Organising Seminar With MeritChoice

Boost Your Sales & Personal Brand Organising Seminar in Collaboration With MeritChoice

Another strategy we often use to get people to know about our service is through live seminar. Seminar is an effective way of reaching out to people. It has some great advantages, though it also has some disadvantages. But if you want to check out its effectiveness, you will realize that it advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Why You Should Organise Seminar

  1. It helps you to reach out to people that have doubt about internet marketing and will want to be sure if the idea is genuine
  2. It helps you to build reputation and personal branding. When people have seen you, they tend to believe more in you than thinking about you as a cyber being.
  3. You are able to have direct interaction with your audience thereby helping them to solve their personal problem as they will have opportunity to ask you questions and possibly discuss their needs with you.
  4. It helps you to know your audience, who they are and what kind of other products or solutions you can provide for them in the future.

Though, some of the disadvantages of organizing seminar may be that it is physically involving because you need to get all the logistics right but the benefits as earlier said, outweigh the effort of organizing one.

If you don’t master how to organize a seminar profitably, you may end up with losses because the expenses needed to have a successfully one can be high sometime. That is one of the reasons for this lesson to show you how to organize seminar successfully and profitably.

Organising Seminar With MeritChoice Limited

There are reasons why we are giving you opportunity to organize seminar with us to promote your MEMMA products to your potential prospects in your area. Now that you have an online business with MEMMA with capacity of making you a million naira monthly, we want to ensure we help you all the way to achieve your goal.

Therefore, we see the need to work with you in organizing a seminar in your area, locality, town or state as an important joint venture that can help you to scale up your monthly income.

Here are some of the reasons you should think of working with MeritChoice to organize a seminar.

  1. The plan helps you to reach people in your locality
  2. It positions you as an authority in the area of internet marketing
  3. Working with a reputable organization like MeritChoice boosts your reputation and makes people to view you as successful and on the same level with people like the Training Coach of MEMMA since you will be sharing the same platform together and possibly with other notable speakers.
  4. Organising seminar with MeritChoice also boost your personal branding in the industry. Branding helps you to sell more with little effort. Your name speaks for you first before your product.
  5. It gives you opportunity to make more money with MEMMA if you get all the seminar processes right.

Now that you have seen the importance of organizing a seminar with MeritChoice, let us now look at what you need to do to be part of the joint venture.

First of all, you must know that planning is very important to have a successful seminar. Though, you may also need money for the planning, but if you can be creative enough, you may spend little or no money to have a great seminar.

Another thing you must also take note is that, your seminar must be profitable. If you don’t make profit, you must at least break even. That is why you need to look at all necessary things before organizing a seminar.

Things Needed For A Seminar

  1. Date & Time

You need to get a date and appropriate time for your seminar. The date is very important. You want to make sure you choose the right date which may depend on a lot of factors.

For example, when will be the appropriate date for those you are targeting? If you are targeting workers that go to work during the week, you may want to choose weekend when you know that most of them will be available.

You don’t want to choose a date that there will be curfew or movement restriction as it can affect the result of your seminar badly.

There was a time someone organized seminar with me for a particular school and unknowingly for us we choose a date that fell to their examination period and most of the students could not attend because they were preparing for examination. We eventually canceled the seminar when we noticed a very low pre-payment for the seminar.

We preferred to reduce our loss than incur more by still organizing the seminar when we already knew we won’t get most of them coming for the seminar.

The date you should choose must also give us enough time for publicity and promotion. I always advise minimum of two weeks to the seminar date. It will give us room for planning and good promotion. The more the time we have, the better it is for us to plan and promote.

Time is also crucial. You want to choose the right time for people to arrive and register before the seminar commences. In case people won’t have access to the hall on time, as it happens at times, based on the hall’s management you are dealing with, like if they have policy of opening by 8am or 9am, you may want to take your time to about 10am or 11 am before starting the seminar if your intention is to have the seminar in the morning.

2. Venue for the seminar

You must choose a hall with capacity to accommodate the number of people you are expecting. Make sure you have a very good hall that is neat, decent and airy.

