My Dear Online Millionaire,

I want to warmly welcome you to MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA). This is where we are going to give you quality training that will ensure you become a millionaire.

Yes, you have potential of becoming one through the internet marketing business model that we are going to show you. Our plan goes beyond teaching you, we really want to take you by the hand and ensure you achieve your goals.

It is a mentorship program, which means, it goes beyond asking you to go through online courses that you don’t have someone to explain grey aspect of the training to you or get assistance when you need it.

I have been involved in internet marketing training for more than a decade and I have observed that a lot of newbies often get stuck at some points and after trying for a while without solution, they abandon the whole online business idea and move on.

What we have done with this program is to bridge that gap. You will always get help as per the training we have on this platform whenever you need it.

Some People That Joined MEMMA Will NOT Make Money

Let me also shock you by giving you this fact that some people that joined this mentorship academy just like you will NOT make money. That may sound not too good, right? But these are some possible reasons for that.

After getting to this point, some of the people that pay for this program may not even read this message. It sounds unbelievable, right? But that is the truth. They may feel like it is just too long. Some will not go through the training. Some will procrastinate and plan to come back to this and they will never do that.

Some people will go through the first few training and abandon the other ones. Some people will go through the training but will never take actions as required. Some will become lazy to do some few assignments as may be expected.

Some will be carried away by other life activities and may not come back to work on this lifetime promising program that is strategically planned to make them genuinely rich. Some will get distracted (this is very common) by other money making programs they find online, told by a friend or promoted to them by some organisations, They will keep looking for the quick cash but the more they seek for it, the more they distance themselves from its realization without knowing that what they are seeking all around is already with them.

Some will drop MEMMA and concentrate on something else. They will keep moving from one program to another trying to figure out “fastest money making program” that does not exist without knowing that their inconsistency is the bane of their own success.

Some people excuse will be that they don’t have enough money to take the next action forgetting that when there is a WILL there is always a WAY. Of course, fund is required to start any profitable business. Though, we shall be giving suggestions and smart ideas that we hope can assist members financially.

Let me tell you that there is no magic in making money. You want to get rich? You have to eliminate distractions, stay only on this program at least for the next 180 days (6 months) and see what you will get out of it.

Therefore, with all what I have said, you will realize that it will only be few of us that are getting into this program that will eventually become millionaires, though everyone that joins this academy is a potential millionaire.

Those that will actually become REAL Millionaires are the ones that have full determination to make this program works for them. If you make payment and don’t go through the training, you know what the result will be like for you already.

Will you be one of the few individuals that will be celebrated as millionaires in the next few months or years? You are the only person that can answer the question. It will not just happen by saying YES, this has to be followed up by dogged DETERMINATION.

Let me also say that the result of each participant will be different. Some will make it faster than the other. The key that will lead some to succeed faster than the others will be PASSION. You need to release passion into this program. If you are passionate about this, you will scale up your cash flow faster.

Take every part of the training serious. Go through all the courses. Read all the articles. Check new products release for promotion. Check available tools and resources and participate actively on the online forum. Ask questions, post comments and ensure you are really involved.

The ultimate to becoming successful is as simple as TAKING ACTION. That phrase is just two words, but it is the longest distance to the success of many people on planet earth.

It is not enough to read or be active on forum, you have to do it! You have to just ACT. If you don’t TAKE ACTION, you will get no result to show at the end of the day.

Let me say on a final note that the journey you just started may not be that easy, it may be challenging, you may get frustrated along the way, it may not be going the way you planned it at the beginning, but if you stay, hanging on there, you will surely succeed. Remember, NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

Are you really ready for this?

If you are, let’s go!


Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola
Training Coach