Understanding MEMMA HOT Services

This lesson gives you details about MEMMA Products and services. Your knowledge about MEMMA will help you to scale up faster to making a million Naira monthly

Introduction To MEMMA Products & Services

By now, I guess you are probably itching to know what you will be marketing to people.

We have also explained that we shall be promoting opportunity based products and services and most of them are going to be digital because it gives you higher profit than any other type of product.

But I need to introduce MEMMA products and services to you for two reasons.

#1. You need to have adequate understanding of what you are into.

#2. When you have adequate knowledge about the program, then you will be able to also market it to other people.


Why Do You Need To Start By Marketing MEMMA Products & Services?

You see, if you are just starting a new business whether online or offline, you really need time to understand how the business works. In fact, in most cases, your first year or few years of starting are always dedicated to learning the rope of how the business works.

It is very rare for you to start a new business in a year and make a lot of return from it. Internet marketing business is not different. Several people that are making a lot of money from it today spent months and years to really understand how it works.

Most of the online marketer will train you to start your online business by creating your own products. They will advise you to build your own website. They will instruct you to start going to sites and forum to promote your products and at the end of the day, you may not get any result and that will lead to frustration.

To create a product is not easy especially if you are new and you have not created one before. That will definitely get you doing a lot of technical work to achieve that and if you even have to outsource the work but because of your limited knowledge about the process of producing a product, you may still not be able to come up with one.

You may eventually come up with a product but discover that it is as low quality product that people are not interested in.

Therefore, the first problem we want to solve for you here is to bring you in as our partner in promoting the products and service of MEMMA.

We have quality products and services we have created and you won’t need to start from scratch by creating yours again. Though over time as you develop your skill, you may also start developing your own product but it is better to start with an existing product that can make you good money.

The second reason you should start with MEMMA products is because we have some of the high-in-demand products that can give you very high commission just for a sale. You may hardly find products that will help you to make high commission of about ₦7,000.00, ₦ 12,000.00, ₦20,000.00 per sale. So, it will be a good idea for you to get started with some of these products.

You are not expected to do anything extra-ordinary to make the money, you are only required to get traffic to the sales funnel and we help you make the sales from our end even to the point of calling those that come in through you.

Another reason is that you need products that pay you high commission for you to hit a million naira and more within few months of a year. There is a section of this training where you will be taught on how to have a plan of making one million naira monthly with the products that you are selling. Getting to make a million naira monthly have to do with the value of the products in term of pricing.  If you sell low ticket products, it takes you more work and effort to hit the ₦1 million thresholds on monthly basis.

Having explained to you the reason why you should start with MEMMA products and services, I want to list and explain the products and service that we have.

The only advantage that you are having right now is that you are going to be working with a mentor, someone that is doing what you want to do start doing. With this support, you are going to be achieving a faster result in this business


Products & Services of MEMMA

  1. How To Make ₦300k+ Monthly Promoting HOT Selling Products Using Online Automated System (Seminar)

This first product is a seminar and it is very hot. We have people literarily rushing to make payment and be part of the seminar any time we promote it.

This seminar product is designed as a front end product to get people into MEMMA. This is the place we teach people on how they can plan to start making ₦300k+ monthly.

This is what we call front end product. You will learn more about front end product and sales funnel during the course of the training.

What we intend to do is to organize seminar with you on this course. We hope to be able to different part of the country with this training and you can be one of the vehicles that will help us get to your state and area.

We make the training a low cost so that many people can attend. From there, we will be able to get those that are really interested to become part of MEEMA. The seminar price ranges from ₦1,500.00 to ₦2,500.00.

When we partner with you to organize the seminar, you handle all the logistics while we come around to make the presentation. We share 50% commission with you on all the materials we sell at the seminar. You also have opportunity of getting the direct commission of anyone that you personally invited to the venue through your promotion that eventually join MEMMA.

Based on the expansive nature of our members, some other MEMMA members in your area may invite other people to the seminar, we will give them the honour to earn from their effort but no other person will share the 50% commission with you on the seminar material except if they organize the seminar along with you.

Anyone that comes to your seminar without any specific referrer will be assigned as your referral and you will earn direct commission if the person joins MEMMA.

Click here to get details about the product.

2. How To Make ₦300k+ Monthly Promoting HOT Selling Products Using Online Automated System (Online Version)

This online version gives opportunity to everyone that may not be able to organize seminar. You can invite people to be part of the training and earn 50% commission.

The cost of online version will also range from ₦1,500.00 to ₦2,500.00. This is really not the real money you are expected to make, the main money is actually from the backend products. The low cost fee always gives ease of entry to a lot of people and from there they can join MEMMA where you begin to make better commission.You see, the system is already created to keep making you money after your initial effort of getting the people to come in through the front end of seminar or online version of ₦300k+ Monthly Product.

Click here to get details about the product.

3. How To Become A Millionaire In Less Than A Year – MEMMA Program

This is the MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA) where the real training on how to do internet marketing business is taught. It is highly valuable course that is designed with beginner and advance marketers in mind.

A member comes into the programme with ₦25,000.00 and make about ₦12,000.00 any time he refers another person that joins the program.

There is also a powerful system created that give leverage to anyone that promote MEMMA, it is called Multiplier Referral Bonus System (MRBS). This system is created to ensure that you benefit by leveraging on the effort of all your MEMMA referrals that are also are also working.

It is similar to 2 tier affiliate program, whereby you also make some commissions from the work of your referral but it is advance in the sense that you are entered into a system that gives paying from the effort and works of your referral.

Please note that this is not MLM or pyramid program. You are not expected to start sponsoring people into the system in order to make more money, the money you should make from this system should be based on your genuine marketing expertise and not just by putting your personal money into the system, paying for your family members and looking for unethical way to increase your profit in the system.

You will learn how to promote as an internet marketer and when you do this, you should get the right result.

We will discuss more about how MRBS works.

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4. High Products Commission Upgrade (HPCU)

This is the service that gives you license to earn higher commission from the digital products that you will have opportunity to keep promoting. Anyone can promote this product and earn 50% commission but if you upgrade, you will be making 80% from your direct sale and 10% from the sales of your referrals.

You will also make 50% commission from the upgrade fee of ₦16,000.00 or ₦20,000.00 pay by your referral.

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5. Blog Design & List Building Service

This service is the online office that everyone that comes into this program must have especially the beginners. This will be a place where you operate from and extend your influence around the web.

We are providing blog and list building service through this means.  It cost ₦70,000.00 and if your referral goes for this service, you are entitled to ₦20,000.00 as commission.

It is certain that most people will like to have this service because it really gives the online presence that is needed by anyone that is genuinely interested in internet business.

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6. Various Digital Products

These are various digital products that we shall be uploading. They will vary in prices and you will be able to market them. Some will be brand new and you will need to take advantage of the fresh products to make some cool cash for yourself.

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With these products and services as stated, it is sure that you will be in internet marketing business for a very long time while you keep learning and gaining expertise on how to make more sales.

In the next training, we will show you what you need to effectively start promoting any product or service.