If the hall does not have AC, make sure it has fans and is well ventilated. You want your audience to be comfortable enough to listen to all is to be said at the seminar. Don’t forget that the most important part of our seminar is the backend product, where we introduce the high priced products for them to buy. If they are not at ease, some may leave before time, some will be going out and coming in while some may be sleeping or lose concentration.

It is therefore important we get a good place.

When I was starting my business, I hardly pay for hall. What I often did was to look for friends that have spaces that I could make use. Interestingly, I always have that opportunity because I have some friends that are Pastors with good halls for their church services and so, I seldom paid nothing or just donate to their ministries and made use of the hall for my seminar.

I remembered using a friend organization’s hall for years, just contributing a very small amount on monthly basis to support the ministry. You may want to look at such arrangement too.

If such is not available for you, you may need to negotiate with event centre around you. One of the thing you must learn as entrepreneur is negotiation. It is not necessary you pay the usual amount that everyone is paying, interestingly, the event centres’ management wants more business too and if you can negotiate with them, you may be paying fraction of what other are paying to use the hall, I am sure, you can get a better deal by not just accepting the regular prices they give you as the final.

3. Seminar Fee

Determine how much the people will be paying for your seminar. Will it be free or they are paying a token? Will it be high priced seminar? You need to determine that. Your seminar fee will also let you know how many people you need for the seminar to break even or make profit.

For MEMMA program, the seminar fee for our front-end product that you will be promoting is ₦2,500.00. It is a low priced seminar because we want to get more people in first, then we can encourage them to become part of the MEMMA membership site by paying ₦25,000.00.

When you organize with us, you are entitled to earn ₦1,000.00 from everyone that comes through you and those that come through MeritChoice. But if we have any member of MEMMA that send people to the seminar, the person earn ₦500.00 while you, the organizer and who we will rather refer to as ANCHOR henceforth, earn ₦500.00 from all the member’s invitees.

More details on that later.

4. Publicity and Promotion

This is the most crucial part of your seminar. If you do everything correctly and you don’t have people to attend your seminar, it will really be disappointing. Therefore, you must promote your seminar. At least, you need to have two weeks for aggressive promotion.

Then, make sure that those that ar

are interested in your seminar are opted in to your list. You need to know those that are interested in attending the seminar. With that, it will be easy to follow them up.

Make sure you don’t just publicise or promote without tracking your result.

You want to know the method that is working for you the best. Responses of a particular method being used for promotion may be different based on location and the culture of the people. Someone may use handbill and get good result while it may be used in another place with a poor result.

Mainly, any method you use, ensure that people get into your list through SMS or internet, so that you can follow them up and ensure they pre-pay before the seminar date.

We will have an opt-in page that you and MeritChoice will use to opt-in the people. With that, every detail about the promotion and your publicity will be captured.

  1. Pre-registration & Payment

Pre-registration and payment for your seminar is very important. Don’t organize a seminar without having people to pre-register and make payment. It may be too risky to believe that people will come and pay at the seminar venue.

It may not work like that. In fact, with my years of experience in organizing seminar, it is only few people that come to make payment on the day of the seminar and sometime, you may not even see any. Organising seminar is a business and your aim is to make profit. You therefore want to be sure that everything is going profitably for you from the onset.

One of those things we do is to cancel a seminar that does not gather enough pre-registration and payment or postpone it. If you don’t cancel or postpone, you will discover that you will need to still go ahead with all the expenses on the day of seminar and you will not make enough money to recoup back your expenses.

Therefore, make sure that people pre-pay before the seminar day. One of the ways to ensure that is to create a need for urgency. We often have different pricing based on payment time. We may say pre-payment before the seminar day is ₦2,500.00 but payment 2 days to the time is ₦3,000.00 while payment of seminar day is ₦3,500.00.

What often happen is that more people will rush to pay on the last day of the discounted price before the money increases. With this, you will be able to know the average number of people you are expecting. If 50 people pay before that day, give or take, you may have around 10 extra persons paying on the seminar day.

