#ProfitReloadedSaturday – How To Sell Internationally Via Instagram – Sat. 16th Mar. 2019

This Saturday, 16th March, 2019 is going to be loaded again with power-packed information.

Let me tell you that Saturday is now dedicated as our business and income opportunities day where we will be relating to you uncommon information that will keep you making unending profit. We have tagged it MeritChoice ProfitReloaded Summit (MPS) and we will try as much as possible to feature individuals that are doing something profitable that you can learn and also tap into.

You may never be able to get any quality training anywhere else like what we will be giving to you at MPS every Saturday and you don’t want to miss any. We may, once a while, take MPS to other location and States of the country. We will inform you whenever we are doing that. But for now, you can join us at our Lagos centre every Saturday for fresh information and renewal of your entrepreneurial knowledge.

This coming Saturday, 16th March, 2019, I will be speaking with some other individuals. But let me tell you that there will be a special feature and that is going to be the presentation from my wife, Opeyemi and she will be showing you How To Sell Internationally Via Instagram.

I don’t know if you know that Instagram is a big marketplace. I wasn’t instagram freak for a long time, but my wife got me interested in the social media as she often visits the site. Before I knew it, she started making money on Instagram.

I taught she liked instragram because it has a lot of pictures and videos but she proved me wrong by making me to know that you can have fun on social media and still make cool money.

I eventually got influenced to give more and close attention to Instagram as I see her making money on the platform. She is not only selling within Nigeria but across the world. She recently got some orders from UK, Canada and Ghana and it was amazing. I couldn’t have doubted it but it happened under my roof. To make the story more interesting, she didn’t even start with a single product of hers and she does the work with ease.

She spoke on Mini-Importation and selling online of recent to some of our seminar attendees and Mr. Lawrence Okata, one of the attendees, said she is a “professor” because he realised that she had good understanding about the information and delivers it perfectly. You don’t want to miss her session this Saturday because it will greatly enhance your knowledge on how to turn Instagram to money-making machine.

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We will be talking about getting loan to run your business too. There is no reason you should be stranded because there is no money. Interestingly, one of Loan Mentorship Forum (LMF) member just got a positive review about his ability to be able to get loan in any bank. You won’t believe how this forum has started helping a lot of people until you become part of it.

We will discuss more on the forum this Saturday but let me also tell you that the loan account opening continues. You can still be part of the forum. Based on popular demand and request from people that begged for little time to pay for the forum, we have extended the discount for few more days. So, you can still join the Loan Mentorship Forum (LMF) with just N7,500.00 before it assumes it normal price of N10,500.00.

You can join even if you are not in Lagos. We have someone that attended the last forum meeting from Abuja and with her, we are establishing the Abuja arms of the forum soon. When we get more members, then, they will start benefiting from the same loan opportunity that we are currently processing in Lagos. To join, click the link below:


Let me roundup with the information that Dr. Emmanso Umobong will also be around to carry out checkup for those that are interested and to talk more about our health. You don’t just want to keep making money without having good health to enjoy it. With N3,000.00 you will get the status of your health, know how to take care of yourself and improve on your health.

I want you to go to the registration form for the seminar now and see other Mega Info we will be releasing.

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Don’t forget that you can get free ride home after the training. Come with your android phone to download the app. You need your ATM card (Mastercard or Visa) that has at least about N3,000.00, the money will not be charged but is important for activation of the free ride. You will get instant N2,500 credit to have a free ride back home.

It’s now a usual thing for our attendees to leave the venue with executive ride without paying a kobo. Be part of it and enjoy.




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