Promote HOT Selling Products Via FasteCash Affiliate System

affiliate-marketOne of the best ways to quickly make money online is through affiliate marketing.

This has been one of the effective ways of making money and that has made a lot of people become super rich online.

What this simply means is that you assist in promoting someone’s product or service and earn commission from your effort. The opportunity this gives you is enormous in the sense that you are probably doing just one thing and that is promotion. Every other aspect of the work is done by the owner of the product or service. For example:

  1. You are not going to bother yourself about product’s creation; you just need to get a good product and promote it.
  2. You are not concerned about the technical work requires in setting up the product
  3. You may not even have website of your own to promote the product.
  4. You may use different means and free promotional platforms to market the product.
  5. You get paid for each sale you make through your promotional effort.

Affiliate marketing is one of the highly recommended ways of making money online and you can start promoting products using your account.

To promote a product on, make sure that the product is activated on FasteCash system as an affiliate product. You want to also confirm the commission percentage that the owner of the product is willing to give out to the affiliates.

If you don’t have a FasteCash account, you will need to register before you can start promoting a product. There are two types of account on FasteCash; Normal (Personal Account) and Classic (Merchant Account). You need any of the two accounts to be able to promote a product as an affiliate. FasteCash Normal account is a personal account which you can use to buy things online via FasteCash system and it is free while Classic account is for those people that want to use FasteCash system to collect online payment for their products. Classic account is not free and you will need to upgrade with a fee from Normal account to Classic. You don’t necessarily need to upgrade your FasteCash account to Classic account or merchant account for you to promote products being marketed via

If you don’t have a FasteCash account, you need to register and open, at least, the free Normal account. Click here to open your free account.

 How To Promote A Product with Your FasteCash Username

Let us start this by using an existing product for example. Let us say you want to promote one of the hot selling products on which is Tube Traffic Mastery. You need to get the link of the site which is Then, you will need to add this variable to it:


Such that the link will look like this:

But you need to change the FasteCashUsername to your real FasteCash Username. If you FasteCash username is profitboom, then the link will look like:

You can start promoting with the link.

How Do You Know When Someone Click Your Link?

To know if people are clicking your link, you will need to log on to you FasteCash account. Then, put your mouse over Marketplace menu and click on View Products I’m Promoting. See the image below.


On the next page, you will see the products that you are promoting. Then, you will see the price in naira and dollar, the percentage commission, the numbers of clicks you have and the amount you are supposed to make.


Now, it is time for you to start making that money by promoting those hot selling product.

Click here now to see products you can promote.

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