Don’t expect to have another 50 people paying on the seminar day except they learnt about your seminar late and they are highly interested to be part of it and the probability is that they are a set of group possibly mobilize by someone influential.

  1. Collection of Payment for the Seminar

The official payment method for the seminar will be FasteCash. Payment must be received through MeritChoice Limited account if the people are to pay through bank. Of course, if they go through the site that we put up for the seminar, the payment options remain through FasteCash and MeritChoice’s bank account.

Still, based on personal relationship of the seminar’s Anchor with prospective attendees, some may want to pay through the Anchor by cash or bank transfer and such money must be sent across by the Anchor to MeritChoice Account before the seminar day.

With this, we will be able to have the records of such participants, do SMS and email follow up with them and prepare their training CDs.

At the end of the seminar, MeritChoice will analyse the sales records, send a copy to the Anchor and pay the money into the Anchor FasteCash account.

Note that withdrawal of Anchor’s money in FasteCash account is given top priority. It can be sent into the Anchor’s bank account as quick as possible at his request. This is because we understand that the Anchor must have spent a lot of money organizing the seminar and may need to be reimbursed as quickly as possible.

Checklist for A Successful Seminar

Here is the checklist we often use to ensure that we have every necessary thing for us to have a successful seminar.

  1. Ushers

You are going to need ushers that will assist you in directing people and taking care of the protocols. The number of ushers you need will depend on the number of participants you are expecting. With about 50 participants, you may need like 4 to 5 ushers. About 2 of them can also be at the reception or registration desk to confirm attendees’ payment before entrance into the seminar hall.

The ushers will also be helpful in distributions of questionnaires, CD or any material you will like to give to your audience.

  1. Registration Desk

    You will need a registration desk which will probably be at the entrance of the venue. You can have about 2 persons attending to this, if your crowd is just about 50 persons. If you have more than that, there may be a need to have more hands to assist so that you don’t have queue of people waiting to be attended to.
  1. Print Out/Softcopy Of Attendees’ Registration

You need to ensure you have the print out of the attendees’ payment and registration. The print out is important in case there is a problem with your laptop or no electricity to power your system to have access to the record.

Still ensure you have the softcopy on your system as there may be a need for further confirmation if something is not clear with the print out.

MeritChoice will always have the copy since we shall be using our online system for the payment processing. The Anchor needs to have his or her own too, if there are some other registration done from his or her end.

 4. Registration Form for Those Paying At The Venue

Apart from the print out of the attendees that have pre-paid, there must also be registration form for those that may want to pay at the venue. The form will have columns for serial number, names, email address, phone number, amount paid and how the person knows about the seminar.

  1. Sales Record Form

In case there are products that are to be sold at the seminar, it will be good to have a sales record form too. This also should give you opportunity to collect the email and phone number of those that buy from you. It may be helpful for you to follow up with them and introduce other helpful products to them.

  1. MC/Event Anchor

You will need someone to be the Master of Ceremony or Event Anchor. You don’t need to go and pay a comedian huge amount of money to be the MC of your event except you have personal relationship with such MC and you are not going to cough out an amount that will set you at loss.  You just need someone that is good enough to be able to introduce the order of your event.

In fact, except you have other special role to play or you are not feeling comfortable to anchor the seminar programme, you can as well be the MC.

Don’t forget, it is an opportunity to establish yourself as a relevant person in the industry, you must therefore be visible, not because of any other thing but to ensure that your personal brand becomes marketable.

For example, it will be good for you to introduce the CEO of MeritChoice Limited, when the time comes for him to speak and you should be able to let people know that you have a relationship with him as mentor/protégé concern or any genuine way you can establish that based on your personal relationship with him.

  1. Order of Programme

This is mainly needed by the MC to be able to follow through with the seminar’s plan. The programme should not be too jam-packed with a lot of irrelevant things that will take the shine away from the main seminar.

In fact, you shouldn’t just have another talk that say something about another product that has nothing to do with MEMMA because if there is need for people to pay for the other idea, then, you will be dividing the minds of the people and may eventually lose at both ends.

