Our Dry Season Farming In Pictures

The Agriculture Forum of MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Network (MENET) has since engaged in dry season farming and it has been good so far. Most farmers often go on holiday during dry season because they can only afford to work when it is raining but dry season farming is more profitable because lesser people farm during the period and their produces become premium as at the time they get to the market because there would have been some level of scarcity of farm produces during the time.

The dry season farming is done at the MeritChoice Agric Villa which is our farm estate being developed to create sustainable agriculture in Nigeria and also to ensure that people start living quality life.

See some of the pictures of the activities that have been going on at the farm.

Prepared bed for vegetable

Prepared beds for vegetable

Prepared beds for vegetable

Prepared land for farming

Inspecting the prepared land with some of our farm managers

Stretching out the hose for watering of plant

The irrigation pipe outlets

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