The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin and Trade Crypto Is NOW

We just had an unexpected experience with bitcoin on 12th March 2020.

All of us, I mean all over the world have been expecting bitcoin to move to its highest value of dollar especially as we are awaiting bitcoin halving this year in May which should see us getting to 100,000USD per BTC as it has been projected by many analysts. Instead, bitcoin nosedived and hit it lowest price this year. The last time BTC had a similar low price of about 3700USD was on 13th March 2019.

It was like an anniversary of a price for BTC because that was exactly a year ago. But another amazing thing was that the lastest lowest price printed by BTC was on the same trend line of the lowest price BTC experienced on 15th September 2017 before BTC rallied up to its All-Time High (ATH) price on 17th December 2017, when it the value went to about 20,000USD.

With this fact, it means something is about to happen. BTC had gone so low to grab the same strength it used to get to its all-time high of 2017.

Also, note that the last time we experienced a higher high of BTC price after the first one that happened on 17th December 2017 was on 26th June 2019 when the price got to about 14,000USD. But before the price was reached, the BTC price touched the same trendline on 8th February 2019 at around 3,300USD before rising to the all-time high of 2019.

History has repeated itself now. BTC has touched that trendline again, it simply means that from now, we are going to the moon with this digital asset.

Why should you be concerned about this?

Seriously, it is time to become wealthy with this financial digital instrument. This type of move happens once in a while. The cycle is always around 4 years interval. If you miss it now, you may need to wait for another four years or thereabout.

A lot of people had suggested that coronavirus must have affected BTC price, but with the analysis above (I will post the chart description on our blog soon), it is clear that BTC is just following its historical pattern.

If you have not learnt about Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing, this is your best time to learn now.

If you have not bought BTC yet, this is another great time to buy. BTC is at the lowest level it could be now. If you miss the opportunity, time like this may not come back again. That is why you need to jump in right now.

Since, March 13th  2020, the level of profit we have been making has been amazing. BTC and most of the altcoins had been in their lowest price values since 12th March after BTC had the sharpest downtrend drop. BTC and all the coins are therefore rising again. Your little money into crypto now can make a big difference.


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White House,
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Okota, Lagos.

10 am – 12 pm – Blow My Mind With Crypto (FREE Session)
12 pm – 3 pm – Practical Class for Training and Setting Up of Automated Trading (Fee: N30,500.00. The fee is for training only, it does not include money for your trading and investment)


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