Writing Compelling Copy That Sell

Learn How To Develop The Copywriting Skill That Keep You Converting Traffic To Raw Cash

Copywriting is like the turn key that put your internet business on motion. You know what key does to a car? You can’t start a car without the key. You can’t get your online business moving without a good copywriting.

So, what is copywriting? You know those words, articles or letters that you read before reaching for your debit card, wallet or pocket to pay for what is being advertised? That is what is referred to as copywriting. The purpose of a copywriting it to persuade and convince you to buy or pay for a particular service or product being promoted.

It is deliberated crafted to get reader to pay. Most of the time is it laden with both emotional and logical reasons that compel a prospect to buy. If sales copy does not get people to act as intended, then it is not a good one. We can therefore say that we have a good and bad copywriting. But you don’t just start writing because you know how to write and suddenly have a good copy that coverts web visitors to buyers.

It requires skill and knowledge. In fact, someone said that to be a good copywriter, you have to open the window and throw off all those stuff you learnt in English class because they are not going to work in writing a good copy.

We shall be looking at how to write a compelling copy. But before that, let us look at different places where you need copywriting skill.

  1. Ad copies for your publicity and advertisement
  2. Landing page copy
  3. Sales page copy (including One-time offer, upsell and other type of pages intended to sell a product)
  4. Email copy
  5. SMS copy

You can see that we have like five types of copies we will always need to write to get people to respond to our marketing. In fact, the major work with marketing is communicating which we often achieve through our writing and as you can see, you will need to do a lot of it to convince people to buy your products. So, how do you write compelling copies in all these categories?

Five Ps Of Compelling Copywriting

There are five ingredients that you must always add to your copywriting if you really want people to pay rapt attention to your writing. We called them 5 Ps of Copywriting.

They are:

  1. Problem
    2. Promise
    3. Proof
    4. Price
    5. P.S

1. Problem

Before someone can care about the solution you have and that you want to market to him, you must first let him see that there is a problem to be resolved. You must paint a picture of dilemma with your writing. In fact, as much as possible, you want to make the whole matter looks “scary”, let the person feel the pain with urgent need to resolve the problem. With our writing, we create a sense of urgency with an expression that let the reader identify with our concept.

After you have succeeded in making your reader to see the problem, you can then proceed to the next level of convincing the potential buyer that you have a solution.

2. Promise

This is the next stage where you start to calm down the nerve of your potential buyer that you have a solution. The pitch of your copywriting should be to let him know that everything is going to be fine. Let’s say you have painted the bad situation of people losing their jobs every day and you told him, he may also be on line soon to lose his job, you know that is scary enough, but because he is reading your copy, there is an alternative that he can rely on. With that, the reader will be eager to get the solution you want to provide.

3. Proof

This is where you show your buyer concrete evidence of the solution you have. You don’t just want to make promise; you want to let him see samples of what your solution has done to other consumers. It may be the result that other have gotten from your solution and you are ready to stake your money or anything that is important to you like giving a guarantee or making a bet of doing some unbelievable as compensation to the buyer if your solution does not work as expected.  It’s like putting your money to where your mouth is.

You want to make the proof to be irresistible enough for the buyer to respond.

4. Price

This is where you now let the buyer knows that what you are presenting to him is far more valuable than the price he is paying. You will let him know that the product worth every kobo being paid and that your solution, though if the price seems a bit higher than what is available in marketplace is of superior quality than that of your competitors.

5. P.S

At this point, you show the buyer some more interesting benefits. It may, a little bit, not in line with the original idea you are trying to sell but it is not unrelated to it. For example, if we are promoting job opportunity, we have made promise that the fellow can get a better job or business, we can also add that he will have time and extra money to go on vacation at will.

That is, your solution also has a kind of extra benefits that will make the offer more attractive to the prospect. The extra benefit may be the push to get those that are sitting on the fence to go for your solution.

Having gone through the five Ps of copywriting, from today, I want you to start studying sample of sales and ad copies. See if you can see these five ingredients in them. If you follow this concept, your copy will always be convincing.

Let us see this example of an ad copy and check for the copywriting ingredients that trigger people to take action.

Yes, you have an impressive degree from one of the best universities but you can’t afford the best lifestyle you so much desire. I’m sorry, they didn’t train you for REAL life in University and if you fail to discover the truth now, I’m afraid, your situation may get worse. It’s up to you to click this link now to discover how to improve your finances and live a better life.

