How To Run An Effective Online Promotion

Step by Step Approach to Running Result Oriented Online Promotion

With this lesson, we are moving closer to starting the real internet marketing business.

I want to assume you are set to start promoting the available products and services we have on this platform. Make sure you maximize your profit by subscribing to High Products Commission Upgrade if you have not.

Then, it is also important that you now have your website which will be helpful for your marketing especially in the area of building your list. If you still need assistance as regard to building your site, you can click here to get it done for you.

After you have your site, the next thing you want to know is how to carry out effective marketing using the internet. You will need to use different available tools to promote the existing products we have on MEMMA. The same idea you are about to learn can also be used for any type of product you wish to promote.

To have an effective promotion that will guarantee your success, there are things you need to do. When you do them, it is very certain that you will succeed.

Here are things you need to do.

1. Set a Motivating Monthly Income Target for Yourself and Go for it.

What do you want to make at the end of a month? ₦50,000.00, ₦100,000.00, ₦250,000.00 etc. Ensure that this amount of money is motivating enough for you to work towards achieving the goal. It should also not be too bogus or unrealistic at the beginning and you can start scaling it up till you reach making ₦1 million per month.

2. Get the products that will help you to make the amount of money you are starting with. Know the prices of the products and know the numbers of such products you have to sell on monthly basis to meet up with your target. This plan has been explained in the previous lesson.

3. Ensure that you have Opt-In Page for the product or products you are to promote. This is the page where you are going to ask for the name, email and phone numbers of those that are interested in your product or service. This must be done every time you are to promote a product, especially if the promotion is not directed to the existing members of your list.

4. Ensure you have a sales page. Sale page is the page where someone that opts in to your list will be able to see the details that is necessary for him to pay for your service or product. For example, when someone has opted in through your squeeze page, he should be able to see the details of your product on the next page he will be redirected with instruction on how he can make payment whether online or through the bank.

5. After someone has opted into your list via the opt-in page, two things will happen, he will instantly be directed to see the sales page and at the same time, he will also get an email in his email account. This email must be customized for the person, with the person first name. The email is to ensure that the right link or direction on how the fellow will make payment is also delivered to the person email account in case he missed it on the sales page.

6. Another thing that you can also send at the same time with the email to the subscriber is instant and customized SMS. This is to inform the subscriber to check his email address. Though, it is optional as you may set it and may not, but it is always an effective follow up tactics that help to seal the interest of your new subscribers and give them confident that your product or service must really worth it.

7. You must also create a Campaign List if you are using The campaign list is the one that is linked to the opt-in page. Whenever people subscribe through the opt-in page, their details, names, phone numbers, email and other details you are trying to collect from the opt-in page is saved into the list. has a feature that is called MagicResponder. Though it is generally referred to as autoresponder. The system collects and saves subscribers’ details and also helps you to set up follow up messages that your subscribers can be receiving for the next one year, if you want to do that.

You can set a follow up email or you can broadcast the email any time you want it. Broadcasting email is what you do instantly while follow up can start dropping into email addresses on daily basis or based on the day interval you give to it. You can also set follow up with or broadcast SMS too. It all depends on what you want to do.

8. Write at least 7 follow up email messages that you can schedule, so that when someone has subscribed, he will be getting email from you for the next 7 days automatically. This is where your sales copywriting skill has to come in. You can as well have SMS follow up. But note that there is cost per SMS that is sent.

9. Create a bitly account at This account will be available for you to shorten and protect your affiliate links. When the links are clicked, it takes those that clicked the links back to your website or opt-in page. From, you can also see number of clicks to your web pages.

10. You need to have your own referral link for each product you are promoting. For example, your referral link for MEMMA should look like this: . If you take note, you will see that there is a username at the end of the main link which is ?ref=gbemmy20. That is my FasteCash username at the end of the link and any time someone click that link, my username is saved along with the subscription details of the person that subscribed through my link in the MagicResponder of My name will be under *REFERRER* It simply means that the person on the list use my link to subscribe.

11. Get a blog on the home page of your website.  It is a good platform for you to promote all your products and write articles that are related to the products and services that you are promoting.

12. Open a Facebook Fan Page. Facebook is the most populous social media in the world. You can use it to gather a lot of interest. Post regularly on your Facebook fanpage and then, link it back to your opt-in page so that you can use that method to build your list.

13. Get a twitter account for your promotion too. This is another social media that you can use to increase your sales and build your list.

14. Put phone call through to subscriber and try to persuade them to attend a  seminar or to buy your product. This is very effective. Though, we help you to call subscribers that you send to our landing pages. But phone call is another act that you can make use of as we have good number of responses through the method.

We presently using Airtel line for all our calls and they have some mouth-watering awoof. For example, if you load N3,000.00 they will give you N12,000.00 which can be used to call any network for 30 days. Here is the code to activate it after you have recharged your SIM with N3,000.00 - *234*30#

15. To increase your subscription rate and get better result, take *Facebook Advert*. Start with about $10 to $20 daily and tweak your result. You must also track it too so that you will know if you are getting good result from the Facebook Advert or not. We will discuss more about this later.





Go through each of the point again, and make sure you understand each idea explained.

Have you started working on any of the ideas stated above?

Are you doing it correctly?

If you have any question as per any aspect explained above, do not hesitate to get in touch with the coach on WhatsApp.

Action To Be Taken

All the points above are action based. You want to ensure you start doing what was said.

Start from STEP-1 till the last one and ensure you have everything explained above executed.