The Essential Keys To Your Online Business Success

It’s another day and another month. I want to wish you happy new month and also to tell you NEVER NEVER to give up on your dream because dreams do come to past.

Talking about dream, I have been nursing this desire to see Nigerians becoming excellent internet marketers. That has also made me to make a lot of sacrifices organising live seminars and coming up with helpful products and services that can help many people to know and run the real online business.

Please, note that online business is not about donation, HYIP, Peer2Peer, MMM or Ponzi scheme. If you have made money in any of those schemes before, I want to say congratulations to you. And if you have lost money in any of the programs too, well, that is how it is. You win sometime (not always) and you lose another time (most of the time, if not all the time, the lost is massive and painful) simply because that is not the real online business.

The real online business is about providing value to people. Every other technical thing we do to promote our valuable products and services are just tools for us to provide value to others and you don’t want to make those one your real business.

I have a dream of producing online millionaires and that is why I have created MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA). Gratefully, some of the members are seeing results already.

I am working every day to ensure we provide them with all the essential tools and support that will make them succeed online and become financially established with internet business and that is why I have decided to provide another free training for the MEMMA Pro member this coming Saturday, 3rd, June, 2017.

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What are the essential keys for online business that I will be teaching this Saturday?

#1 – How To Easily Build & Grow Your Email List From The Scratch Spending Little or No Cash

This is so important become without the list, you are not going to be making good money with your online business. But I discovered that this is another aspect that is giving a lot of people headache. For example at MeritChoice we have about 90,000 subscribers in our mailing list. You too need massive list to make money regularly and I will show you how to create one.

#2 How To Write Effective Copy That Get People To Subscribe To Your List & Buy From You

Your writing is your salesman that convinces people to pay you when you are not there. If it is not representing you very well, nobody will send you a kobo. Therefore, you need to acquire sound copywriting skill to become effective with your online marketing.

You need to know what to write and how to write it in such a way that will make someone to run to the bank to pay for your service. This Saturday, I will tell you how to do that.

#3 How To Generate Traffic To Build Your List Using Free and Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook is the craziest place presently on earth to generate traffic – both free and paid traffic. But you know what? If you don’t understand how it is done, you will just been struggling and be wondering why the people on Facebook hates you and won’t subscribe to your list talkless of buying from you.

But still, this Saturday, I will crack the code.

If you are a MEMMA Pro member, congratulations because this is free training for you. You have shown commitment to succeed that is why you are having it on platter of gold. But for none Pro member, you can still attend by paying a token for the seminar or you can as well become a MEMMA Pro member.

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Yesterday, I decided to share some top Facebook ads resources and before I knew it a lot of people have downloaded the free ebook. I later realised that the zipped file was empty and many that might have earlier downloaded it may not find any thing inside. So, we re-uploaded the file and sent the message out for people to re-visit the download link and get the file again.


In case you are having difficulty in accessing the file, probably you don’t have the app to unzip it, I have now re-uploaded the PDF version of file and every device should be able to access that. Just simply click and save the file on your system. Then you can enjoy your copy of the resources.

If you have not claim your own free copy click here now to download your copy.

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