Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Profit

Double your affiliate marketing profit through MEMMA strategic leveraging method and make more money than others.

Affiliate marketing is a very old way of making money online and at the same time it seems to be the easiest.

Affiliate marketing is a way whereby a merchant of a product decides to share profit with another person that helps him to promote his product. Depending on the merchant, he may decide to share 10%, 20% or 50% of the profit or sales with the promoter which can also be referred to as affiliate. Sometimes, some merchant share as more as 75% to 90%. This depends on the merchant and what he hopes to achieve.

The share percentage is often referred to as commission. A product with affiliate plan can be physical or digital.  Most of the time, higher commission comes from digital products because the cost of production is often low.

The opportunity this gives you is enormous in the sense that you are probably doing just one thing and that is promotion. Every other aspect of the work is done by the owner of the product or service.

Benefits of Promoting Affiliate Product

  1. You are not going to bother yourself about product’s creation
    Your own job is to get a good product that is selling and market it. You don’t need to worry about what it takes to produce the product.
  2. You don’t need to purchase or stock the product
    For example, if you are to market a physical product, you need to purchase or stock the product while waiting for people to buy. But with affiliate marketing opportunity, you, don’t have to stock the products, you only need to promote without incurring any cost of production.
  1. You are not concerned about the technical work requires in setting up the product
    This is another great benefits as an affiliate. There is always a lot of technical works at background to even setup a digital product. As an affiliate, that is not your concern, you only need to grab your affiliate link and promote the product.
  2. You don’t need to give customer’s support for the product
    Most of the time, there is always a need for customer’s support for a particular product. But as an affiliate, since it is not your direct product, you don’t need to provide any support or customer care service, the owner of the products that you are affiliated to will do that.
  1. You may not even have website of your own to promote the product.
    Yes, it is possible to promote without having a website especially if you have a source of good traffic. You only need to send traffic to the site, make sales and make your own commission.
  2. You may use different means and free promotional platforms to market the product.
    You have freedom with your promotional method. You can apply what works for you.
  3. You make commission from what is sold through you without carrying  any other liability

A producer or business owner will have a lot of things to do to make a sale. He may hire staff; maintain a merchant account, run the business administration and a lot of other things that has to do with his business. As an affiliate, you are not concern with all these. You make your money in as much someone buys through your promotion.

At MEMMA, we have a lot of digital products you can choose from and promote as an affiliate. You can see the product by going to MEMMA menu, then click on Affiliate Products.

When you promote any of the products, you have opportunity to make about 50% commission. Still, you can make as much as 70% if you upgrade to what we call  High Product Commission Upgrade (HPCU). This will put you on advantageous position than other persons that are promoting the same product like you.

Apart from gaining earning higher commission, you also have opportunity to enjoy residual income from the sales of other people you refer to join MEMMA and that also upgraded for high commission.

It means that you will get 70% referral commission at the first level and also get 10% commission at second level. This is what is called Two Tier Affiliate Program.

This is the best way to optimize your affiliate marketing profit. Most affiliate marketing program out there only have ‘one tier’ affiliate program. So, when you have a system that run two tier affiliate program like we have at MEMMA, then, you need to appreciate it because it is designed to help you make more money and scale up fast with little effort using the power of leverage the system provides.

How Affiliate Marketing Is Run Online

Affiliate marketing has been in existence even before the advent of internet. Affiliate marketing is simply a referral method which can be done by the word of mouth. What the merchant requires is the evidence that the affiliate, that is the referrer, is the one that refers the buyer.

But things are made easier online such that the process can be automated. The merchant often has a product affiliate link which is specifically given to the affiliate to refer people to the merchant site.

The affiliate link may be powered by the online payment system or merchant account that the marketer is using. This link or URL as it may also be called will carry a parameter that includes the affiliate user ID or username.

What the affiliate requires to do is to send the link to potential buyers. If he has email list, he can send the link to the list telling them about the product. He can post the link on social media or take advertisement with some advert network.

Whenever a potential buyer clicks the link, he is taken to the sales page of the product. The browser of the potential buyer immediately saves some information based on the affiliate link on the buyer’s computer. The piece of information saved is known as cookie.

This cookie helps to monitor when the person you directed to the affiliate website orders for the product so that the payment details will include the parameter of your affiliate link and it will be sent back to merchant’s system, so that your affiliate payment commission can be processed and paid.

The cookie is stored on the client’s device for 30 days (in most cases) such that if he buys the product within that 30 days, the commission will still be paid to the affiliate marketer that does the promotion.

Unfortunately, cookie can be overwritten. If another affiliate send another link and the potential buyer clicks it, there is possibility of the last affiliate link overwriting the old one and the payment will be assigned to the last affiliate. A client can also clear the cookies on his browser. This can give a way for another affiliate’s cookie to be saved on the browser.

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