This example can be part of the content for a sales letter but I am using it as an ad copy that can be posted on social media to generate traffic to your sales page or opt-in page. If you notice, the PROBLEM was described and any graduate that is presently not happy with his current financial situation can identify with that. Like you are direct at the fellow, empathizing with him, saying, he attended school and after getting certificate, like most people, his expectation is to get a good job and live a better life. But then, that is not correct because reverse is the case. Of course, that is reality of most graduates in Nigeria today.

The message was scary because there is a raised alarm that the situation may even get worse. The only alternative provided is for the person to click the link with the promise that he can improve his finances and have a better life if he follows the instruction.

Since this is ad copy and it has a purpose, which is for the person to click to go to our squeeze page, the only two P ingredients here are: PROBLEM and PROMISE.

When he gets to our squeeze page, we want to also have another copy that may further describe the problem with a promise of him getting solution if he subscribes to our list.

When he does that, then we take him to the sales page where we must have all the five Ps ingredients of our copywriting and ensure we kill the sales.

If you are going to write the SMS copy since it supposes to be very short, it must has the PROBLEM and PROMISE ingredient or at least PROMISE that makes the prospect act of the next instruction you give.

For example:

Are you a jobless graduate? Now you can smile because here is a financial solution to your joblessness. Visit http://link for detail NOW   

That is about 138 characters. Can you see how I expressed the problem? Any graduate that is jobless will surely respond to it. I will get many of the jobless graduate or looking for employment visiting the link because there is also a promise of resolving the joblessness.

When writing your email copy, it must also have the copywriting ingredients of Problem and Promise. You may add Proof to it or take it to your sales page. From the email, you can redirect your potential buyer back to your sales page where he can see the Proof, Price and P.S.

Though, you may use email to give the price and the PS too, but if you have a very long email with dollar sign or something that shows that you are marketing, most of the email services like yahoo, gmail etc may send your message to spam folder or your email may be blocked by email spam assassin.

Your sales letter must have all the copywriting ingredients. An essential component of sales letter is the headline and it must be an attention grabbing one. It is the first thing that makes people to keep reading your copy or just move on to do other things online. This is another thing you need to learn how to write effectively. Your landing pages and email messages also need attention grabbing headlines.

Writing A Compelling, Attention Grabbing Headline That Qualifies Your Prospects

I just told you different copies where you will need headlines. We have talked about the ingredients of a great copywriting but those ingredients are majorly going to be in the body of your content. Here, we want to look at elements for writing effective headline.

  1. Your headline must grab attention

You must be able to draw the attention of your prospect first. It is not possible for someone to have an idea of a write up except he reads through and if people don’t have the idea of what your write up is all about, the possibility of the reading the first sentence is very slim. So, your headline becomes the only attractive force that determines whether your copy will be read or not.

We have some headlines that have proven to draw reader’s attention. Here are some of the examples:

HOW TO…………………………

People like to know and learn how to do things. When you combine this with benefits or promise, you are surely going to get attention of your reader.


We always want to discover the secrets to things that we feel that it is exclusive to some individuals. There is a sense of satisfaction when you are able to discover something that is privy to some set of people. It makes us feel privilege and powerful.

Your headline will compel people to read through your copy if it really grabs their attentions.

  1. Your headline must qualify your prospect

What you are writing must be for specific set of people. There is no solution that is just for everybody. Your headline must do the work of qualifying and filtering at the same time. You only want those that are your potential buyers not those that will waste your time and effort.

Let’s use our former example again:

Are you a jobless graduate? Now you can smile because here is financial solution to your joblessness. Visit http://link for detail NOW  

Though this example is an ad copy but it can as well pass for headline because it has all the elements necessary to be a headline too if we remove the last part which is visit http://link for detail.

The statement qualifies our prospects using question technique, “Are you a jobless graduate?”

It means we are targeting graduate who has specific problem and that problem is joblessness. So, if you are a graduate that is not jobless, we really don’t need you. But if you want solution to joblessness, here we are, you are qualified to read on the sales copy. Please, can you guess the percentage of jobless graduates that will be will to read through the sales copy to discover the solution we have for them? Your guess is as correct as mine.

If you are not a graduate, it is also not likely it attracts your attention. The first thing that likely comes to such person’s mind is that the job opportunity is for graduates and not for non-graduates. With this, I am sure you now understand how headline qualifies prospect?

  1. Your Headline Should Convey A Sense of Urgency

When a prospect read your headline, he should be eager to take action towards knowing more because of the way you have painted the problem and why he needs to act fast.

When it is possible, you want to have a headline that shows a “red danger” that require urgent solution or that let prospective know that something is at stake if he does not act immediately.

