MeritChoice Agric Villa Honeybees In Unending Working Mode (Pics Included)

Wow!! It was a lovely sight seeing our “employed” honeybees working tiredlessly at MeritChoice Agric Villa. Yeah, I hope you didn’t forget that we will be going for a visit and comprehensive practical training to MeritChoice Agric Villa where we have installed our first beekeeping hive?

In preparation towards the trip which will be coming up this Friday, 27th April, 2018, my wife and I paid a visit to the villa this past weekend to check on our dedicated, reliable and no-complain workers, the African honeybees at the farm.

When we got there, we saw them working, non-stop. Moving in and out of the hive and doing their work without distraction. When I saw the passion at which they were doing their work, I was tempted to give them handshake. But for fear of being stung, I only wave to them from some distance. Lol.

hive at MeritChoice Agric Villa

Here is the hive at MeritChoice Agric Villa, loaded with Honeybees working tiredlessly.

My Wife and I Taking Selfie With The Honeybees

My Wife and I Taking Selfie With the Honeybees

My Wife and I Taking Selfie With The Honeybees

My Personal Selfie With The Honeybees

This is the same thing I have been saying. Running beekeeping doesn’t require your presence as much and you only need little capital to get started. In fact, we didn’t even use up to one hour before we left the place because as a matter of fact, the bees don’t need us to do anything. Our being there is just to check if every thing is alright with the hive. Just imagine if it is poultry, snailry, piggery or any other type of farming that you left alone unattended to for weeks.

We were only paying visit after 3 weeks of setting it up. This is what I call handfree agribusiness. Another thing is that it has a long time cycle of harvest. One hive can serve you for more than 10 years with just the initial fee you use in constructing the hive. Tell me, what other type of part-time business can you do like that?

I will only strongly advice you to take out time to join us and learn the secret of this agribusiness on 27th April, 2018 as we visit the MeritChoice Agric Villa to install another hive. Though, the trip and the training is not free, but I can assure you that you will learn something so valuable that will be giving you result for the next 10 years.

I will like you to click the link below and register for the visit.

Kindly register right now

Please, we will like everyone that is interested in the trip to make payment latest by Wednesday, 25th April, 2018 so that we can have adequate preparation for the trip since it will include transportation and lunch at the farm.

Of course, we shall still be having the Free Awareness Seminar for the beekeeping on Wednesday, 25th April, 2018. You can come around to understand more about the opportunity and ask questions if you have any before our practical visit to the farm.

Click this link to register.

Don’t also forget that Engr. Giwa Waheed will also be bringing awareness about fibroid to the attendees. If you have anyone that is having challenge with fibroid or infertility, kindly do such a person a favour by inviting her to register on the site and attend the seminar. It will definitely be a very helpful opportunity for such people.

Don’t forget that we shall also have the real honey produced by honeybees for sale on that day. This is not sugar-made honey that is all over the market. Make sure you eat real honey for your health-sake. Prepare to buy original honey at this Wednesday free seminar.

Here is the link to register again.

MeritChoice Coop Meeting With Discussion on Opportunity in Mobile Money Business – Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Thursday, 26th April, 2018 is going to be for the MeritChoice Coop meeting. This is a cooperative that is setup for aspiring entrepreneurs and those that are already running their businesses. With our cooperative, you will get ideas that can help your business, have access to loan and learn more about different kind of reliable investments you can take advantage of.

This Thursday, one of us, Cooperator Benjamin Awogbayila will be telling us how he has been able to start and expand his mobile money business and how anyone can start what I refer to as “mini-bank” at an individual level.

You can be our guest by attending the next one coming this week Thursday. You will also learn how to be part of us and also enjoy the amazing benefit of the cooperative.

Click here to register for it.


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