Are You Interested In Online Business Or Online Job?

One of the main things I teach my students is the difference between the online business they want to do and the tools they need to carry out the business. There is this wrong concept a lot of beginners have about internet marketing. Most of the time, I see newbies concentrating more on the tools that are necessary for the business rather than the business itself.

And often time, they get stuck with all the technical stuffs that should be the tools for them to promote their business. For example, to run effective online business, you need a website. But website is not the business. Website is a tool that will help you market the business or products and services of your business. Therefore, trying to learn how to design website for 3 to 6 months does not make any business sense.

That is one of the mistakes often committed by most beginners that are interested in internet marketing. They put aside their main work which supposes to be their business and start to work and struggle with website design and development which is a tool for their business. Let say your aim is to sell an information product on “How To Start Export Business and Earn Foreign Currency”  or you are even interested in promoting physical product. It is clear from onset that your objective is to promote and sell your product.

But most beginners feel that they should also be the one to create all the tools that will be needed to market the product online. It is really not their fault, they might have been probably taught by some so-called gurus to do that. They want to create the website, opt-in page, integrate it with autoresponder, write the copies, design the graphics, produce the ecover, post it on social media, do the SEO, run the advert, write article and then, the work goes on and on.

Sincerely, you need every thing I mentioned above to have an effective online promotion but to personally be able to do all those stuffs, you need to acquire the technical skill. Therefore, most people would start by learning the the “how-to” of how to create website, squeeze page, graphic design, e-cover design, SEO etc. They often think it would be few days work but they somehow get engrossed in it so much that they forget the primary purpose of promoting their own product.

So, they start working for hours and days preparing their website and getting every other thing they need ready. Surprisingly, as usual, most beginners discovered they have spent so much time learning how-to solve technical problems and never start their main business that will help them to make money online.

Some work for months before eventually resolved the issue. But unfortunately, it is only few people that often have the ability to stay through before having the breakthrough. Other even get distracted after learning the skill and forget about the main business of promoting their business.

Someone that has been learning about website design and landing page may be happy that he design his first website but become displeased again because the site is not looking professional. Atimes, they start to buy different plugins, turnkey software and more training packages to learn how to become better with technical skill.

Let’s say a very determined newbie eventually got breakthrough, then, he faces another challenge of how best to market and promote his product online. Note that the art of promoting product online is different entirely from the technical skills that he has invested money and time on.

At this point, most people really get confused and frustrated. They then conclude that internet marketing is a fluke.

At the end of the day, the whole idea is like getting an online job that they are not even getting paid for rather than starting an online business.

If you are just starting your own online business, congratulations because you are learning how best you should go about it. But if this have been your previous experience, it is good you are here now because I will be telling you what you should have done.

If you are just starting out, focus on your main business which is to promote your product online. Get help. Get all the technical work done for you by outsourcing it, then, go on aggressive marketing of marketing your product. Skillful people will get the work done better and faster why you concentrate on your business.

Does that mean you can’t learn the technical work?

Sure, you can learn it. You can do it. But you need to understand what you want from the beginning. Are you interested in acquiring technical skill or your intention is to market your product? That defines whether you are interested in online business or you rather want to start an online job. Of course most people are interested in making money and that is why they decide to learn about internet marketing.

It is called internet marketing. That is, you want to market your product using the internet. It is not intenet technical job. Don’t get it mixed up.

After you start making money, you can as well start learning some of the technical skills little by little so that you will be able to do one or two things on your own when the need be. Technical know-how can be handy but don’t exchange it for your business.

Even when you know how to do some of the technical stuffs, you should also know that as an entrepreneur, time is a valuable resource and you want to save time by getting other people to solve your business technical problem while you concentrate on what matter most to you – marketing of your product.

Often time, it is good to have a mentor with experience that can guide you. If you are really serious about making money online and ready to make the right commitment that will give you the expected result, then I am also willing to be your mentor. I want you to be part of my mentorship academy where my team and I can help you to take action and get amazing result through proven system that we have created. Click here now and be part of my millionaires’ mentorshp academy.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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4 years ago

very interesting.

adewale adefisan
4 years ago

I have read through it all, having no laptop, can I come with my android mobile phone through which I carry out anything online?

4 years ago

Very interesting one,really want to attend,but not holding in Port Harcourt city,sir put me on the moving train,i want to be part of you team….when is it coming to PH?i can help plan the event and how can i participate for now?

4 years ago

good morning, I’m interested to be part of the training, does it requires payment? and what’s the venue in Lagos

Malachy Omondia
Malachy Omondia
4 years ago

Quite revealing. Thanks

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