Developing the Millionaire's Mindset

How To Become A Millionaire Through The Re-Conditioning of Your Mindset

Becoming a millionaire requires a new and different mindset.

To make money is not the problem but it takes a new level of inner development to become wealthy. You must know that your personal development is tied to your financial development

In fact, you need to unlearn some things that you grow up with and totally dismantle some mindset that has been part of you since you are young or that you have developed based on your family, society or educational background.

We are starting with this lesson on developing a millionaire’s mindset because it is critical to your success in this academy. If you don’t get this right, it will be hard for you to become a millionaire at the end of the day.

I will therefore advise you to pay close attention to this lesson and take time to come back and read it again until you are sure you fully understand this aspect. You are probably wondering what is making money from Internet marketing has to do with mindset. It has a lot and we shall begin to look at it.

You see, we were not taught how to become an entrepreneur. All what they taught you is to go to school and study hard so that you can get a good job and become somebody in life. You hardly hear your teacher talk about you becoming a millionaire by setting up you own business. How will he or she teach you about that? They were not taught too.

We have therefore been conditioned to think like employee from our formation age and that mindset has to be re-conditioned for us to follow the path of becoming rich. To become a doctor people go to school and learn what it takes, to become a lawyer, architect or a professional, there are schools for it. But you hardly get the school where you are really thought the real life principle of becoming rich. Business schools sometimes make it worst teaching you the academics and teaching you to be very careful to get started.

Change Your Belief System

The first thing you need to do is to change your belief system. What is your belief system? Do you even know if you have one? Most people don’t know they act based on their belief system. The system is formed from your tender age. It is often determined by your family background, environment and your immediate associations. It determines your value.

For example, from the part of the country I came from, it is believed that “money is a stranger” and it comes to anyone it chooses. It simply means that if money decides not to visit you, you can never be rich and it means “struggling or trying” to be rich will amount to nothing in your life.

Another belief is that those that are wealthy are divinely destined to be rich. So, if you have not been predestined to be rich, you can never be rich even if you are given the same opportunity and privilege just as the other successful people.

These are limiting beliefs that make many people to give up and accept their fate especially if they have record of “struggling” and working hard to become wealthy and has no physical evidence to show for their effort. They eventually concluded that they are not designed to be rich and should just be contented with the little that comes to them.

These beliefs system are so strong in our part of the world and it is highly reflective in our home video by Nollywood movie, in our proverbs and music from our artists.

Religion has been another form of influence that affects people mindset negatively about becoming rich. Some religions teach you to be conservative and make you feel guilty when you have a lot of money. They will rather advice you to give your excess money to the poor and refuse to stay in good house or buy flashy cars because it doesn’t reflect you being righteous or holy and those things can disqualify you from attaining highest level of spiritual success.

Some people have visited spiritualists who have probably predicted their future and told them what they are going to be. They might have told them to live a low-key life and don’t have elaborate celebration in order to survive the attack of their enemies.

All these beliefs, if not debunked will definitely stand on your way of becoming rich. Since some of it has been wired into our being since we are young, they will eventually be triggered if you get to a point of making it big.

In fact, some of them carry fear and paralyze their believers. If some people start with this training and realize that they are not making it as fast as others, the belief system may kick in to warn them that they are not designed to become rich and then, they let go of their determination and resort to fate.

What is your belief system and how do you think it can affect you to become successful in this project?

I want you to sincerely reflect on this. But let me also tell you that most of the beliefs are just superstition that holds no water. Most of them are African belief and idea that is keeping us back. If you let it rule you on this project, it will be difficult for you to succeed.

Start working on your mindset now and filling your mind with new beliefs of possibility because God that designs us want good things for you.

It’s Difficult To Make Money

This is another mindset that is ingrained in our social system. Everybody believes it is not easy to make money. You hear it on street that time is hard. The economic is bad. You hear people saying, “we thank God at least we are eating”.

They have reduced all their working effort to “eating alone”.

Parents put it to their children face that it is not easy to make money and they cannot always get what they want. Husband and wife fight in the house because of finance in the presence of their children. What do you think the child will believe as he or she grows up?

