Testimony Time – From Loan To Residual Income #90DaysToMillion

One of those that attended our previous seminar is Mrs. Funmi Adebusuyi.

After learning about the #90DaysToMillion opportunity and how to get loan without collateral, she said, Coach (that’s what she calls me, she’s been one of my proteges for sometimes), since you are the one recommending this opportunity I will be part of it.

Based on her fresh knowledge on how to get loan without collateral which she learnt from Jumoke Amoo, she went ahead and secure a loan in just 3 days, then, she entered for the opportunity.

She was around at the last seminar I did at Lagos, just this past Saturday. I have to share her testimony with the attendees. In her own words, she told the attendees that she have returned her loan and presently experiencing residual income. That was within just 3 weeks.

The same opportunity is coming to your way right now. Join us to learn this secret.

We are going to be at Ibadan by Wednesday, 12th December, 2018, don’t hesitate, make sure you register by clicking the link below:

Click here

Then, on Thursday, 13th December, 2018, we will be at Lagos at White House for another opportunity for Lagosians and those that can be around from any part of the country.

See, don’t get carried away at this time with festivity. 2019 is going to be another year; whatever you plan now will be the outcome of how next year will be. Your can make 2019 a great year by what you do this month of December by creating fantastic streams of income for yourself. Don’t miss this seminar.

I will like to share your testimony like that of Mrs. Funmi Adebusuyi. Therefore, go and register now below.

Register here

This is another multi-million naira opportunity right now in our nation, e-commerce. There is presently explosion in that sector. A lot of Nigerians are taking advantage of this while a lot of people still don’t know how to go about it.

We are starting training on this by next week. Just watch out for more information on that.

Yeah, I have a long time battle with pimples also known as acne. If you did biology in secondary school, you should know that all of us do have pimples at one time or the other especially during the adolescene time of our lives.

Unfortunately for some of us, we keep having it for long time after we have over-passed the adolescene or puberty period.

But of recent, I studmbled into something that wonderfully dried off these unwanted burges on my face. I could believe it myself. I’ve been enjoying pimples-free face for a while now.

It will be strange to you to read about this from my email because it is not the usual business/income opportunity I do share. But I know someone is out there that need the same solutions that I have discovered now.

In fact, my discovery goes beyond treatment of acne. There are much more to it and I will keep sharing my experience and the solutions with you in my subsequent emails.

But if you are joining my seminar on Wednesday and Thursday and you need the information, I will share it with you there.

Let register now, it is just a token of N1,500.00.

Register now

See you there.








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