Starting CoCa-Cola One-way Pack Dealership With Small Capital

Coca-Cola Pet bottleAs we count down to the season of Christmas and New Year, demand for various soft drinks will be high. It’s obvious to know that many individuals, homes, relaxation centres and organizations amongst other things will be setting aside funds to stock assorted drinks into their refrigerators to entertain guest, friends, and families.

While consumers are planning to put up a budget on drinks, it is not a bad business move for you as an income or business opportunity seeker to as well position yourself to receive your own share of money from the thousands of festive season spenders.

About the Coca-Cola Brand
The name Coca-Cola without a doubt is a household name which makes it easy for anyone to be an affiliate. This brand is a market leader in the food and beverage industry. Interestingly, every soft drink is almost referred to as Coke by our kids. Truth is, as a global company, it ranks amongst the best in Forbes list of global businesses. As a global company, Coca-Cola makes millions in turnovers annually.

Why you must share in the coke wealth
All existing Coca-Cola dealers today have every cause to smile. Withs the above mentioned background, I believe it’s always a smart business move to associate with the coke company. For a brand that has global positive business history, presence in almost every country and with turnovers in millions, You can share in that wealth as a dealer. The coca cola company is structured in such a way that ordinary Nigerians can smile to the bank at whatever level of dealership they choose to play in the coke family.

Nigerian Bottling Company
Nigerian bottling company (NBC) today remains the sole franchise owner responsible for sale of Coca-cola brand here in Nigeria. This company has put smiles on the faces of Nigerians by giving opportunities to dealers at all levels.

Existing Coca-cola products
There are loads of these Coca-cola brands existing in Nigeria.  They are categorized into two. You have the regular soft drinks in bottles such as the coke, fanta orange and pineapple, sprite, bitter lemon etc. Then again you have the one-way pack. The one-way pack are the coca-cola brands whose content are packaged either in Plastic(Pet), Cans and the Tetra Pack( paper pack) – Which comes in litres.

What it takes to become a one-way pack dealer
For this purpose of this write up, we are exposing what it takes to share wealth from the Coke one-way pack category. This category of product is referred to as One-way pack because when NBC sells to you, it’s both the content and the package.  When you make a sale as a dealer, you are not expected to collect the Pet bottles, Cans etc back from the customers. Both the content and the package is taken away.
It’s interesting to know that you can share in the Coke wealth even with a little amount of money. Those who sell coke products in retail make good profits too.
What it takes is simply to walk into any of the Major Coke plant in your area to be properly guided or given direction.

List of Coca- cola Brands under one-way pack category
As a mini-dealer in this category, you do not bother yourself about bottles. You choose to specialize in the sale of non bottled coke brands. The list of drinks in this category includes;
Pet bottle or Plastic bottle (Regular – Coca-Cola, Fanta, sprite)
Prestige –Light coke, Schweppes, bitter lemon, Tonic water, Soda water.
Market breaker – Limca
CAN– Coke, light coke, fanta, Spite
Juice – Five all,
Eva water

The financial requirement
With as low as N50, 000 you can sign-up as a one-way pack dealer. This makes you a mini dealer.  You will be given a mix of products equivalent to the worth of your cash.  However, if you have much more than N50, 000, then you are better off for it. Below is an example of a mix of what you can purchase with your little investment;
6 packs of Limca@N920 =  N5,520
12 packs of regular pet coke, fanta etc@N1, 100 = N13, 200
6 packs of Canned drinks@ N1, 900 = N11, 400
6 cartons of Cappy 1 litre@ N1, 650 = N9, 900
10 packs of Eva 1.5 litre@ N1,000 = N10, 000

How to get your product stock
NBC has a well structured arrangement. The company has sales representatives attached to all dealers who works with you to take your regular order and ensure  supply. Nigeria Bottling Company has considered Lagos to be a big city, in other to satisfy the yearnings of the people, the city has been divided into zones or areas where the coke plants truck can easily reach you with your orders. Coca cola has a plant at Agidingbin, Ikeja , we have one along Agege motor road, Mushin etc.

Target market
A dealer should be in a better position to determine who to target. However, our resource person says there’s a structure in the coke company. The sales representatives allotted to your area will always guide you to know the combination of products that is in demand where you leave.
However, those within the N50, 000 worth of product category can become vendors for event planners. You can choose to supply retail soft drink dealers in shops or those mobile retailers in the traffic. You can even start retailing yourself.  You would also observe that some young Nigerians sell the Pet bottle drinks in areas where you have heavy human and vehicular traffic.

Profit Potential
The drink business is a lucrative business. For as long as humans want continue to include eating and drinking soft drink business will thrive. In this business the profit margin falls within N50- N200 per Carton, crate or pack. According to some of sales representatives we spoke with, profit is in the volumes sold. If you must therefore make it in this business, you must operate where you have human traffic or where you know there would always be huge supply request.

Price List

Regular – Coca-Cola, Fanta Orange, Sprite, Fanta Pineapple
Price: N1100.00
Prestige – Light Coke, Light coke, Shwepps bitter lemon, Tonic water, Soda water.
Price: N1, 200.
Market Breaker – Limca (N920. 00)
CAN drinks– Coke, Light coke, Fanta orange, Sprite
Pack of 24 – N1, 900
Pack of 48 – N3, 800
Juice – 5 Alive of different variants
1 Litre of 10 Pack – N2, 150
250ml of 24 Pack – N1, 600
Cappy – (Orange and Apple)
1 litre x 10 –N1, 650
Eva water
1.5 litre x 12 – N1, 000
75 litre x 12 – N640

Dealer’s Rebate Structure

As a dealer you are expected to buy certain quantity of products to enjoy rebates. This is the structure:
1 case – 300 cases get 3% off your investment
301 cases – 800 cases get 4% off your investment
801 cases – 1000 cases 5% off your investment
1001cases – 2000 cases 6% off your investment
2001 –and above 7%

Rebates are paid at the end of every month based on the quantity and the amount of money every dealer purchased per month.




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Klemz Omulaga
Klemz Omulaga
9 years ago

Thanks very much for this article. But please, i need more clarification on some of the terms used. 6 packs of Limca@N920 = N5,520 ( N920 will give me how many packs of Limca?)12 packs of regular pet coke, fanta etc@N1, 100 = N13, 200 6 packs of Canned drinks@ N1, 900 = N11, 400 6 cartons of Cappy 1 litre@ N1, 650 = N9, 900 10 packs of Eva 1.5 litre@ N1,000 = N10, 000 Aside the Rebates, do I stand to make any profit from the sale of this Business if I decide to sell at wholesale price… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  Klemz Omulaga


7 years ago

Please i want to be dealer of coca cola can i get the details of how to go about it.


7 years ago
Reply to  Simisola

You may need to get to Coca Cola MDC (Micro Distribution Centre) close by you and they should help you will necessary information to get started. Thanks.

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