MeritChoice Mastermind Group (MEMAG) Coaching Comes Up Thursday 3rd May, 2018

One of the most important skills you need to succeed in any type of business in our present generation is digital marketing. I can say digital marketing is the combination of various relevant technologies and digital services that are popular and trending for your own marketing and money making benefit.

It’s easy to ride on these technologies, create a lot of influence and turn them to massive money making machine. Parts of the technologies include the internet, mobile, social media network, online marketing tools, helpful websites, softwares and different useful apps.

One will want to easily believe that everyone should know how to use these tools because everyone seems to be aware of them. For example, almost everyone is on Facebook and Facebook is one of the best social media to make money online. But I have seen a lot of people that have been using Facebook for years strangely get surprised whenever I tell them that I make money with my Facebook account.

The first question they asked is, “how do you do that?” The reason is that they have been on Facebook and probably know how to post selfies, video, like images, write on someone’s wall and they are like experts when it comes to using Facebook but they never have the idea that you can turn Facebook to money making machine. They are probably wasting a lot of productive time on Facebook and so, one could understand their surprises when they learnt that someone else is making money with the social media.

One thing I realise is that, though the technology is available to all, 95% of the users of these power tools don’t know that it could ever been used for legitimate business. Some that know don’t have the knowledge of how to take advantage of it for their financial benefit.

My aim now is to gather those that are willing to learn and give them one full year thorough coaching on how to become digital marketing experts that will be able to sell any thing whatsoever they want.

Yeah, it is time to really do it. Enough of short time – 3 hours, 5 hours, 1 day training that get you confused rather than establishing you as an online marketer. If you mean business, I want you to join me this coming Thursday, 3rd May, 2018 as I introduce the benefit of MeritChoice Mastermind Group (MEMAG) to you.
I know you know that that kind of long time and highly impacting coaching will not be free. But let me give you a shocker. I will be permitting you to be part of the first class for free and be sure you are going to get value for your time. So, this Thursday, come and have a taste of what members of the group will be enjoying for a whole year.

The VENUE will be:
White House,
90B Okota Road,
Opposite Abbey Microfinance,
Near Chemist Bus Stop, Isolo, Lagos.

The time is 10am.

I will also give you the guideline of how to start your own digital marketing.

Don’t miss it.

This last Friday, 27th April, 2018, we were at MeritChoice Agric Villa to install another beehive. We had practical training and it was an interesting time.

I will be sharing some of the pictures with you shortly. Watch out for it.

Next week Wednesday, we shall be having another free awareness seminar for beekeeping and there will be another live practical training and new installation of hive at Agric Villa, next week Friday, 11th May, 2018. Prepare to join us and get your own beehive installed too.

Don’t forget, you can now contact us at MeritChoice for real honey produced by the real African wild bees. No adulteration. If you want to resell or buy for personal use, just contact us and we can talk about bulk supply because presently speaking, honey business is NOW a good business.


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For: MeritChoice Limited
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