Server’s Law That Bounces Off My Email & Send Other To Spam Folder

Suddenly, email marketing refused to work for me. It was like a spiritual attack. (It could also be, who knows).

But technically speaking, I figured out what went wrong. So, I realised where the devil was hiding. Thank God, because I could start shooting him accurately from his hiding place.

If you are a close follower of my activities, you will remember that we changed our server recently, precisely at the beginning of this year 2022. The previous server suddenly disappeared from cyberspace and that was not funny.

I ran the old server from around 2012 to 2021, that was about 8 years. Those guys “chop” my money o! It cost about $174 per month but I kept paying that for a good 8 years. The main purpose of sustaining that monthly bill is because of the  email marketing, not even because of our websites hosting.

Email marketing is a monster. You can trust it to pay the bills if you do it right. As the Naira fell yakata against the dollar, I began to feel the impact of the monthly payment with the naira value. But I was not going to stop the bill anyway until the server went off.

I was still much more comfortable with the monthly server payment than using getresponse or aweber. How could I have been paying $174 to send email to over one hundred thousand people with getresponse or aweber? I would have been paying over $500 per month.

Anyway,  I was delivered from paying so much money every month. But it didn’t take long for me to realise the importance of the black pot cooking the regular meals. It was the same server helping me to generate income and pay my other bills.

I am already addicted. I can’t do without email marketing. So, I can’t stay without having a server. You see, with email marketing strategy, just wake up from the right side of your bed, think of something good you can push out to the people. Click the “Send Email” button then go back to sleep.

When you finally wake up, check your account and you will realise that a big wide smile will suddenly force itself across your lips and mouth. Why? Someone or two persons or about 5 people or are they 10 in numbers? They all just paid for what you promoted before you went back to sleep.

So, when the old server issue happened, I immediately subscribed to another one. Fortunately, it is less than the former server in terms of price. It’s just about $90 per month. That’s like a great saving, right? But that is where the problem started.

Having a new server is like being online for the first time. Everything is actually new. You are given a new IP address which is attached to the new server. In case you are getting confused about what I am saying,  let me express it in a term you will understand.

Just imagine that you lost your phone and the SIM line. Unfortunately, you could not recover the line and you need to get a new phone. Then, you got a new phone line. The new phone is like the server, while the phone line is like the IP address.

Fortunately for you, you still have all your phone contacts. Then, you started calling them. You know what their first reaction will be?

Immediately your friends pick up their phone, they would start asking, “who is this?” Then you would start explaining yourself.

But with your former line, you don’t need any introduction because they have your old contact saved. In fact, we have some people that might not even pick your phone number if they don’t have your contact on their phones and you have to start sending SMS and doing everything you can to reach out to them.

New server is like that. Though we have the email addresses of people but with our new IP address, the email services can’t recognise our server again. It’s now becoming difficult for us to reach all the contacts on our list. The email servers of gmail and yahoo are now like, “hey who are you? We’ve not seen you before.”

Then, I was like, “it is us o (, I mean MeritChoice). Can’t you see our name and the domain name? We are still using the old sender email address o? Check it now? We are genuine”.

And it is as if they also reply and say, “Anyway, any spammer can do that. We can’t go by all those things. They are not enough evidence to identify you. Your server shows us that you are relatively new. We can see that. We therefore warn you not to send bulk email to our users or else, we will ban you from sending email forever”.

So, that is how the system acts. If such a problem happens, what is the solution?

There are steps to be taken. The next and right thing to do is to warm up the server. I actually know about this but I felt we have been there for long and I pop out the emails. I was bewildered to see less than 50 people open the email. I shouted, “What is going on here?”

Even the 50 people must have gone the extra mile of checking their spam folders to see the message.

How do you warm up the server? That is what I have resorted to now.

You start by sending out email bit by bit. Let’s say you want to start sending email to about 1,000 people, you may start by sending email to 20 people the first day of warming the server. Then, the next day, send to 50 people, 3rd day to 100 people and 4th day to 200 people.

You then strategically increase it over the weeks till you reach your target number. If you send out email to thousands of people just like I did, then, you will get a slap on your hand. Your email may not get delivered.

This is what I referred to as the law of “Server Warming”. Break the law and see your email thrown to the spam folder or get discarded for good.

I hope this knowledge is helpful.

If you often receive email from me and you are not getting it again, kindly check your spam folder and whitelist our email address. Then, the email will start landing in your inbox again.


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