Offline Products Sold Online Can Make You Good Money

There are products  everywhere that people never got  aware of. You can sell these offline products online for the producers or wholesalers and make huge profits with little or no capital. You don’t need to stock.


These days that the level of unemployment is skyrocketing, what a wise minded applicant and job seeker ought to do is to get engaged in simple businesses that require little or no start-up capital. Get some money and gradually build up the capital.

In this era of internet facilities, make an arrangement with some merchants. Get them to know the importance of showcasing their products online for greater profits. Make an online presence through a website or blog. This will cost you less than N5,000. Pick a range of quality and highly sought products (from your research), present them on your website and post for the world view.

You may be surprised that people visiting your website may not know that you are neither the manufacturer nor the wholesaler, until after the purchase.

To sell offline products online may sound hard to fathom. The truth of the matter is that, you have some products that have caught your attention at one time or the other and you might have never seen them online before. This should not stand as a stumbling block. It is an opportunity for you to make a living promoting them for the merchant or producer.

You might have even seen them online, yet since you know how to source these items, there is room for you to get involved and have a share of the market. Many agents are available for the sales of recharge cards for different GSM operators, you can still join to make a good living from the total market share. Consider marketing something today for profit!

Make adequate research on the product you want to promote online. Ask yourself: What is the product used for? Who are the likely people that will use it? At what price will it go for (the minimum and the maximum), what profit margin will be enough for it? When you make adequate research on the product, you stand a better chance of making good profit. Just as you love the product, there are also many other people that may as well need it or love it.

Depending on the nature of the product, the source, the price, among other salient factors, there are countless ways you can fix up yourself in order to help somebody somewhere who needs it, and at the end you make a living.

What this really means is that you will become a sales agent for the product. After every sale from your end, you make a gain of the percentage of the total sale. This approach is easy as it also depends on how many range of products you can gain access to. A number of people may want you to be sales agent for them, whereby they want you to promote their products for a profit.

As you receive orders, you process them through your site and then make a direct supply through the merchant or producer. All these can still be done from the comfort of your home, “without lifting a finger”. Exploit the power of internet.

Some merchants may even agree on “sales on return” basis. What sales on return means is that, you will be given an opportunity to return an item bought if it does not meet up with your demand. This is a bonus for you to include on your website to attract more customers.

This kind of provision is also good for the customer who does not want to lose on the transaction.

You can also buy the product if it is cost effective. But care must be taken to avoid tying down your money. Make favourable agreement with the merchant or the product producer.

Do you say there is no particular product you see? Look online, you will see more than enough by searching the internet. Many people are searching for what they need. You search for their needs and then search for products that meet the needs and by doing this, you are providing them appropriate solution. Certainly you will be paid for the service rendered.

You search for the producers or merchants that are looking for agents online. Several products do not have enough agents to sell them online  and many do not have online presence, so you have a better chance to be fixed up in this niche. You have more than enough businesses offline that are desiring online presence.

You come in to bridge this gap, making offline products available online through a website and that translates your service to huge cash and will even make you become a ‘sought-after’ in your area of operation. It might not be very easy to get yourself well established at the beginning but persistence will pave way for you and at the end, the whole effort will be worthwhile. What are you waiting for? Start hunting and start catching the cash!

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