A mindset is being formed, “it is not easy to make money”.

Therefore, any idea or program like MEMMA that promises to assist in making such a person rich is immediately discounted as hype. The fellow believes it is not going to be easy to make money with the idea. Every attempt to make it work becomes stressful because there is a mindset that he or she has to struggle and painfully work hard.

There is a word that our society has even chosen to use for working. They will say, “we are hustling”. They advise you to “hustle”. What does it mean to hustle? It means doing something by trying hard.

When the idea is ingrained in you that you have to labour hard to get something, it gives you less excitement. You struggle through it. You see it as a necessity which you will probably not do if you have a choice.

You must believe that it is NOT difficult to make money. When this really settles in your mind and take over your whole being, you will experience a flush of energy that get you excited with your work.

You see your plan to make money as important strategy to achieving a goal rather than unavoidable thing you have to do for survival.

People with this type of mindset are also afraid of taking great opportunity like what MEMMA is providing because they will think like, “how am I sure that I will make money if I put in my hard earned money into this program?”

You notice something? The money they have is hard-earned. It was difficult to come by and parting with it is also painful.

It is not likely for anyone to become a millionaire until you free your mind and believe that it is actually easy to make money.

Maintaining and Retaining Employee’s Mindset

If you have gone through our educational system, you probably have this mindset. Just cast back your mind to your school days, from primary to secondary and tertiary schools and tell me how many times you were taught or advised by your teachers on how to become an employer of labour or entrepreneur?

Was there any time you were instructed on how to become super rich or a millionaire?

All what you were probably told was to study hard, earn good grade and get a job in a good organization or company that pays you well at the end of the month.

When you were much younger from your nursery and primary school, they asked you, “What do you want to become”. Everything the child want to become is centered round career that will make him or her to work for someone. I doubt if there is any child that want to be an entrepreneur.

For years, probably 15 to 20 years of your life formation, you were only advised to get a job.

There is a way average employee thinks.

  1. They believe someone has to pay them for their work and it is not easy for them to create an opportunity, business or work for themselves.
  2. They prefer being paid based on their time. They are willing to work from 8am to 5pm and get their salary at the end of the month. They don’t like the idea of getting paid based on result. An entrepreneur prefers to get paid based on result.For example, most employee dreads working as a marketer whereby you only earned based on commissions. They are always afraid they may not be able to meet up with target and not earn enough. An entrepreneur will rather want to get paid by commissions because he could see better opportunity selling good numbers of the products and making more money than going to work every day with job security of getting paid at the end of the month.
  3. Employee focuses on their working income, they want it fast. It must come every month. It must not reduce but it can increase if it is possible. For them to gain increment, they go for more study, more degrees, master degrees and courses that will help them get and submit more certificates that will compel their employers to increase their pay even if what they have learnt is directly not relevant for them.If they can’t get a pay rise by this method, they form unionism and create pressure groups against management to drive their point of salary increment.The financially free and rich people focus on their net worth. They are willing to delay instant gratification. They are willing to invest and wait for the yield. They don’t see it as someone’s responsibility to get a pay rise; they simply work towards increasing their income.They don’t go back to school for the certificates, they do so to have relevant knowledge that will help them to improve on what they are doing and to increase the result they are getting which invariably give them more money.
  1. Employees don’t like to complicate their lives by doing several things at the same time. If they are working at an organization, they don’t want to do business along with it because it will add to the “stress” they are getting from their jobs already.They prefer to follow their routine of going to work, coming back home, eat, watch TV, know what is going on in the news and emotionally comment about it, sleep and get back to work. They are willing to do just only one thing. If you come to them with some extra income opportunity, they will let you know that they are already working and after some years of saving and getting “experience” from their work, they may decide to go into business and focus on it.The entrepreneur and the rich are willing to do both. In fact, some of the financial independents started as employees but put extra time after their day job to learn and perfect their business skill. Working late in the night, denying themselves of regular pleasure of watching TV till they are able to develop themselves enough to fire their boss.

