Powerful Business Ideas to Kick Start Your Online Business in 2014


Of recent there is a sudden and massive surge of business springing up online.

You will know some of the Nigerian online stores that seem to be on high advertisement budget massively promoting their online service. There is also a rise in the numbers of Nigerian bloggers making killing money from these deep pockets online advertisers. Even newspaper companies are fast losing their relevant in the marketplace except they are online.

Can you tell me when last you buy newspaper? In fact, most of their news are stale these days because what they are reporting the next day has already been reported by a blogger or it has circulated round the social media. That is why all of them are finding their ways to the internet before they finally lose their relevant.

Marketing method and focus is changing rapidly and it seems the prediction of the legend businessman that said in some few years to come we will have two type of business people, those that are running their business online and those that are closing their offline shops is being fulfilled.

With all these happening, what is your position? Are you online yet? Do you have an online platform for your business or you still are still stuck to your old methods of running business? See, the world has always experienced industrial revolutions and those that often survive the onslaught are those that response quickly to the imminent change. The losers often stick to the old method, refusing to change or too afraid of the changes. They always bury their heads like ostrich because of the perceived danger while their entire big bodies are outside and exposed to the risk they are afraid of.

Are you ready to make 2014 counts by planning and moving your business online? Do you want to be part of the global cake by taking a chunk bite of the online goody? If you want to move towards this inevitable direction that our world is leading us to, then you must listen to me now. I want you to read everything I have to say here and take action right away.

We Want to Put You on the Online Fast Track

This is the best time to act. We are ending this year 2013 in the next few weeks. Those that will rule and win in 2014 are not those that will be planning their strategies by January 2014. They have started already! You got to be smart and set your plan right away.

One of your main plans as I have explained is for you to take your business online. And my purpose of writing this to you is to put you on a fast track for that. I have been online for sometimes now.  I am a web developer and also an internet marketer. I am also a business strategist and I know it is not easy to set out from your comfort zone to get started online without getting a reliable support from someone that has been in the business.

That is why me and my team has been working for the past 6 months to come on with a strategy and a system that you can quickly adopt to start right away online without breaking a sweet. Can you imagine having a website like ours, I mean www.fastecash.com designed for you in the next 2 weeks with all its powerful features?

If you understand what is called programming or you try and discuss with a programmer on creation of www.fastecash.com within 2 weeks, he will tell you it is a tall dream that can’t be achieved within that frame of time. See, FasteCash is not a wordpress site, apart from the blog part of the site that you are reading from now. It is an e-commerce site that keeps changing and undergoing development on constant basis. Now, imagine having this same type of site in less than 2 weeks to start your online business? Will it help you to succeed faster online?

That is exactly the work we have committed 6 months to. We have cracked the code and we can give you a powerful website like this within 2 weeks.

No, no, no! Don’t Get It Twisted; We Are Not Designing Website for You!

You may probably think we are marketing website design or development for you. That won’t be correct. Having your website is just 5% of the ideas we are trying to pass across to you. The main intention is to give you a profitable online business that you can start immediately. We are given you the exact business we are currently doing that is making us profit on regular basis.

Our plan is to turn you to an online entrepreneur as fast as possible. Will you be able to get started if:

  1. You have a full professionally designed, database driven and e-commerce online system that you can start your online business with?
  2. You have hot and ready-to-sell products and services that people are willing to pay for? (both digital and physical product in hot demand)
  3. You have a team of professionals that are ready to work with you and help you fulfill the orders that is being taken by your customers with little or no effort from you?
  4. You have the tested and trusted marketing strategies that you can use to promote your online products and services for maximal profit?
  5. You have regular support and assistance to develop and improve your online business?

Let me ask you again, if you have all those things started above do you think you will succeed in your online business? That will be a capital YES for me simply because I know what it is needed to succeed online. That is exactly what we want to give to you, ONLINE BUSINESS WITH WINNING STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS.

If you are interested to do this, I will want to specially invite you to the FREE business presentation where I will give you the details and template of how to get started online without breaking the sweat. Like I said, the presentation is free and you don’t need to pay to attend. Also know that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is meant for those that want viable and lasting business. If you are looking for business that is capable of paying your bills and growing into a great organisation in the next 10 to 20 years, then you are welcome on board.

But registration is compulsory. We may likely filter those that will be invited to participate in the presentation. We are actually not discriminating anybody; we just want to have those that are really serious about online business. So, kindly click the link below to pre-register for the presentation. It will come up in second week of December. The other details will be communicated to you shortly after you register.

CLICK HERE NOW to get the Date, Time and Venue for the presentation and also to register.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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