Our Online Payment Is Now Okay Plus Crytocurrency Webinar Attendees Bonus

We recently noticed that some of our system subscribers and customers that were trying to pay for some of our services and products online were having difficulties in making the payments.

This is due to the recent update made by Paystack, the payment system gateway we are currently using.

We actually thought that we were not affected by the new update until we started getting messages from people and noticed that payments being processed were not going through.

We have now fixed the problem and you can start making your payment without any issue.

Here again, are some of the transactions you can carry out with video on how to do them.

How To Fund Your FasteCash Account With ATM/Debit Card

You can always fund your https://FasteCash.com account at any time of the day with your ATM/Debit card and get your account credited immediately.

Just click here to watch the video on how to do it

How To Fund Your SMS Reseller Package With FasteCash
As SMS reseller, no need of waiting all day long before your account is funded by customer service person. You can just do it by yourself and get your package funded instantly. Check the process of how to fund your reseller back by watching the video below.

Click here to watch the video

How To Instantly Fund Your ClicknReach Account for SMS Services
Sending bulk SMS has never been this easier. You can fund your SMS account, get SMS unit and start broadcasting your message without any hinderance at http://clicknreach.com.

Click here to learn how to fund your account


I want to say a big thank you to everyone that attended the last Cryptocurrency Trading Webinar presented by Sam Nebo. I got good feedback from Sam Nebo that he had a great time with everyone that attended the webinar.

Yeah, he promised anyone that enters for his extra online course a wonderful bonus and he said he will make the bonus available for a limited time. The bonus is: Bitcoin Beginner – A Step-By-Step Guide To Buying, Selling and Investing In Bitcoin by Sam Patterson. This is one of the books he read when he started that accumulated to him becoming a crypto guru today.

I told him that I want all our previous subscribers that have also registered for his online course to benefit from the bonus too. So, if you have be part of the online membership training or you made payment recently, go right now to the membership training area and click on the BONUS link under MENTORSHIP OFFER to pick your copy of the bonus before he removes it.

If you want the bonus too with the main course, but you are not part of this great online membership training yet, I will like you to click the link below and ensure you become part of it.

Click here now and let’s start trading cryptocurrency

Now, Sam Nebo just said he is increasing the membership course and I asked him why. He said he wants to update the course with some fresh training and that increases the value of the online course. But here is the catch. If you register before the price goes up, you would enjoy the new update without paying extra for it and of course, you can as well grab that bonus.

What a good way to pay once and enjoy double benefits?

Click now and let’s start trading cryptocurrency.

Click here now and let’s start trading cryptocurrency

This new age currency is taking over, DON’T BE LEFT OUT.


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