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Today, I want to just share with you how you can start real estate business without having money to invest. It sounds unbelievable but it is real. Some still believe that if you don’t have money, you can start a business. That is old school idea. You need to understand that business is not about money.

Have you heard about people that invested millions and end up with nothing? Where as, we have some big businesses in the world that were started by individuals that have no money but only ideas.
First of all, I want you to know that real estate is one value that is in constant demand. Shelter is one of the basic needs of live therefore, people will always need real estate properties for housing, business, recreation etc.

The real estate idea we are promoting gives you opportunity to different properties that are available for sales. You may not know that it is still possible to get property as low as N50,000 per plot which many people can afford but when you join inner caucus of the industry you will be amazed with what is available.

What you simply need is the information to these available properties and present it to people that needs them.

The challenge that most people may have is how to get those that need the property. That is a basic problem we resolve when you become part of our Real Estate Group. What you simply need most of the time is contacts and not money.

But the secret to become successful in any business is to know the secret of the business by being part of the inner circle of the industry. Are you ready to be part of this?

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About 2 weeks ago I was at Ibadan where I learnt so much about beekeeping. I was amazed about this great opportunity and I am still taken aback with the fact that many people are not talking about this great agro-business idea.

With my two years experience in agriculture, I wanted to believe that you probably can’t do any agribusiness on autopilot until I came across beekeeping and honey production. Though, it is not that you won’t do any thing, but if you are looking for near automated kind of agribusiness look no further than beekeeping.

Why did I say that? Look forward for my message tomorrow as I will give further explaination on my point. But here is a quick one.
I will be having Free Awareness Seminar on Beekeeping & Honey Production this coming Thurs. 28th December, 2018 at MeritChoice Office, 129, Atinuke Plaza, Beside Rainoil Filling Station, Okota Road, Lagos.

This is one business opportunity you should look at getting involved with by next year. I am specially organising this for the member of our MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Network (MENET). Try and make it a date with me.

Look forward to my message as I discuss more on this.

It’s being a great year, even if you have not achieved all your goals, one thing is certain, if you are reading this, it means, you are alive. You need to be grateful to God and also appreciate people around you.

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If you are SMS reseller, don’t forget, it is a season to do some business, get your package funded.

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