Stop Wasting Time Online Start Blogging for Profit

blogging for moneyIt’s second week in July 2012 and we have dedicated the remaining part of this month and August, 2012 to help our users and others to stop wasting time on Internet but learn the secret to start blogging for profit.

If you remember, one of our goals this year is to help our users make exceptional profit most especially from the Internet. I am not talking about fake investment opportunities from Liberty Reserve HYIP and some useless investment program that promise you 100%, 200% or more return if you deposit some amount of money that you will never see again.

Yes, if you have been receiving such messages, don’t ever consider it once, they are fake opportunities and won’t even make you rich for one day. Our team has been showing honest ways of making genuine money online, the opportunities are not get-rich-quick scheme, but have capacity of giving you consistent income for several years to come.

Some people have not only being wasting their time on the internet but also have been wasting and losing money and that has to stop NOW! This month, you will make money genuinely if you follow us closely.

ProfitPlus Class with Gbeminiyi
One of the opportunities to help you blog for profit is our weekly free seminar tag ProfitPlus Class with Gbeminiyi. It is a powerful weekly Internet marketing and skills training. The attendees of the past ones have confessed that they hardly gained any thing from some paid seminars they have attended in the past (not the ones organised by our company) compared to what they are learning from the free seminar.

Though it is free but it is not a wishy-washy seminar because it is powerfully packaged. A trial will convince you. This month, July and August ProfitPlus Classes are loaded with great topics and you can’t  avoid to miss any of the classes especially if you have opportunity of attending the training.

Here are the training for the month of July and August,
ProfitPlus Class With Gbeminiyi – Wednesday, 18th July, 2012
Topic: Discover 10 Instant Ways to Monetize Your Blog & Keep Smiling to Bank On Monthly Basis.
Click here for the seminar details

ProfitPlus Class With Gbeminiyi – Wednesday, 25th July, 2012
Topic: How to Setup A Hot Niche Blog and monetize it with Google Adsense & Clickbank Products.
Click here for the seminar details

ProfitPlus Class With Gbeminiyi – Wednesday, 1st August, 2012
Topic: SEO Tips & Techniques That Can Shoot Your Blog To The Top Position of Search Engines.
Click here for the seminar details

ProfitPlus Class With Gbeminiyi – Wednesday, 8th August, 2012
How to Create A Membership Site Using WordPress & Free Plugins
Click here for the seminar details

Those are hot topics right? Yes, if you visit and check prices to buy any of those products then, you will really appreciate these free training because you won’t but part with some good buck of dollar to acquire those knowledge. Don’t forget to keep checking our calendar for update  of other seminars that we will be bringing to you on regular basis. Click the link below to visit our Calendar page and don’t forget to bookmark it.

Blogging Tips for Making Money Online
We are dedicating this month training to Blogging and there is an interesting blogging article you must read, it is titled; Blogging Tips for Making Money Online – My 8 Easy Steps for Blog Cash flow. This article is written by Funmi Adebusuyi. Funmi was one of my students at the training we tagged Operation Storm The Net. Funmi and 4 other students became so exceptional during the training such that I have to sign agreement with them to work on some projects together.

I will be introducing the team to you very soon and we have been working together secretly on some great ideas on Internet marketing income and business. Watch out for this team we called ProfitReloaded Team, we are set to “turn Nigeria upside down with Internet marketing idea”. Just wait and see, I will give you more information on that later. Enjoy Funmi’s article by clicking on the topic link:  Blogging Tips for Making Money Online – My 8 Easy Steps for Blog Cash flow.

Receipt of Google Adsense Check
This will serve as a conviction to all the doubting Thomases out there that never believed that you can make passive income on Internet by blogging.

We got a check last week Friday,  6th June, 2012 from our Google Adsense account delivered by DHL at our office. See the scanned copy of the check below;

Google Adsense check for the month of June 2012

I showed the check live to those that attended the Wednesday, 10th July, 2012  ProfitPlus Class. We have presented the check in the bank but I will be showing the slip again in my next classes as confirmation to other attendees. 

Do you know you too can be making money on monthly basis like this?

We are planning programs that will help you to start making consistent cash online too, just follow us closely as we shall be relating the information to you very soon.

Removal of SMS Feature from FasteCash System
On the 19th June, 2012 we published a report on FasteCash eZine that we shall be removing the SMS feature on after Monday, 16th July, 2012. We also requested that those that have SMS units in their account should open SMS account with, which is our new SMS system. This is to remind our users about the plan and we want every one that is concerned about this to take action by opening a new account at so that we can transfer the current SMS units on your FasteCash account to your new account. 

In case you miss the news, you can read about it here: Get New SMS Account For SMS Units In Your FasteCash Account

Merging of with
Our main digital marketplace is at But those that have been using it know that you can’t access the site to place your digital product online except you are a member of Some of our merchants have also asked us why the system is not merged with since they use the same login details for the site.

We are therefore acting in the direction of popular demand. In few days from now, we shall be merging the system with and merchants will be able to access their records right away from their account area. The marketplace will also get a page on, therefore keeping the digital market world close to you.

We will update you with further information about merger very soon.

To Your Exceptional Profit,

MD/CEO, MeritChoice Limited.


About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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