Practical Ways To Build Your List With Blog and Social Media

You see, there is no way we can overemphasis the need for any internet or information marketer to keep building a list because this is the most important asset of your online business.

It is not only important to online marketers to build a list, it is also crucial for those that run big stores or ecommerce sites. If you have bought product from any online store before, you probably noticed that you are receiving email follow up from them.

They start to send message to you recommending similar products that you have bought from them in the past. For example, if you buy TV, they may send you email about DVD player or home theatre. If you buy cloth, they may send you latest stock or other available wears. And when they want to have a special promotion, they also send you a message about it.

The more messages they send to you, the more the sales they make. You also get the same result when you do the same thing.

Therefore, building a list to become successful online is not only for internet marketers, no matter who you are or whatever the stuff you market online, if you want to record amazing success, you need a list and also get engaged in email marketing. I can’t stress that fact enough.

But let me share how you can use your blog to build a list with social media.

#1, you simply want to write a compelling and value added article which you can post on your blog regularly. I recommend you do that everyday. Your copywriting skill is needed at this point. Some people thought it is difficult to write every day, no, it is not. This is one of the skills I will be teaching this coming Saturday, 3rd June, 2017 at my seminar.

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#2, ensure you have something relative to give to people like free ebook, software or report that will require them to subscribe to your list. You can put it within the article, before or after. Then, ensure you make them to be aware of the need to get that stuff. Alright?

#3, share your post on social media. It is free to do that. Facebook is my favourite because it works well for me. I have over 4,000 friends on Facebook, therefore any time I post on my timeline, I get some good result of people subscribing.

After every day post on the blog, I get to see how people are responding on MagicResponder system. That is our autoresponder and sometimes, the response is always massive. That is one of the ways I get free traffic.

I hope my today’s tip is helpful.

But you can give me the opportunity to demonstrate what I just explained to you on Saturday, 3rd June, 2017 where I will also ensure you get started with the same idea before you leave the seminar venue.

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  • How To Easily Build & Grow Your Email List From The Scratch Spending Little or No Cash
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  • How To Generate Traffic To Build Your List Using Free and Paid Facebook Ads

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Traffic is important to online business but traffic without conversion is wasting of resources. People only buy when your write up convinces them. The weapon of good conversion is COPYWRITING. Learn about it this weekend.


About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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