Sam Nebo Shows How He Turned 100USD to N14million in Crypto This Tues. 22nd May

This last Thursday, 17th May, 2018 was explosive as expected as Sam Nebo and I gave out the secrets of how we make money with what we do.

I showed them how I make money through digital marketing and took them to the backoffice of our online system for them to see how people opt-in every day to buy one thing or the other from us. Some of the attendees were really surprised that a marketer can have so much control on prospects and existing customers.

That is simply the edge we have with digital marketing.

Then, Sam Nebo talked about how he started cryptocurrency investing and trading. It is not just about dumping money into a blockchain account and waiting till eternity for you to profit with your money.

It was a clear demonstration of expertise in what he does. After the class, there was opportunity for those that are interested to have access to his highly comprehensive online training but for some of the attendees at the seminar and for me specifically, we felt that those that are genuinely interested in making millions this year should have instant one-on-one training with him in order to start in a right way.

We don’t want to waste time as we know that any thing worth doing at all, worth doing well. Right there, we fixed a date for those that are ready to start cryptocurrency investing and trading to be around this coming Tuesday, 22nd May, 2018.

Click here to be a part of it

If you missed Thursday’s free seminar, please, don’t miss this Tuesday because you will be launching out to cryptocurrency world even if you have never open a cryptocurrency account before and you don’t even know much about it.

The class starts by 10am prompt.

I will also be having MeritChoice Mastermind Group (MEMAG) mentoring class that day. It will start by 12pm. This is where we carry out the pure digital marketing plan that helps anyone to make money round the year.

You should plan to be part of this if you want to know how to digitally market any thing legally marketable and make big profit doing that.

I will like you to go ahead, click the link below to know all what you will be practically learning with Sam Nebo this coming Tuesday.

Dont miss the opportunity

Don’t even think of missing this, because this opportunity is really coming but just this once.


I am really loving this idea of beekeeping and honey production. Beekeeping is what I now called the nature automated money making machine. We have started creating the awareness and more people, who have never seen it that way are getting to know and participating in keeping bees.

Will you like to know what it takes to start beekeeping and how you can start? Join us this Wednesday, 23rd May, 2018. To register for the free seminar.


Click this link to register

By Friday, 26th May, 2018,we will be going to MeritChoice Agric Villa to install some numbers of hives again. I have decided to be installing at least one hive on two weeks basis. It’s my idea of getting involved in this type of nature investment where I will put in little or no effort and get big reward.

Do you want to join us to know how to bait honeybees to start producing honey for you?

Click this link to join:



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