  1. Laptop and Projector

You must get a laptop and projector to display the training presentation.

  1. Internet Connection

You can’t afford not to be connected during a seminar like this. It may be useful for confirmation of payment or for the seminar training.

  1. Electric Extension boxes

You may need to have electric extension boxes in case there is need to charge laptop or extend cable to a place for positioning of the project or any other appliance like Public Address System. It may even be that you need to charge a phone to make an important contact during the seminar. Therefore, make sure you have extra extension boxes/cables with you.

  1. Questionnaires

Questionnaires are very important and must be distributed to participants after the seminar. This helps you to know how people feel about the seminar which you can use to improve on the subsequent ones.

It also helps us to capture those that are interested in buying or paying for our backend products. For example, the questionnaire for our ₦300k Monthly Seminar often asks when the people are willing to join MEMMA. With that, we can then follow the attendees up appropriate and ensure that they join at the time stated.

  1. Photo Camera

Never miss the golden opportunity to capture your event. This is one of the tools to establish yourself in the industry. You want to be able to post your even pictures on your site and social media. This will definitely bring another level of respect for you and you will discover that people will start asking you what the event is all about. It then becomes easy for you to convince them to attend your next seminar or join MEMMA. You can get a professional photographer to do this or if you have good camera, you can give it to someone that can handle very well to assist you in taking the pictures of the event.

  1. Video Camera

This may be optional but it can also be powerful. Though, you are not permitted to post the training or give it out but some part of it can be edited for future promotion which can be used on TV or post on Youtube.

You can use the opportunity to interview attendees how they feel about the seminar. Some of the great video feedback and testimonials can be used on future sales copy or squeeze page to convince other to attend next seminars or join MEMMA.

  1. Motivational Video For Interlude Before Seminar Commencement/Break

You may want to get motivational video you can play before the commencement of the seminar. This will be an interlude and to ensure people are not feeling unease in case there is a little bit of delay in starting the seminar.

Though, it is not a good idea to start your seminar late. You must try your best to start exactly at the time you stated. But in case any thing happen that doesn’t allow the seminar to start on time, people will still be getting value for their time by watching motivational speakers or video while they are waiting for the seminar to get started.

The message can also be played during the break, if there is any.

Alternatively, some of the sale video of MEMMA can be played and this will wet their appetite to know more about the opportunities.

  1. Public Address System (PAS)

Depending on the number of people you are expecting at the seminar, you may need to get PAS that is suitable for the venue you are using.

It will not be good if your audience keep saying, “we can’t hear you, speak louder". If they can’t hear what the speakers are saying, then the other opportunity for them to join MEMMA membership program will be thwarted.

You may also want to ensure you have sound engineer that will oversee the equipment such that it doesn’t misbehave during the seminar.
Functions of Joint Venture Parties

Now that we are going to have a joint venture in organizing the seminar, we need to know what each party involved have to do to have a successful seminar. That is, if you are the one organizing the seminar, you are a party while MeritChoice is also a party.

For easy sponsorship of a seminar like this, a group of members of MEMMA can plan and pool their funds together to organize one. If we have such a scenario, the group becomes a party and MeritChoice becomes the other party.

I will refer therefore refer you, the MEMMA member, as the Anchor in the table below if you are entering into the joint venture deal with MeritChoice.

Check the table below to know what you are to do and what MeritChoice has to do.

