The Land Portal is Now Opened Get A Plot for 66,500.00 Only


I don’t know if you desire to build your own dream house but you have been probably confused on how to raise the money to buy land but today, I have a beautiful solution for you. Just imagine, for you to buy land in most cities, you will be hearing, one point something million, 2 million, 5 million and so on.

You may probably be thinking that the land is coming with already built house on it. Nah…it is ordinary land even without the other necessary documentation.

But now, you can have a sigh of big relief because with less than N100k, you can also become a landlord and start building in the next few weeks from now.

Even if you have your own house already, MeritChoice Agric Villa (MAV) is the future place you don’t want to joke with. You want to ensure you have a property in this place because of the future development it promises. It is bound to be a centre of agricultural development. Why will everyone one wants to be in Lagos?

The simple answer is that is an economic viable place. Yeah, MAV is in Ogun State and close to Lagos. Most Lagosians now even stay in Ogun State and still claim to be Lagosians. It’s been said that in some few years to come, you will hardly able to differentiate between Lagos and Ogun States because most people in Ogun State will be working in Lagos. Ogun may become the residential place for Lagos workers.

But in case of MAV, we are creating economic viable environment with organic agribusiness. Of course, you should be certain that other businesses will suddenly found their ways to the place too. We can’t have residential area without supermarketers and stores to sell different things. Residents will definitely want to send their children to schools bringing opportunities for private schools. Many other things are definitely coming along the development.

Click the link below to get all the full details of the land and take order of the maximum number of plots of land you want to purchase.

Please note that you only have just this month, May 2019 to get the land at this price of just N66,500.00. By June, the price would have been about N100,000. Therefore act fast now.

Just imagine staying a place where you can get fresh vegetable, pepper, tomatoes, fruit, meat, fish etc at a very affordable price. That is the future place we are talking about.

You don’t want to miss this.


We are planning a visit and inspection to MeritChoice Agric Villa on Friday 24th May, 2019. Just as we use to do, we will hire buses to convey us to the place.

We will give you more inform during the week how much it will cost for transportation. We always make provision for lunch and drinks too. For those that will like to go, you will be able to see some of the work we have done so far with Beekeeping and Honey Production at the villa.

Therefore prepare yourself for the journey. Look forward for details.

Go and grab your own plots of land here immediately.


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Our regular FREE SEMINAR where we will learn about different business and income opportunities comes up on Saturday, 17th May, 2019. We will be talking more about MeritChoice Agric Villa project too.

If you have any question or what you want to know about it, don’t hesitate to be around this Saturday. Click the link below to register for the summit.



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