertisement or regular posts you want to keep dropping on your social media networks.

Some of them may be used for your Facebook and other site adverts too. The short message can be from about 2 lines to 5 lines and it must contain your opt-in page link. This is to take people to your landing page and get them to subscribe to your list.

Let’s say, you have about 30 to 50 of these messages and it takes you another 2 days to have it.

After you have done all these processes, then you are ready to put your system on automation. But before we talk more on that, let us see how long it takes you to work on the whole process.

S/No Work Done Days
1. Creation of sales and thank you pages 2
2. Creation of Opt-in page 1
3. Writing follow up messages 2
4. Writing short promo ad messages 2
  Total Working Time 7


With what we have above, we can say our days of “hard work” to set the system up are 7 days.

Now that everything is ready, we only need to start sending traffic to the sales page or opt-in page.

There are 2 ways to also fully automate the processing of sending traffic.

  1. If you are an experienced internet marketer, who has an existing active and responsive list
  2. If you are sending traffic through paid network media.

For an experienced internet marketer who has an existing list that he want to market to, he may not need to send the people to his opt-in page but send them directly to the sales page because those in the list are not new leads.

Therefore, the follow up messages can be setup for 7 to 14 days in the autoresponder such that each message will start delivering to the people on daily basis.

At this point, the marketer has no other business to do than to keep observing how sales is being made as the messages drop and do the work of converting subscribers to buyers. You can see now that after 7 days of real work, the system now runs on its own, on free-hand operation.

The second option is to pay an advert network that can generate good targeted traffic for you. You will put in some of your promo ad copies on the advert network and see the one that is effective. Initially, this may require your time, let’s say 15 to 30 minutes per day for you to observe which promo ad is catching people’s interest.

This is a process of testing your ad copies to check the one that can pull the best traffic for you. After you have discovered the one people are responding better to, concentrate on it and let the system run on free-hand process.

If you are interested in using some other free traffic method from social media network, you may dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour per day to do that.

For example, you may decide to send one or two of you pre-written promo ads to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc on daily basis. You may do this manually or automate it too. There are some tools that help you to post on your social media network, most of them are really not free but they can be very helpful.

You can also schedule the short promo messages to get delivered on your social media network.

With these done, your assignment is to keep observing the result of your promotion. You want to monitor the result you are getting and if there is any issue with your system or if you need to change some of your existing strategy, you can do so as you daily study your results.

I believe this lesson is helpful and you now know how to automate your marketing process for hand-free operation.