Let look at this example:

Are You Guilty of These 5 Things That May Put Your Child At Risk of Kidnappers?

This will be read by most parents especially those that are concerned and have fear of their children being kidnapped. As you know that the act is rampant these days, parents will like to know if they are not doing something that will set their children up for kidnappers.

Of course, you will see that it qualifies already. Most parents with children will read this. Someone without children will likely ignore it. If we have some people without children reading this, the percentage will be small and they are likely the inquisitive ones. Mainly, the idea is to create sense of urgency in the heart of parents to find out if they are not putting their children at risk.

  1. Your Headline Must Convey Benefit

Your headline must have benefit or benefits to the readers. People are bombarded with a lot of things these days online. If your headline does not convey a benefit, people may not be interested in reading. The benefit is the promise you make, something that will be of great importance to the prospect for going through your write up.

You will notice that sales letter is usually long and you must have learnt that African don’t like to read, but you will be surprised that most people will read through your long sales letter because the headline promises something that is so dear to them. Just like every other person, if I won’t get anything reading you long sales letter, I will definitely by pass it. But with the headline leading the way with the benefit, those that need the solution will stay glue to the end.

  1. Your headline Must Be Relevant and Useful

In your English class you probably learnt that your headline should be short and concise. Yes, it is actually not a bad advice but you must ensure that your headline has all the elements that make it to grab your prospect attention. You must have noticed the most of the headlines use in Internet marketing are usually long because it must contain all the elements that make it relevant to the prospect.

If your headline is short and concise and still have all the attention grabbing elements, then you are fine. You need to know that we are most concern about how relevant and useful our headline is than creating a fanciful headline that conveys nothing useful to the prospect.

For example, a great writer may have a headline like this:

The Unresolved Matter

What a great headline? The mindset of such professional is that people will want to know the matter that is unresolved. This headline is not targeted to a specific set of people. It is too wide and it’s not qualifying the audience. No benefit is communicated, no sense of urgency.

Do not write this type of headline as a marketer because, you will definitely have unhappy story to tell because the percentage of your response will be so poor. The reason is simple, it has little relevance and usefulness to your prospects.

  1. Use Power Words in Your Headline

These are words that have been proven to trigger people’s emotion and tend them towards the desire to know what you want to offer. You must always thrive to use such words when writing your headlines.

Examples are:












This words work incredibly too when used in your sales copy.

Using Story Technique With Your Sales Letter

To get prospects to be interested in what you are marketing, you need to set a stage. Most of the time, we tell it like a story. You must write as if you are talking to the potential buyer face to face. The story technique works perfectly. Everybody likes story.

Your story is to bring up a chaotic situation. That is where you start to describe the problem. Painting the colour of how “serious”, “terrible”, “challenging” the situation is and how it is urgently important for your prospect to take action by embracing the solution you have.

It may be your story or someone else’s story. But it must bring out your point of showing problem and resolving it through your offer.

Therefore, from the chaotic scenario, you are tactically bringing order by introducing the solution. After that, you want to show the proof with testimonial from people or demonstration how your solution can be helpful

Recap The Benefits

Before you finally close up, you may want to recap all the benefits of your products or service in a bullet point or summary.

It is good to bring everything together for the prospect to see once again, in case he is engrossed in your story. At the end of the day, he can see all what he is going to pay for with the “little” price you are charging.

Leave No Chance for Excuse

After recapping the benefit and presenting your offer, there are things you must inject to kill all the excuses and doubt that some hesitating prospects may still be having. You must ensure you finally kill the sell. For example, there are always questions in the mind of your prospects, things like:

  1. “You don’t understand my problem”
  2. “How do I know you’re qualified?”
  3. “I don’t believe you”
  4. “I don’t need it right now”
  5. “It won’t work for me”
  6. “What happens if I don’t like it?”
  7. “I can’t afford it”

Your sales copy must have addressed some of the points. But then, for some of the other flimsy excuses or the ones that have not been knock out, here is what you need to do.

1. Give Bonuses

Adding bonuses to your offer may be the game changer you need. I have seen some people buying product, not because of the offer but because of the added bonus. This is another great strategy to ensure you make a killing with your sales copy.

2. Give Long Period of Money Pay Back Guarantee

This often instill confidence in the minds of the people that if you are willing to pay back their money, then it means you believe in your offer and for the prospect, it worth trying it since there is perceived sense of no loss with the promise of a refund if the solution does not work.

The longer the money-pay-back guarantee, the better. The truth is that, a good number of the buyers will forget to ask for refund after a long period of time, but it is also a potent key to convince doubting the Thomas.