S/No Activity Who Handles It Remark
1. Sales page and opt-in page for the seminar MeritChoice This will be designed by MeritChoice
2. Promotion & Publicity Both MeritChoice & Anchor The Anchor should have his or her own promotion while MeritChoice does its own too.
3. Ushers Anchor The Anchor needs to get ushers to assist at the venue and pay for their services if need be
4. Venue & payment Anchor Venue location and payment shall solely be taken care of by Anchor
5 Registration Desk MeritChoice & Anchor A MeritChoice Staff shall be part of the registration desk team to help with registration details
6 Public Address System Anchor The Anchor need to arrange for this
7 Laptop and Projector Anchor The Anchor need to make provision for these.
8 Print Out/Softcopy Of Attendees’ Registration MeritChoice MeritChoice will come the print out/softcopy of attendees registration but if the Anchor collects payment before sending it to MeritChoice Account, he or she can come with the copy for reconciliation purpose.
9 Registration Form for Those Paying At The Venue MeritChoice MeritChoice will provide registration forms that can be used.
10 Sales Record Form MeritChoice MeritChoice has a sales form for its record. In case the Anchor has some materials to sell too, he or she will be responsible for his or her sales records.
11 MC/Event Anchor Anchor The Anchor should arrange for the MC and he or she can just be the Event Anchor for the day.
12 Order of Programme Anchor Anchor is expected to print this out. But MeritChoice should be aware of the order of programme in case there is difference from the suggested order of programme
14 Internet Connection Anchor We will need the Anchor to make sure there is internet connection that work perfectly in his or her area
15 Electric extension boxes Anchor This should be made available by the Anchor
16 Questionnaires MeritChoice MeritChoice shall made provision for the questionnaires and forms to be filled the seminar.
17 Photo Camera Anchor Anchor should get a professional photographer or good camera with someone that can handle it very well
18 Video Camera Anchor Anchor should get a cameraman that can help in picking some eventful part of the programme for the day
19 Motivational Video For Interlude Before Seminar Commencement/Break MeritChoice or Anchor MeritChoice can help to get a good motivational video that can be used and the Anchor can also get a good one that he or she thinks is okay for the audience
20 Public Address System (PAS) Anchor Anchor needs to make arrangement for PAS
21 MeritChoice Crew’s Transportation & Accommodation MeritChoce In order to reduce financial burden on the Anchor, MeritChoice will take of its crew transportation and accommodation but may need the assistant of Anchor in term of logistic in case the seminar is been conducted outside Lagos
22 Food and water for MeritChoice Crew at the seminar Anchor MeritChoice expect the Anchor as the host to be able to provide water and food for the Training Coach and other members of the crew at the seminar venue.


Suggestion for Order of Programme

This is suggested Order of Programme but it can be modified. If the anchor feels like making some modification, he should contact MeritChoice about the modification before the day of the seminar.

The time written here is for example and yours can be different.

1 Opening Prayer 10.00am–10.05am 5 mins



2 Introduction of Guests 10.05am-10.15am 10 mins MC


3 Motivational Talk/Wetting Attendees Appetite 10.15am-10.30am 15 mins Anchor or Any skillful speaker This may be handled by the Anchor or someone that can fire up the expectation of the attendees for the main training of the day
4 Interaction Section 10.30am-11.00am 30 mins Anchor or Anyone that is capable This is to allow attendees to discuss about what they have done before on internet marketing, their challenges, successes, and failure and what they are expecting
5 How To Make ₦300.00+ Monthly – Seminar 11.00am-12.30pm 1hr 30 mins Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola This is the main training for the day.
6 Explanation and Marketing of MEMMA Program 12.30pm-1.00pm 30mins Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola


7 ·         Questions & Answers

·         Filling of Questionnaires

·         Payment for MEMMA

1.00pm-1.25pm 1hour Anchor/
Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola
This will happen simultaneously. The session can be coordinated by the Anchor
8 Closing Prayer 1.25pm-1.30pm 5mins





The Sharing of the Seminar’s Proceeds

For any seminar that is organized by MEMMA’s Anchor, we shall have a formula to share the proceeds. The minimum seminar fee is ₦2,500.00. We are likely going to have about 3 different people that will benefit from the proceeds:

  1. MeritChoice
  2. Anchor
  3. MEMMA member (that refers people to the seminar)

Here is the table that shows how the sharing will go:


MeritChoice Anchor Member Training CD Total
MeritChoice ₦1,000.00 ₦1,000.00 ₦0:00 ₦500.00 ₦2,500.00
Anchor ₦1,000.00 ₦1,000.00 ₦0:00 ₦500.00 ₦2,500.00
Member ₦1,000.00 ₦500.00 ₦500.00 ₦500.00 ₦2,500.00
Unknown Referrer ₦1,000.00 ₦1,000.00 ₦0:00 ₦500.00 ₦2,500.00


From the table above, for anyone that MeritChoice, Anchor or Unknown referrer invites to attend the seminar, the Anchor gets ₦1,000.00 except when a member of MEMMA invites the person that is when the Anchor and the Member share ₦1,000.00 on 50-50 basis.

