How To Constantly & Consistently Build Your List

List is your bag of money and you must constantly and consistently build

List is one of the most powerful tools you need to succeed in the internet marketing business. You have heard people said that money is in the list and that is correct. But there are some things you need to know about list.

First of all, a dormant list doesn’t give you much money. Your list must be active and responsive before it can keep giving you good money on regular basis.

A dormant list is the one that message has not been sent to it for several days or weeks. Some people has list that they have not sent message to for months or even years.

Such a list will not be responsive when you send message to it. You have to warm it up again. In fact, some email addresses on the list may not even been functioning again while some of the member of the list may be wondering how you get their contacts because they have forgotten you.

Therefore, you must ensure you send message to your list, if possible, EVERYDAY!

Some newbies are always afraid that sending message to the list on daily basis may put off some of the list members. That is not correct. In fact, those that are put off by your daily email have the opportunity to unsubscribe from your list if they want to. You don’t need to bother about them. It simply means they are not your marketable prospects.

That is why building your list on daily basis is very important.

If you can’t keep up with sending message every day, make sure you send email at least once in a week to your list. Though that is not my recommendation but it is just to ensure that you don’t allow your list to become dormant.

To make your list members fall in love with you and look forward to your regular email, you must keep sending them useful content. Information that can help them while you will also need to keep sending them products they can buy at interval.

To keep making money regularly and scaling up your income, you need to keep increasing the number of subscribers on your list.

You want to ensure you have different means to keep opting in people to become part of your list.

Here are some ways you can keep increasing your list on daily basis.

Create Newsletter Subscription Form on Your Blog

If you have a blog, you must not miss the opportunity of having a newsletter subscription page on it. It will give opportunity to your blog visitors to opt-in and get updated about your blog’s new posts.

This also create avenue for you to market your products to them thus, increasing your sales potentials.

Recommend Related Paid Products to Readers of the Articles on Your Blog

Another way to keep building your list is to get readers of your blog to visit the squeeze page of a related product of the article they just read on your site. For example, let us say you have an article on your blog with the title “How To Generate Traffic” at the end of the article, you can have a promo ad copy that say: “Will You Like To Learn How To Get 1,000 Subscribers In 30 Days? Click here now to find out”

If the reader of your article on How To Generate Traffic really benefits a lot from it, he or she will like to follow your recommendation and click on the promo copy on how to generate 1,000 subscribers in 30 days.

Of course, before your blog readers can have access to the product’s sales page, they have to subscribe on the landing page. Therefore, your reader becomes your subscriber or lead (any of the two words can be used). At this point, you are to start implementing the sales funnel idea whereby you quickly provide a cheap One-Time-Offer or the full sales page of the product you want to sell.


Post Your Squeeze Pages Daily On Social Media

By now, as a marketer, you should know that you are not expected to be promoting only one product, if you want to scale up your income faster. You should have several products you are promoting. Therefore, this should be your approach if you are using social media platform to generate traffic: ALWAYS SEND THEM TO YOUR SQUEEZE PAGE

Did you get that?

Don’t send people that are not ready on your list directly to your sales page. They may love what you have on your sales page but note that more 95% of visitors to your sales page won’t buy at their first visit.

But if you can get them on your list, it will be possible for you to keep showing them your site for about 7 times through your email follow up.

Therefore, one of the way you should build your list faster is by making regular post on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc and always add your squeeze page url to send them to your opt-in page.

With this, you are sure of having some new leads daily.

Take Paid Adverts To Your Squeeze Pages

You can take paid adverts and link the advert to your landing page. This is always effective when you are using an advert network that has good traffic. Though it may seem expensive but you must not forget the economics of using paid advert.

You must also ensure that you make your money back through your sales funnel idea of one-time offer.

Though, you may have different squeeze pages for different products, but check the ones that are giving you the best result and spend more on those ones.

If you set up a paid advert for a product squeeze page and the numbers of the one-time offer being bought do not cover your advert expenses, make sure you stop the advert immediately and retain those ones that help you to recover your advert money and even make profit except such advert is giving you a better income through backend product. Mainly, observation and monitoring are important in running a successful campaign in Internet marketing.

Add Your Squeeze Page URL to Your Signature on Forum

In case you participate in some online forums, you should take this initiative of promoting your landing page by adding the url of the page as part of signature on the forums.

Some forums allow you to add your signature on their forum and also permit you to add the url of your site. If you are part of such forum, never hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity. But you must also understand the terms and condition of the forum. If they don’t allow you to add a web link, then you must not do it unless you want to risk being banned from the forum.

For the forums that allow it, ensure you make use of the privilege. This will also work well for you if you are very active on such forums by posting regular articles and engaging in discussions.

Then, try to give fresh signature regularly as this may grab attention of the forum members who will want to check out what you are trying to promote.

This is only recommended for those that are active forum persons. If you are not the type that love to interact on forum, having your signature may not be effective because if you don’t make regular post and have good interaction with others, the likelihood that the members of the forum will your signature is slim.

Lastly, let me say that list building must be done constantly and consistently. When you do it regularly, you will not be short of cash at any time you need it because you can always send email to market an interesting product to your list and get money flowing back to you.