Tayo Made 150k Profit In 4 Days With Mini-Importation – See How

You might have read my post where I confidently said you can make money in Mini-Importation before Xmas and have a big celebration during the festive period. Some people may probably think it is just hype.

But today, I want you to meet someone who just made N150k profit in 4 days with Mini-Importation.

Mr. Olutayo Adegoke is a MEMMA Pro member and he came to Lagos some weeks back to do some training with us. He started his mini-importation business exactly two weeks ago and that was his first time of venturing into it.

He invested only N50,000.00 and got some secret mini-import products that many people won’t even think of. The first day, he got his products, he had three orders instantly.

Then, the next two days, he had 14 orders at once. At the end of the fourth day, he had sold out and got people asking him for distributorship. It was indeed a money spinner. He took to MEMMA Pro WhatsApp forum to share his joy. See, the screenshot below:

From the screenshot, you can see how his confidence soared up high and he is planning to make 1 million in the next two weeks and that is before Xmas.
Believe me honestly, it is not only Mr. Adegoke that can pull-off the hat trick. Many have been doing it before he started and the market is still large and wide enough for everybody that is interested.

Will you like to have the 400% return on your investment in just few weeks? Mini-importation is one method you can use to achieve that.

That is why you need to be part of the opportunity now which is even for both Real Estate and Mini-Importation.

But you don’t even need to come for the training because you can now have access to it online. We are going beyond training. We are taking real action. We are importing some hot products which are in high demand.

Just like the one Mr. Adegoke sold. We are keeping it secret because it must remain an inner carcus’ products for us to enjoy and maximise our profit. If you will like to know some of these products and want to also participate, then, click the link below to join us right away.

Click here to be a part of mini-iportation training

The idea we are using is to pull funds together, use it to negotiate and bring down cost prices so that we can get more profit.

Imagine buying a product for N1,500 and selling it for N8,000? Buying another product for N3,500 and selling it for N15,000? That is what is happening now. That is why the profit margin is huge and you don’t even need to struggle to sell it.

When you join us, you can also choose out of the hot products which we will be bringing in by next week.

Don’t hesitate, no time. Go right now and be part of this.

Click here to be a part of mini-iportation training


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