How To Register for Payza Account

Payza is one of the online payment systems you can use to pay for your BMID business system. You can also use it to collect payment when you refer others.

Follow the steps below to open a Payza Account if you don’t have one

1.   Click here to visit Payza website

2. At the home page of the website, click on SIGN UP button

3. Your country will show immediately e.g Nigeria at the Select your country field, then click the Select button under the Personal

Payza Sign Up -1

4. Fill your details in the next box that pops up which should include your name, email address and password

Payza Sign Up -35. You will be redirected to a pop up window that says you should confirm validate your email. Go to your email and check the email send to you from Payza.

6. In your email you should see a message from Payza with the title Payza: Validate Your Email Address as shown in the email below


Payza Sign Up -57. Open the email and click on the link that says Validate my email

8. You will be redirected to your Payza account and you will notice that you are required to complete your account profile.

9. Click on the “Complete profile setup” and you will see the page that is display like the one below, click the Get Started button to fill in your details

Payza Sign Up -810. The next page you see will ask you the details of your work. Select Your Industry and then Your Job. Click the Save and continue button

Payza Sign Up -911. On the next page, you are expected to fill your Address, enter your accurate information. For Postal Code, visit this site to locate your Nigerian postal code. Click the Save and continue button

Payza Sign Up -1012. Enter your phone number on the next page and click Save and continue button to the next stage.

Payza Sign Up -1113. On the next page, choose a question which will be asked for you to recover your password if forget it. Make sure you choose a question that you can always remember because if you don’t, it will be difficult for you to retrieve your password the day you forget it.
Select your date of birth and also enter 4 digit numbers for your Security PIN. Please, save the Security PIN in a secured place. It is also refers to as Transaction PIN and this will be required from you when you are doing some sensitive transaction with your Payza account.

After filling the detail click the Save and finish button



Payza Sign Up -1214. After click the button, you should see the last image below verifying that you have successfully setup your profile. Click on the Take me home button

Payza Sign Up -13

Next you should the Advanced Security Setup page. This is to give addition security to your account, enter something at the Enter your custom message text box, this can be anything which will help you to know when you enter into your Payza account.

You can also Edit the Avatar and put your picture there. Enter your Transaction PIN, the one you fill at step 13 and click Set Up Security button.

Payza Sign Up -14

You should now be back into your account with a congratulations message.

Payza Sign Up -15








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