Now that you are a member of MEMMA, I am sure your hope is high.

Everything on your mind now is to start making money as quick as possible.  Yes, that is one of those things we promised you. I could remember when I got started online too. Any program I joined or any information product I bought, I often wanted to quickly devour it to discover how I can start making money immediately but to my surprise, making money with any program doesn’t come so easy.

It often takes time.

But we are trying to make MEMMA a little bit different. We want you to get here and start making few cash as fast as possible and that is the essence of this section.

You may really not start making a lot of money because you are yet to understand the principle of internet marketing that we are going to teach you here. For you to make a lot of money, you need to go through ALL the TRAINING LESSONS.

After going through all the lessons, you will be able to scale your monthly income to about a million naira. But here, I will explain to you how you can use some less complex and traditional methods to get started immediately.

MEMMA Is Deliberately Designed To Make Your Money

MEMMA is designed to ensure you start making money immediately even as you are learning trying to figure out the standard and best way of running internet marketing business.

We know that you need a high in demand product to make good money online and it is likely you don’t have one yet. And if you don’t have a product, you can’t make money because you have to give value before you can get paid.

But with MEMMA idea, we are eliminating that initial barrier. We want you to also profit from our existing products and services. This will be a real source of encourage to you and confirmation that Internet marketing really works in case you came with some doubting minds. If you can get it right promoting MEMMA program, products and services, then, you will develop capacity to promote any product online.

Therefore, we are implementing what is known as SALE FUNNEL method with MEMMA program. Don’t worry, if you still don’t understand some of the terms at this initial stage, everything is already explained at the training section of the academy.

But this is what I mean with the Sales Funnel method.

It means, you can get someone to be part of this program from first stage of the program to the last stage and make commission on products at each stage.

We have different products/services that those that are interested in MEMMA will need to pay for and if you are the one that brings them in to join the program, you will surely be making commission as they are paying for the various services and products.

MEMMA has what is called a FRONT-END Product. Front-end means, it is the first product that we are promoting for those that wants to join MEMMA. It is a low cost product that many people can afford. We use this to get many people to learn and understand what MEMMA is all about and from this level, they can now become member of MEMMA.

So, what is our front-end Product?

MAKING Money From MEMMA Front-end Products

MEMMA front-end product is the seminar we tagged “How To Make ₦300k Monthly With Automated System”

The likelihood is that you are also member of MEMMA today because you attended the seminar. It is a live seminar where we charge participants token and explain automated internet marketing business idea to them.

But we also understand that the 2 to 3 hours training won’t be enough for most people and so we encourage them to join MEMMA where they can have the full benefit of the training.

Therefore, this is how you will make your money with this.

You can invite people to attend the front-end seminar.

We used to organize the seminar for ₦1,500.00 and we give commission of ₦500.00 to members of MEMMA that bring in people to attend the seminar. Note that this opportunity is ONLY for MEMMA members.

But the price for the seminar is now ₦2,500.00 and this means that if you invite some to attend any of the seminars, you will earn ₦1,000.00.

Since the seminar is live training, we discover that some people are not able to attend, so we are coming up soon with the online version of it which will also be ₦2,500.00.

But that is not all you get, it get better with the next plan.

It Get Sweeter As You Make Money Throughout All MEMMA Products Stages

Your initial work is to invite them to attend seminar or participate in the online version and after it has been recorded that you bring the people, you will enjoy all the other commissions that are available with MEMMA without doing anything again.

That is, you will be making money as the people go down deep the MEMMA's funnel.

The next stage after the seminar is joining MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA). It cost ₦25,000.00 to be part of this. At this stage you have potential of making about ₦12,500.00 (Please note that FasteCash payment charges will be removed and you may have less than ₦12,500.00 paid into your account. FasteCash charges is less than ₦500.00).

We also have the High Commission Product Ugrade (HCPU), where you can make about ₦8,000 to ₦10,000.00 commissions.

Then, we have the Blog Design & List Building Service that cost ₦70,000.00 and you can make a commission of about ₦20,000.00 from it.

Don’t forget that all these commissions will be paid without you doing anything again if the person comes in through the seminar you invited him or her to. It means you have a way to make money in about 4 stages of the sales funnel.

Though there are other digital products you can also market but for the fast track, it is better you start with the MEMMA program by getting them through the sales funnel system while you continue your training and acquire skills that will help you to be able to automate your marketing process and sell better.

You will learn more about MEMMA Product at the Lesson #4

How To Invite Others To Join MEMMA

Since this is an online business, you will need to have a link that can be used to invite people to join the MEMMA program.

The first thing you need to do after joining MEMMA is that you must have a FasteCash account. If you don’t have one, you must open a FREE account at

You will need the username for your MEMMA promotions.

