How To Take Advantage of The Present Online Marketing Boom In NIgeria and Start Your Own Internet Business Either On A Part-Time Or Full Time Basis


Of course, it is crystal clear that there is recession in the country.Businesses are folding up, people are losing job, government are not paying workers and the economic is biting hard. But have u noticed that one particular sector of Nigeria economy keeps booming?It is the information and communication sector. The communication networks are declaring big profits in recession time. The breakthrough our country has experienced in communication technology already has spiral effect on our mobile and internet marketing sector.

Many Nigerians now have online access with their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Ecommerce sites are springing up almost every day taking advantage of the internet access penetration to reach the insatiable Nigerian market. I am sure you know the big names in the industry already like Jumia, Konga, Jiji, OLX etc. The online transaction is rapidly changing our cultural ways of doing business.

Several Nigerians now buy online, ordering for products and services and getting it delivered at their doorsteps. Who will believe in some five years back that Nigerians would quickly fall in with online transaction? We are used to carrying cash and using it for all our transaction. But things have changed. With about 86 million Nigerians having access to internet according to statistics, it means, the time has changed and you as an individual need to start looking towards tapping into the internet multi-million naira industry.

Why Should You Start Your Own Online Business?

If you are working with a company now, it’s likely you are probably afraid for your future. People are losing jobs and you don’t know your fate because it can also happen to you. The best thing to do in life is not to be like ostrich that buries it head in the sand with its body exposed to danger.

A part time based online business won’t be a bad idea for you to get started with since it will help you to start making extra income while building your online business without affecting your present job. With this working idea, your sense of financial security will be restored and you will regain your sanity from the fear of unknown that might have gripped your mind.

If you are in a business and you are not getting online fast enough, very soon, your business may soon go on extinction. This is not hype. No, I am not trying to scare you. But just observe how things have been working in our world. There was a time that typewriter was popular. You see it in offices and even on roadside. It was an important equipment to do anything official.

Those that were in the business then were making some killing with what we called business centres. But now, I am sure you will laugh if you still see an office using typewriter.

It is certain that those that are very skillful using typewriters then that refused to learn how to use computer are definitely and permanently out of job now. So, if a company that was making good money selling typewriter did not reinvent itself and moved toward the direction of change, it must be in extinction by now.

So, you too need to get started online.

How Do You Start Your Own Online Business?

This is an important question. To get started you need knowledge. You need to understand the different business models that can be operated online. What you need to do first and the next steps to take and that is why I will like to invite you to our upcoming seminar where we will teach you how to tap into the online business opportunities.

Here are the things you will learn:

  • Understanding Internet Marketing/Online Business
  • Internet Business Penetration In Nigeria
  • How Do Business and Individuals Make Money Online
  • Products and Services You Can Market Online
  • How To Build Your Online Business
  • What Is the Best Product To Start With - Physical or Digital?
  • 5 Essential Elements of Online Business
  • How to Employ Sales Funnel Principle With Your Online Business
  • How To Build A List of Loyal Customers That Keep Buying from You
  • What To Do To Avoid Failure In Your Online Business
  • How To Automate Your Online Business
  • and many more

Here are the testimonials of those that attended our seminar in the past:

  • Awesome! The first of its kind in Nigeria. I appreciate Mr Gbeminiyi for this.
    Haruna Olawale
  • Eye-Opening
    Ashola Daniel
  • It is mind blowing.
    Praise Iloso
  • The seminar was very impactful and interactive, particularly I love the business model MeritChoice is using for passive income
    Awosusi Damilola
  • Although I came late. It was straight to the point, well-structured and well analyzed.
    Raymond McStone

Now that you have indicated your interest, you need to go ahead to secure you seat on that day by making payment for the training CD which is just N2,550.00. Immediately you do that, a registration number will be sent to you and you seat will be secured.

(Please note that late payment for the seminar start from Wednesday 11th, January and it attracts N3,550.00 only)

You really don’t want to miss the training because the idea we are coming out with is very uncommon and you want to be in before other people do.

There is that opportunity of being the first in any business venture. So, go ahead and secure you seat for the training today.


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