The Vital Keys to Stress Management

stress management

In this day and age, everything is fast paced. Everyone is in a hurry, everything is scheduled. There are dead lines to be met, appointments to be kept and always a fire breathing dragon boss breathing down your neck. This can lead to stress. A stressed employee or even entrepreneur cannot be productive when stressed out.

Whether your employer cares or not, whether your business allows you to rest or not, you have to create the time because as they say, health is wealth.

What stress can do:
1. Stress can cause muscles to become tense. This can lead to a whole lot of health problems such as high blood pressure and much more.

2. It can speed up the heart beat rate; why overwork your heart because of a deadline? Seriously, is it worth it when you consider the relationship: Heart – pay check? While I do not think it is, I do however agree that sometimes it is very much unavoidable. In this case, proper time management can help reduce stress. Plan effectively and schedule work with the appropriate window of time they would need to be executed.

3. Stress leads to a build-up of energy. Once built up, it has to be properly released. Ever had sleepless nights thinking about that deadline or business deal? Stress can lead to insomnia. The pent-up energy without an adequate release valve can cause a health explosion of sorts.

There are 2 factors that contribute to stress:

1. Controllable factors
2. Uncontrollable factors

Controllable factors are those factors that you as a person, can control. You probably can’t control your boss’s pitch when he is yelling out how incompetent you are at your job, but you sure can decide how to react to it. Getting worked up or not, the choice is all yours. It is actually a very difficult choice but a choice all the same.


Yes, you cannot control the weather that gets you hot and a bit edgy, but you can focus your mind on having a cold shower at the end of the day and staying calm. Other peoples’ attitudes and reactions are things that you have no control over but your own attitude and reaction is something you can control. Learning to control your reaction and attitude can help you avoid many types of diseases that come from being stressed up and not properly releasing the pent up energy within you.


They say that if one cannot remove stress, one should remove oneself. Absolutely correct! Sometimes, it is okay to put off your cell phone and get a beauty sleep in between the office work and home work.

Multi-tasking is great, but most times, it is bad for you. Do not multi task often unless you have a sure way of relieving the stress! Multi-tasking is indeed a great way to meet deadlines and get a lot of things done; however, it can get you really excited. The danger comes when you are excited a lot and do not release the stress appropriately.

Do not involve yourself in situations that you can predict will be stressful. That is, unless you have no choice.

Learn to work around the uncontrollable factors and control the controllable factors. If someone yells, make a conscious and deliberate effort to be calm. Don’t pretend to be, your body cannot be deceived. Work on it till you perfect it!

Talk yourself through hard tasks or when it seems like you are about to be overwhelmed. Get a massage every now and then. Recruit a loved one and make it a family affair. Most importantly, listen to your body; rest when you need to. Move when you need to. Take care of your body; it’s you!

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