Inviting People To Attend 300k+ Monthly Seminar

For example, if your FasteCash username is gbemmy20, and you want to promote the ₦300k+ Monthly Seminar, you will need to attach your username to the end of the sale page link or URL.

Here is the link to the page:

For me to invite other to join, I will add my username the way it is below:

You notice how I use the username with the ?ref ?

You will need to do the same thing with your own FasteCash username.

Inviting People To Join 

You may decide to promote MEMMA directly without taking the people through the seminar. If you want to do that you will need to use the sale page link too which is:

You will also have the ?ref=username at the end of the link

With your username, the link should look like this:

You must substitute gbemmy20 with your own FasteCash username. If you don’t get it right, you may lose your commission; therefore ensure that it is done correctly.

These are the two main links you should start promoting for now. If we have others in the future, we will inform you about them.

One more thing, you need to protect your affiliate link. Many people will join this and you don’t want someone to change your affiliate link username to another one. So, you can use to shorten and also cloak the link so that nobody will see it until they have clicked through to the site.

To learn how to use to shorten your affiliate link, click here for tutorial.

How To Start Your Promotion

We are looking at simple ways for you to start promoting MEMMA. This may not be advanced methods as said earlier but remember our aim here is to get you started as quick as possible.

Therefore, we are going to start with these 7 easy and free ways of promoting MEMMA.

1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still a very great way to start your promotion.

People tend to believe those that are close to them. You may start from your family members, friends, colleagues, religious members, associates, club and society members etc.

You will be surprised about the responses you get from them simply because everyone wants to make money. That is why this opportunity based product will always work.

After you have convinced them, educate them very well on how to use your link to subscribe for the live seminar or become part of MEMMA.

If you have an opt-in page of your own, you can send them to your landing page first and from there start telling them how to become part of MEMMA program.

2. Contacts On Your Phone

With these days of mobile communication, some of us have hundreds of contacts on our phones that we can reach by introducing the MEMMA program to them.

You can put the list together and upload it on From there, you can send bulk SMS to them to join the program. You may even have some of your contacts that you will prefer to call if you know that they will respond better to your call.

You can shorten your link with or use the shorter URL from which is to send them your affiliate link via SMS.

You can also use your phone contacts to start the building of your list. You will send the people to your squeeze page and they will need to give you their email addresses, phone numbers and first names.

3. Contacts on Your Email Address

You can harvest all your email addresses and use it on your autoresponder. If you don’t know about autoresponder yet, you will learn more about it here.

But simply, you can just send mail to contacts on your inbox and tell them about the program. Definitely you will see some of them joining.

4. Adding MEMMA Promo Ad As Part of Your Signature

Another way you can get more persons is to add short MEMMA promo ad to your email signature. The signature is the detail that you add at the end of your email where you have your name. Something like:

Best Regards,
Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

But this time around, you want to turn it to a marketing tool. Instead of just adding only your name, you can have something like:

Best Regards,
Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola
I just discovered an automated money-making
program that is making me commission of ₦1,000.00,
₦10,000.00 and ₦12,500.00 on daily basis. Click the
link below to see how it works:


5. Getting In Touch With Your Contact On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another great place you can get good contacts from. Most of them are also on your phone contact but you can create a group for them and keep updating them about the MEMMA internet income idea regularly.

Don’t forget you need to get in touch with people for about 7 to 14 times before you start getting good responses from them. So, if you use your WhatsApp to follow up, it may be a good opportunity to start making money with MEMMA.

6. Using Your Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc

Another great way you can get started is through your social media. We now have loads of social media network. Facebook and Twitter are very popular. You can start with them.

You can keep posting about the program on your social media and include your link to it. You can start getting more friends on Facebook so that you can reach more people.

WARNING: But note that Facebook doesn’t like you to be aggressive about getting friends. Truly, I really don’t know the maximum number of friends you can add per day before Facebook blocks you. But you shouldn't be too aggressive about it. If you add 5 friends daily with time interval, you will have about 150 friends after 30 days which is not bad but you have to watch your back and ensure that Facebook is not getting annoyed with you.

Also, you have to be creative as per posting your MEMMA link on Facebook. In fact, I will highly recommend that you only direct people to your own website squeeze page because if all of us on MEMMA start to promote the same link to the same website, Facebook will soon ban the website on the entire Facebook platform.

Essentially, you have to be very careful promoting on Facebook.

But other social network like twitter, linkedin, google plus are not as strict as Facebook. Ensure you post of the other sites too.


 7. Organising Mini Presentation

You can organize mini presentation of MEMMA program for your colleagues, friends, club members, religious members etc and explain to them about the benefits of the program.

This will help you to convince them and you may have some of them joining and helping you to make money fast.

I have explained some few points here to get you started on a fast track. You will soon learn advance method in this training. If you try some of the methods stated above, it will help you to start building confident as you move to the advance level of the training.