3. Give FAQ to answer common questions

Providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) get you to be specific on common issues or questions that some people may still have in mind. You will be able to take care of some of your prospect needs at this point and this will help you to convert them to buyers.

4. Offer Trial for membership Program

If you have a membership site that requires monthly payment, you may offer free or discounted trial for the buyers to have a taste of your offer. A lot of people will appreciate this approach as they may not renew again if they discover it is not what they need. If your offer has what it takes, they will eventually hook up with your product paying month after month for your service.

5. Give Demo of Software

If your offer is software, you can give a free download privilege where the prospect can test run the limited version of the software. This will alleviate the fear that the software may not do what is expected or too complex to use.

Get the Prospect To Act Now! Not Later

This is where you get prospect to act immediately. You shouldn’t give room for prospect to sleep over your offer before making decision. You must call your prospect to take action right NOW. To make that happen, you must inject urgency and scarcity for him to act instantly.

Some of the ways to do that include:

Introduction of Limited Time

You can have something like:
(a) order now,
(b)for five days
(c)Christmas even only
(d) dimesales

It means if the order is not made within time schedule, the fellow risk some things like increase in price or not having access to the products or service again.

Let Prospect Know That Limited Quantity Are Available

(a) special -  this is to tell the reader that there is a limited quality that is specially reserve for few individual and it is very special
(b) 20% off to first 20 customers,
(c) Very limited stock which could not be imported again due to ban on importation.

Let Prospect See It As A Special Privilege

It should be portray as only for the very lucky ones
(a) sale extended for one day only
(b) for government servants only
(d) Author will autograph the first 50 copies sold only

Here is the summary of about 12 points you need to take note when writing a sales letter:

  1. Get attention
    Use headline that instantly endears your reader to your sales letter
  2. Identify the problem
    Paint the problem clearly with words and let the reader feels the pain of ever enduring such problem till now.
  3. Provide the solution
    The solution is the promise that gladdens the heart of the reader to know that things are going to change and get better if he takes advantage of your offer.
  4. Present your credentials
    The credential let the reader knows that you are qualified to present the solution. Your expertise, your position, training you’ve acquired, awards and recognition etc will let the reader knows that you are the right person to give the solution.
  5. Show the benefits
    Don’t forget that people are not buying because they like you or your product, they are only doing that because of the benefits that they will derive from your offer. So, show the benefits.
  6. Give social proof
    At this point, you need to give testimonial of those people that have used your products with the result they get. You want to make it convincing with their names, location and possibly phone numbers to show that they are real people like your prospect.
  7. Make your offer
    Your offer must be irresistible. You want your prospect to perceive great value and good deal for what he is paying. It may come with additional bonuses, free gift and terms that make it mouthwatering for anyone to ignore.
  8. Inject scarcity
    This is the technique that get people to respond to your offer without procrastinating. Many people may find your offer irresistible but if there is no element of scarcity they may not buy from you immediately.
  9. Give a guarantee
    This reenact the authenticity of your product. The simple belief is that if you can give the guarantee, it must really worth it. Plus, you are taking the risk off the buyer which helps with you selling more.
  10. Call to action
    Call people to take action immediately and explain to them how to take the order. Are they to make call? Are they buying through debit card? Are they paying through cash or bank deposit? Express it clearly; don’t just assume your buyer knows what to do.
  11. Give a warning
    People often buy based on emotion rather than logic. They only become logical after making the purchase. Make sure you build on the emotional tone of your sales letter again. Let your reader feel the “risk of loss” if he is not taken action immediately. Something like: “If you don’t join MEMMA now, you may continue struggling years to come hoping for a better day with your finances which may not come.”

  12. Close with a reminder
    Always include postscripts (P.S). The experts have said the P.S is the third most read aspect of sales letter. It is your final closing remark. In fact, some copywriters will even use more of it like: P.P.S.

These are proven sales letter template that works. Use the method and you will have a compelling copy that sell at any time.


  1. Analyse the sales page of MEMMA at https://profitreloaded.com/how-to-become-a-millionaire-in-less-than-a-year/ and identify the 5 ingredients of copywriting on it.
  2. Try and compose some ad copies and email by injecting the copywriting ingredients that make readers to take action in them.
  3. Go through the products at AFFILIATE section and pick one that you can re-write its sales copy. Try and do better than the initial written sales copy, post it on your blog and invite other members of MEMMA to help you review it.

Take Action

  1. Write about 10 ad copies you can use to promote MEMMA front end product on social media
  2. Write 7 different email follow that you can use promote MEMMA front end product