MeritChoice Special Partners' Workshop
ONLY for Those That Are INTERESTED
in Creating MEGA Wealth Online


We have perfected the technology! We are about to create a long lasting blazing trail. Internet and info marketing REVOLUTION in Nigeria is down right on the way!

Will You Be Part Of History?

There is a breakthrough we just got in affiliate marketing which is specifically and specially designed for Nigerians. This is the first time a system is created to take into full considerations the challenges and elements that make online services seemly impossible in Nigeria.

Yeah, we just created an affiliate marketing system that will be of great value and change the way we do online business in Nigeria. You too can now start experiencing the usual unrestricted cash flow that several people online do witness through affiliate marketing. You don’t need to be in USA, Canada or UK to enjoy the awesome effect of affiliate programs anymore; here we have created one that really works for you.

Combining our recent breakthrough in affiliate marketing with our award winning MagicResponder system, sky is definitely a stepping stone for you to skyrocket your online business and take it to the next level. From now, Nigeria online business will never remain the same again!

There is no much time to waste again. It’s the beginning of the online revolution in Nigeria and we are looking for those that are ready to plugin immediately and become part of the unusual change that will create avalanche of online wealth for Nigerians.

We are looking for those that are ready to take advantage of these technologies and make money regularly, take care of their families and become reference points to the new thing that is about to hit Nigeria online marketplace like thunderbolt!

We are just looking for few numbers of people that will like to partner with us.

Yeah, we are not really calling thousands of people. We only need few people that are serious about making money online and are willing and ready to partner with us to create this online business revolution.

Will You Like To Become Meritchoice Special Partners?

If your answer is a bold YES, then do all you can to GAIN ACCESS to the first MeritChoice Special Partners’ Workshop TRAINING RESOURCES which will be available as from Thursday 27th November, 2014.

There is no need of writing long things to convince you, this workshop is meant only for ACTION TAKER! If you hate to take action or you are the one that like to lazy around and only looking for one magical push button that will be printing cash for you without doing any, simply keep off this workshop. It is not for you!

But if you are someone who is ready to take the bull by the horn, who knows that the way to the top is steep but is ready to leave the crowded valley of life and climb to join the high flyers at the top, you are warmly welcome and you can’t just afford to miss this workshop.

Now, let us talk about what was taught at the workshop, which you will also learn through the Training Resources.

You will learn about how to participate in our affiliate programs, promote our products and that of our other partners and make cool money from it using our latest developed affiliate system that takes off the complexity of running affiliate program in Nigeria.

You will learn how to gain leverage and make more sales by getting others to promote your products using FasteCash payment system and our affiliate marketing system ideas.

Learn how to successfully create product and launch an online marketing campaign that will keep generating money for you for several years to come. I will show you 30 things you MUST do to set your sales on autopilot for the next 5 years. With this, you will be making money with little or no further effort.

If you want to partner with us, I will show you what you need to do to make it possible. Our latest partnership with Nasbock is paying off as we are making daily sales with the plan. You too can benefit from such arrangement by leveraging on our professionalism, marketing skill and technology to promote your product without doing anything stressful.

I will show you how you can become part of my inner circle, learn the latest marketing strategies we are using, enjoy discount from our products and service and get unlimited support to give a wide leap to your online business. As you may notice, my inner circle members are paying less for this workshop.

You will learn how to use MagicResponder to build you list fast, track and monitor your traffic and improve your sales through the information the system is able to gather for you. (I am telling you with all confidence that Getresponse and Aweber do not have this type of traffic tracking and monitoring features that we have created in MagicResponder. This will definitely blow your mind!)

You will start practicing affiliate marketing and how to generate traffic and increase your product's conversion before leaving the class.

So, I will advise you to come with your laptops with internet connection because I will want you to do some few things before leaving the class. This will also be like a follow up class for those that have been part of my Internet Marketing Mastery Class (IMMC) before. There will be additional information that will catapult your online business to the next level.

This workshop will blow your mind because I will be showing you some advancement we have gained over some few months in our internet and info marketing processes. I will explain more to you about our improved marketing technology and our strategic plan which will help you to work once but help you to continue making money none stop for the next 5 to 10 year. You may not believe it until you are at workshop live!

Here is what one our Partners Said

Samuel Nebo is one of our highly grateful partners who really appreciated the opportunity of working with us. You may know him and you may not. But if you are able to remember that we aggressively promoted PayPal Account Opening sometimes ago and of course, Fiverr, then, Samuel Nebo may not be totally a strange name to you.

We made over 5million naira in sales working together on those projects. Below is his recent comment on my facebook wall during my birthday.

Here is his comment:

Birthday Nice man, I sincerely appreciate our partnership in business, God blessing and more Mega Project contract, as long as your days is, so shall your strength be. HBD

- Samuel Nebo.

Yeah, we did some million naira sales together, who will not hope for Mega Project afterwards? You too can get that spot with us after the workshop.

You know what? Corporate organizations hire me to consult for them and pay in millions to get my service. This is not cooked up, I will tell you more about some of these organizations when you come for the workshop. I simply give them the same idea I will be teaching you on the workshop day, they pay me in millions and they too got millions of naira to show for it, we both win.

That is why I want to tell you that you can’t fail online if you follow my idea. Trial will convince you. You just need to be part of this great workshop.

Enough of talking here, get registered right away on the form at the right hand side and I will be patiently waiting to meet you on that day.

How Much is the Workshop Fee?

I think I need to talk about this important issue straight away.

This is NOT a free Workshop, in case you are used to me organizing free seminar. I am also not intending to have it as a free workshop at any time soon. Let me also say that it is NOT for everybody! In fact, we are not looking for crowd this time around. If I get ONLY one quality joint venture partner like Samuel Nebo or Nasbock, I know we can pull another million sales together.

The fee for this workshop will be in two categories. I have some people that are already in my inner circle that we also refer to as MeritChoice Resellers. Their payment will be different from others that are not yet in this my special inner circle. During the workshop, I will also show others how to be part of the inner circle.

Below are the fees:

MeritChoice Resellers Fee:
N2,500  (Pay N1,500 on or before Thursday 27th November, 2014.)

If payment is made on or before Wednesday, 19th November, 2014, then they can enjoy discount of N1,000.00. Which means the pay just N1,500.00 only.

Non-Resellers Fee: N3,500.00 (Pay N2,500 on or before Thursday 27th November, 2014.)

Non-Resellers also enjoys discount if payment is made on or before Thursday 27th November, 2014.)

If you are interested in attending the workshop, kindly register on the form at the right hand side and you will have full payment information on the next page. You will be able to pay online and you will also get information to pay to our bank account on the next page.

Please note that full payment without discount will be applied after Thursday 27th November, 2014.. Anybody that pays discounted amount into our bank account after the said date will need to balance up before he can attend the workshop.

I want you to start taking action now and register.

I wish you all the best.

MeritChoice Special Partners' Workshop

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Topic: "MeritChoice Special Partners' Workshop"
Coach: Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola
Date: Thursday 27th November, 2014.
Time: 10:00am
Venue: MeritChoice Training Centre, Atinuke Plaza, 129,
Block F, By Church Bus Stop, Cele-Okota Express, Lagos

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