Strategic Beekeeping Meeting and Launching of Mastermind Group

It’s been a while that you’ve heard from me especially since we were through with Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp (DEB1.0). We have actually been working quietly at the background with some plans to ensure we fulfil our mandate of giving you the best opportunities that are available.

As you must have noticed, any thing that will enhance you financially and assist you to live your dream is what we bring to you every time.

But before I delve into the fantastic opportunity I have for you today, I want to tell you that DEB 1.0 was a bomb. It blew the mind of the participants. They couldn’t believe what was presented in time of content and packaging with just a budget fee of N60,000. It was both fun and life changing with lot of transforming entrepreneurial knowledge.

Here are just few pictures for you to see. I will be giving you full update soon.

Gbeminiyi Speaking at DEB 1.0

Speaking at DEB 1.0

Toast for Success At DEB 1.0

Toast for Success at DEB 1.0

 Fun time as we cheer at DEB 1.0

Fun time as we cheer at DEB 1.0

Meanwhile, we are planning to have the next DEB in Dubai by July 2018. Are you ready for that?

I know a lot of people may start considering how much it will cost to go for training at Dubai and probably think it cannot be possible for them. Before you conclude on day, I will want you to consider a fabulous solution I have to help you generate enough cash to travel on such business and fun tour.

That is one of the reasons I will be starting what I called MeritChoice Mastermind Group (MENAG) by this coming Saturday, 21st April, 2018. MENAG is geared towards teaching people fully on how to generate real time cash using the internet and mobile marketing strategy. If you have been looking for the hidden secret of making it online, without doubt, MENAG is for you.

This is totally different from the usual one day training. It is a programme I am fully giving my 99.99% attention. I want to really develop the best internet marketers ever in the country. Therefore, MANAG will run both online and offline. The only thing that is required from anyone that is interested is COMMITMENT and you will be surprised wih what you could do in the next 3 months in term of cash generation.

Look forward for more detail of the programme from me.

Meanwhile, we are starting the implementation of our beekeeping project. We have gone to install the first hive at MeritChoice Agric Villa. See the pics below. I was at MeritChoice Agric Villa on 29th March, 2018 with our beekeeping expert, Engr. Waheed Giwa to install the first hive. See the picture below.

Gbeminiyi at agric villa


So, there is going to be a meeting and free seminar about the project again this coming Thursday, 19th April, 2018 at MeritChoice Office, Atinuke Plaza, Okota. You are cordially invited to join us by 10am.

Click the link here to register

The meeting is for those that are genuinely interested and ready to start the beekeeping agribusiness because by Friday 27th April, 2018 we shall be going to MeritChoice Agric Villa to start installing the hives the hope that in 3 months or thereabout, we shall be able to start harvesting pure honey from the farm.

Therefore, if you are interested and want to be part of the Thursday meeting where we shall be concluding on how to start this business (no story again, we want action takers), make sure you are available on Thursday, 19th April, 2018 to get all what you need to prepare for this agribusiness that only require one time main investment for you to kick start it.

Click here to get started

Also note that Engr. Waheed Giwa will be around to answer any question you may have on this. He will also be coming with original undiluted honey for sale on that day. This is not sugar mixed honey that is being packaged all over the places, this is naturally produced honey and a litre goes for just N3,000.00.

Prepare to get yours.


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