Mini-Importation & Real Estate Training Goes To N7,050.00 After Friday, 22nd December, 2017

Yes, we have been having these great training on Mini-Importation and Real Estate for a meagre fee of N3,550.00 and it is packed with great values.

Some people often have wrong notion that when a course is cheap or free, it doesn’t have much value. You can ask those that have attended our free training how valuable our training used to be. We make sure we give great value every time because if we give you junk because you are not paying, you won’t trust us enough to pay for courses that are not free.

Do you know that there have been great follow up and continuous mentorship for the past attendees of Mini-Importation and Real Estate training we have had? Interestingly, we are not asking for extra fee from them to be part of the forums and mentorship.

Of recent, some of the members of the Real Estate forum were at Xmas/Affiliate Awards of one of the companies we have been working with on Real Estate, getting some inspirations and trying to learn more.

For our Mini-Importation training, we make sure everybody takes action immediately. Everyone that attended were given opportunity to order for products as low as N15,000.00 which is less than what some people used for training. With that small amount of money each person is expected to have a return revenue of N80,000.00. Now, tell me, which other way can you use to quickly and legally double your money like that?

I am conversant with information industry and I know people charge as much as N50,000.00 for Real Estate Training and as much as N30,000.00 for Mini-Importation but you hardly find anyone of them that work with you to become successful in the business idea. After your training, you are On Your Own (OYO).

That’s where MeritChoice is different.

But let me go straight to my point. The last training we shall be having for Mini-Importation and Real Estate this year is on Saturday, 23rd December, 2017. The fee is still N3,550.00. Don’t forget that if you are a MEMMA member, you still have discount with that amount of money.

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To enjoy the discount, you should make payment on or before 22nd December, 2017. If you decide to pay on the seminar day, you will be paying N7,050.00 to have access to the training and we shall be maintaining the same fee after this last training of 2017.

Please note that you don’t need to be in Lagos to participate. We presently have people all over the country. We even have a member in Benin Republic. We simply connect online and we are doing well with these business ideas.

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Click the link below now to register for the training and have instant online access to the package.

Don’t miss this training

You are also free to attend the live seminar any time it is coming up. Just inform us that you want to attend.

We have been ordering for some hot selling products. We pull fund together and get some of these products at dirty cheap prices. We are about to take the next batch of the order now. If you want to be part of this, go into your Mini-Importation Product Access Portal and book for the products you want.

Please, don’t forget that you are not expected to disclose some of these hot products to none member of the mini-importation clique. It’s important as not to let others know this business secret because it could affect the profit margin.

This is to inform all members of Mini-Importation forum that about four helpful video training have just been released today on the portal. These training are specifically targeted to help you maximize your marketing skill and sell all your products as fast as possible.

Here are some of the training video topics:
1. How To Create Facebook Fan Page to Promote Your Mini-Importation Products
2. Promotional Content to Use For Your Facebook Advert
3. How To Boost Your Products’ Posts On Facebook
4. The Courier Service To Use For Your Products’ Delivery

Yes, that is part of what you enjoy for being part of the Mini-Importation forum. There will be constant and ongoing training which will keep you up to date with happenings in the business and industry.

For anyone that want to be part of this, go right now, click the link below and be part of this great forum. Save as much of 50% for the training and becoming member of the forum by joining us now.

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One-On-One Training on Website and Blog Design – Wednesday, 27th December, 2017.

Click the link here to register for it

Free Internet Marketing Seminar – Thursday, 11th January, 2017.

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