Coming to MEMMA, you need to start thinking differently. You have to think as business owner who takes charge and in full control of what happens. You are the determinant factor here. You generate the cash and you can increase it as much as you like.

Your time is the most valuable asset. You should be willing to pay to get your time back rather than spending time to get money.

Being Gripped By Fear of Failure

One of the potent tools that keep people down from becoming successful or rich in life is fear.

Most of the middle class and poor are always afraid of what will happen if they try and fail. They are afraid of what people will say. How other will look at them. People’s opinion is stronger than their desire and therefore, they dread taking action.

One of the reasons why we are also afraid of failure is because when we were in school, you get punished for failing or making mistakes. Those that are seen as the stars at schools are the A-students, those guys that make good grades because they make fewer mistakes.

They are awarded and even given prefect positions to compensate them for not failing. You were made to feel bad whenever you make mistake or fail. Therefore, you don’t want to be considered as failure again at you later age. It seems better for you not to try than fail.

But failure is actually part of life. It is normal. We get better by failing and moving forward learning from our failure.

You can be educated logically and mentally but if you are not educated emotionally the fear will stop you from doing what you suppose to do. Fear will paralyze you. When you make a mistake in school you get punished. In real world you make mistake and learn from it.

Thomas Edison was criticized for failing for 1,014 times in his attempt to create electric bulb and he had epic reply for the critics, he said,

I did not fail 1,014 times. I successfully found out what did not work 1,014 times

Robert Kiyosaki said, many people are  not successful because they fail to fail enough time. They let fear hold them back.

So, if you come into this system and it seems you fail at the initial attempt, never give up because you actually need “more failures” to get it right.

Never allow the fear of failure to rob you the opportunity of becoming successful.

Waiting For A Perfect Situation Before Taking Actions

The middle class people always think the situation must be perfect before they take action. They feel like they need to learn all what is required for them to become successful with business.

For example, if an employee hope to do a business, his plan will be to get enough money, rent office space, get staff, buy furniture, get all equipment, get front desk officer and make the office chilled with Air Conditioner. Then, he will calculate all the money that is needed to do everything and hope to save enough to achieve that or go for a loan.

Interestingly, most successful business runs by those with millionaire’s mindset never started big. They often start with idea that the conceiver  of the idea doesn’t even know where fund to run it will come from.

Often time, they just keep doing what they can do and before you know it, everything begins to fall into its proper place.

You want to become a millionaire? Never wait for a perfect situation.

Some people will come into this academy and be waiting until they have learn everything on this training but some with the right mentality will start acting per lesson and putting the pieces together.

Will you be the one with the right mindset or you will be waiting till everything is perfect?

Your think has to change now. It is time to start thinking like a business owner and not as an employee. See this as your business and determine what you are making out of it per time.

There is a writer that did a great job  trying to capture the mindset of millionaire. The name of the author is T. Harv Eker. In his book, Secret of Millionaire Mind, he actually did a wonderful comparison between the poor and middle class and the financial independent and the rich.

Go through the table here to see the differences.

To become successful and a millionaire as we have determined to help you at this academy, ensure that you don’t have a mindset that can rob you off of achieving this great feat.

Your mind is the key that will unlock the door of wealth.


Make sure you write down the answers of the questions below in a book which you should dedicate for this training program. If you are used to electronic device like laptop, tab or phone, open and save a document file which you can for this program’s assignment.

  1. Do you really agree with the stated points above?
  2. Having gone through this lesson, what will you sincere admit as already formed mindset that can affect your desire of making a million naira on monthly basis with MEMMA program?
  3. How will you work toward not allowing your mindset to be a barrier to your goal?
  4. Do you think you need help in re-conditioning your mindset?

Take Action

You can develop a right mindset by listen to motivational and inspirational talk.  You can also do that by reading good books. Therefore do the following below regularly.

  1. Listen to motivational talk every day even if it is for just 10 to 15 minutes. Search on Youtube for motivational and inspirational talk and get fired up daily.
  2. Read a motivational book daily even if it a page or a chapter, it will boost your inner man and assist in reconditioning of your mind.

Be consistent about this ACTION PLAN and you will experience a great transformation in your life.