MPS October 2015 Edition – A Month Loaded With Agro-Opportunities

The weather was not in any way friendly to us on that day with the heavy downpour, but to my surprise it turned out to be a very huge success. I must confess I was dazed by the attendance even with such a condition. That showed the level of interest that is gradually being impressed on everyone’s mind. MPS is growing on all fronts and it is solidly here to stay.

The day started rather on a low key as most people came a little bit late because of the rain but it gradually picked up as the teachings started. To lead the park was our CEO/MD, MeritChoice Limited, Mr Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola, who officially welcomed everyone present and gave a little talk on what the summit was dedicated for. He then proceeded to sharing a video presentation of the Songhai visit for everyone’s viewing. The atmosphere was immediately charged up with everyone surprised at what they watched. The visit was fun-filled and a place to be as those that could not make the trip salivated with as they watched the video clip.

oga @summit
Mr Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola, the Senior Admin of MENET talking to attendees at MPS, October 2015 Edition

The next Songhai Visit has been proposed for early next year and Mr. Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola encouraged everyone that have not been there before to ensure they make next year trip which is already slated for Friday, 22nd & Saturday, 23rd January, 2016. The registration has commenced and anyone that is interested can register by clicking on this link.

Mr. Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola who is also the convener of MPS said the visit to Songhai Farm in Benin Republic will help members to have a glimpse of the future plan that the MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Network (MENET) has in terms of creating its own Agric Villa.

Some of the participants that visited Songhai Farm were then called out to talk on their visit experience. That completely set the stage for the next speaker, Mr David Segbenu.

MPS participants 4

MPS participants

A cross section of participants at MPS, October 2015 Edition

He spoke on How FADAMA Project Can Financially Assist Farmers In Production of Rice. He began with the introduction of FADAMA, the vision of FADAMA, how he benefitted from their grants and how anyone available at the summit can be a part of it also. It was quite detailed based on the fact that he is currently actively involved in it and he shared some practical experiences on how anyone interested can be part of it and make profits from rice production.

Mr. David Segbenu concluded that there will be a rice production seminar which will give intensive training to people on rice farming and show tell how to benefit from FADAMA project which he is already enjoying. You can click here to be part of the training.

This introductory teaching provided the right platform for our main speakers who definitely did justice to their topics. First to speak was the representative of FADAMA Lagos State Project Coordinator. As a senior member of FADAMA project in Lagos, he started off by giving explicit details on what FADAMA stands for, target goal and statistical figures of how FADAMA has been able to assist farmers to be more productive in improving the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy with major emphasis on rice production.


Mr. Olakulehin, Training & Technical Assistance Director, the representative of the Lagos State FADAMA Project Coordinator speaks to attendees of MPS at October 2015 Edition

He then gave practical examples of projects FADAMA has embarked on and how it has drastically improved the lives of farmers involved in it. While rounding up, he stressed the need for more people to be involved as a group in farming and how these groups can access grants and support needed through FADAMA. MeritChoice Enterpenur’s Network (MENET) Agriculture forum was brought to the forefront as a major group to be part of the opportunity and to access the available resources of the FADAMA projects. If you are not yet a member of MENET Agriculture Forum, click the link below to be part of the revolution.

To round off the summit teachings and trainings, Mr. J.O. Oyesola, the Nigeria National Branch President of Ecosystem based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA) and Director Tree Crop and Rural Development Services at Ministry of Agriculture in Ogun State started off on a very lighter and fun-filled mood to take his lecture on Strategies for Farmers to Cushion The Effect of Climate Change and Why You Need To Start Cash Crop Production Now. He was very thorough in his teaching showing everyone live examples of what his organization has been able to do and achieve in cash crop production and how everyone can also be a part of this revolutionary agricultural boom to make money for themselves through MENET Agriculture forum. The excitement and eagerness on faces of participants to kickstart was second to none, as everyone saw clearly how Agriculture is indeed the next real big thing to be involved in.


Mr. Oyesola, the National Nigeria Branch President of EBAFOSA and Director of Tree Crop & Rural Developement Department of Ministry of Agriculture, Ogun State talks at the MPS, October 2015 Edition

We then proceeded to taking snapshots with speakers and summit participants which led to a little break for the commencement of MeritChoice Multipurpose Co-oporative Society Ltd meeting proper. This section was as usual; very interactive and serious issues as regards the growth of the cooperative were discussed. You can get all the meeting’s minutes online through MENET cooperative forum at If you are not yet a member of the cooperative and you like to be part of it, click on the link here to join.

MPS participants 3

MPS participants 2

Some of the attendees at the MPS, October 2015 Edition


The next edition will definitely be fully loaded with profit. If you have missed the last two editions, its time you start planning for the next one as you can’t afford to keep missing out on these great opportunities that are capable of turning your life around. The date for the November 2015 Edition of MeritChoice ProfitReloaded Summit (MPS) is Thursday, 12th November, 2015 from 9am – 2pm. Mark the date on your calendar.

One more thing, there is opportunity for those that may want to exhibit their product or service at the summit too. If you know that you have fantastic offer then, you can get a table to showcase what you have at November edition. To get a table, click here for the instruction.


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