SEO Tips & Techniques Revelation Galore At ProfitPlus Class

seo1Today’s Wednesday 1st August, 2012 ProfitPlus Class with Gbeminiyi unfolded powerful SEO Tips and Techniques that every blogger and intending blogger must know if he or she is really serious about blogging for profit. Honestly, these are rare training that you hardly hear any Nigerian Internet marketer talk about. No wonder most trained bloggers dumped their blog sites after working hard for several months or even years, posting articles daily but struggling to make tangible amount of money from their effort.

The topic of the day was “SEO Tips & Techniques That Can Shoot Your Blog To The Top Position of Search Engines” and Attendees eyes were wide opened today as they learnt some important SEO tricks that can make them dominate search engines.

It was indeed an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity for the participants as they ruminate on the previous ProfitPlus Class with Gbeminiyi which was practically intensive. Inspired by the participants’ eagerness to grab every detail of the seminar topic, Gbeminiyi lived up to expectation by revealing everything needed to know about the topic without any reservation.

The facilitator also displayed already made SEO based blog he developed with his team. The participants were able to see the monetization of the blog which was done with Clickbank products and Google AdSense.

Here are about 30 SEO tips out of 100 SEO tips and technique which a blogger must know and apply to rule the world of search engines;

1.   Choose your domain name carefully
2.   Establish the main keyword of your site
3.   Use a keyword tool
4.   Domain name with hyphens
5.   Take advantage of domain name suggestion tools e.g
6.   Your website content
7.   Come up with a memorable domain name
8.   Add more content to your site
9.    Don’t forget the keywords in your image file
10.    Do a research about your product offerings
11.    Pinpoint your top competitors
12.    Determine your best keywords
13.    Determine if your website is crawl-able by various search engines
14.    Make the most out of your tags
15.    Establishing titles for your site’s pages
16.    Distribute your articles to various article directories.
17.    Use synonyms.
18.    Don’t forget the links.
19.    Make your article unique and captivating. e.g use subtitles to make it unique
20.    Access websites that can help you determine your performance.
21.    Take note of keyword stuffing.
22.    The importance of topping the SERP.
23.    Take advantage of organic traffic.
24.    Having a site that provides easy navigation.
25.    Generating site maps.
26.    Become more familiar with On Page SEO
27.     Minimize broken links
28.    Write articles to other online marketing websites.
29.    Participate in blog discussions.
30.    Take advantage of free blogging platforms.

After the ProfitPlus Class, a lot of intelligent questions were asked by the participants and Gbeminiyi did justice to all the questions. The participants were pleased with the responses to their questions. Hear what some of the participants had to say after the ProfitPlus Class:

It definitely gave me an insight to writing an SEO based article that will rank top easily. I know that I will no longer be writing articles that people will not read.
– Solomon Okere – 08056424481

I learnt a lot about today’s and I know I will earn more from other topics
– Oguori Simeon – 08087178419

In fact, you people are doing a great job, I have just made some money and landed some contracts from your past training.
– Abdulhamid Ojolowo – 08091603620

So, get set for the next ProfitPlus Class which comes up on Wednesday 8th August, 2012. The next topic is “How to Create A Membership Site Using WordPress & Free Plugins” This next coming topic is a money spinner. If you can create membership site, you can generate cash at will. You don’t want to miss this great training because anywhere else you get this type of training, you can’t pay any thing less than N15,000.00 to N30,000.00.

For details of the next ProfitPlus Class, click here!

To Your Exceptional Profit,
Emmanuel Umealughere and Funmi Adebusuyi,
ProfitReloaded Team

This report is written by Emmanuel Umealughere and Funmi Adebusuyi, they are both members of the ProfitReloaded Team and Internet Marketing Experts.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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