Our late registration shall be at the rate of ₦3,500.00. Therefore the proceeds sharing will look like this:

MeritChoice Anchor Member Training CD Total
MeritChoice ₦1,500.00 ₦1,500.00 ₦0:00 ₦500.00 ₦3,500.00
Anchor ₦1,500.00 ₦1,500.00 ₦0:00 ₦500.00 ₦3,500.00
Member ₦1,500.00 ₦1,000.00 ₦500.00 ₦500.00 ₦3,500.00
Unknown Referrer ₦1,500.00 ₦1,500.00 ₦0:00 ₦500.00 ₦3,500.00


A MEMMA member still collects ₦500.00 despite increase in late registration fee and that is because we really need to compensate the Anchor who put money and effort to make the seminar possible.

But as a MEMMA member, never work less as per getting people to attend any of the seminar in any part of the country because if you are the one that gets someone to attend the seminar and the fellow pays to join MEMMA, you are getting the ₦12,500.00 and not the Anchor.

If the person upgrades and buys into some other products and services, the commissions also come to you. Therefore, you must keep up the effort of getting people to attend seminar through your link.


Planning to Make Profit With The Seminar

Of course, everyone that is involved in the seminar hopes to make profit and we also want to ensure that the Anchor person benefit from his or her effort.

Though, our concentration is not on the front-end product but on the backend which give us more money over time. Notwithstanding, it will be a good idea for all the parties involved to at least break even with the proceeds of the seminar.

To achieve that, MeritChoice and the Anchor have to look at their expenses and know how many people they need break even or make profit immediately after the seminar.

Let us look at how the Anchor can easily break even and make profit.

The anchor must be able to calculate his expenses. There are things he may need to pay money for and also have some for free. Here are the likely things he may need to pay for.

  1. Venue
  2. Publicity and promotion
  3. Seats (in case the venue does not provide seat or you need to get more if you have more people than the seats provided hall’s management)
  4. Appreciation token for Ushers & other helping hands
  5. Public Address System
  6. Projector
  7. Cameraman
  8. Feeding for MeritChoice Crew at the Seminar Venue
  9. Miscellaneous (like transportation, phone call etc)

You want to look at what it will cost you to package the seminar. Let’s say it cost you about ₦30,000.00 and based on the proceeds sharing plan, you will break even if you have about 30 people attending the seminar since you will get at least ₦1,000.00 from each person.

If you are able to get 50 attendees, then, you will be making profit of ₦20,000.00. But don’t forget, that is not the main money you are targeting. Let us say 10% of the people that attended the seminar through you decide to join MEMMA that will be 5 persons and you earn a commission of ₦12,500.00 from each person, you will have made about ₦62,000.00 plus ₦20,000.00 and that gives you profit of about ₦82,000.00.

If you have 20% of the attendees that join MEMMA, then, you will make ₦125,000.00 after the seminar. Also remember that the same people will need to upgrade and possibly subscribe to design their website and it means more money for you even in months and years to come.

You see, even if you lose at the front-end by organizing the seminar, you may be able to recover in weeks or months later as the people start to join MEMMA.

Therefore, before we organize a seminar, we should be able to determine how many persons will be needed for you to break even and then make profit as the seminar Anchor.

For MeritChoice, if the seminar will cost us about ₦100,000.00, we must ensure that about 100 people attend the seminar for us to immediately break even. The main profit for us is ₦1,000.00 while ₦1,000.00 is given out as commission and ₦500.00 is reserved for cost of Training CD production.

But if we get more people joining MEMMA, both MeritChoice and Anchor including MEMMA memebrs that promote the seminar can keep smiling to the bank.