The Online Version & Next Live Seminar of Beekeeping & Honey Production

The Beekeeping & Honey Production Seminar we did yesterday was superb.

The attendees were super excited about this unique opportunity in agribusiness that you can setup to run on almost autopilot.

When we asked how many people were ready to be part of and run this opportunity in 2018, almost all the attendees raised up their hands. It’s just so sweet a business to do.

One of the attendees came to me and said she was still surprised about how the little bees could be so organised to produce a quality products like honey without someone actually feeding them or doing any other thing again.

Sincerely speaking, I also fell in love with beekeeping because it only requires little investment. Let me shock you with this. Let’s say you have all the knowledge about beekeeping, you can just get started with just N10,000.00 which you will us to build your first hive.

After setting that up, you are not required to do any thing again. With bees, you don’t feed them, in fact they are the one that produce their food that you can feed and make money from.

You don’t need to give them drugs and you don’t need veterinary doctor to help you check them as it is required in other animal husbandry.
You don’t need to be going to the hive every day to check them up because your presence is not needed. You can just go and check your hive once or twice in a month. Your checking is not to do any thing per se, but to be sure that every thing is okay.

The only time you may be needed is during harvest. That is when you want to go and take the honey which you can consume or sell.

If you miss the last training, you can join the next one on Tuesday, 9th, January, 2018. Click the link below to register.

Kindly register here

This seminar is not a “talk-talk” type of training, we are implementing the idea immediately. Already, we have people that want to setup their hives. Very soon, we will be producing enough honey for Nigerians and exportation.

That is our dream. Will you like to be part of this?

In case, you can’t make it to the live seminar, also visit the registration link and choose the Online Version.

Get the online Version here

We recorded the last free Beekeeping Seminar, though we are editing it now. When the video is ready, we will get back to you with the information and you can attend the seminar online.

So, if you are interested in the recorded online version, make sure you register too.

The first batch of our mini-importation products have arrived. Members are getting their hot products now and some are set for marketing and promotion. I will soon be bringing you testimonials of how members are killing their sales.

Meanwhile, if you have not ordered and you are part of the Mini-Importation forum, you need to do so latest by Monday, 1st January, 2018. We are taking the next order. Yes, 1st day of the year is the deadline because we want to start the year on a good note.
We want to have Mini-Imporation Millionaires after the 365 days of 2018. Therefore, make your payment and let’s start on a good note.

Get to the mini-importation product portal and take your order.


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