The Rise of ALTCOINS – The Prediction of You Becoming Super Rich With Crypto Is Here

For some months now, I have been talking about massive wealth that will be made before and after May 2020 in cryptocurrency. I have passionately written about it and also organised (and still organising) both free and paid seminars on it.

I told you that some coins are going to rise astronomically before the bitcoin halving event and your $100 (N36,000.00) can suddenly turn to $200,000.00 (N72 million) and your $500 can turn to $1.2million (N432 million).

If you have not gone through my write up as per this event, kindly click the link below to read more.

Right now, as I am talking to you, some coins are speedily rising and are cruising their ways to making people super-rich, just 6 months to the main bitcoin halving event. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that this is happening but fortunately for you, you are reading from me. The prediction is getting to the point of manifestation now.

As a matter of fact, VET/BTC has risen above 100% in 17 days and it is still going strong. NEO/BTC has risen above 50% in 17 days, but behold, it is just starting its own uptrend, the previous days were like child play. XLM, BNB, TRON and most of the altcoins are now preparing to fly and it is just the beginning of huge gain that would soon be experienced.

This is going to be a massive harvest of return on investment. The right vehicle for you to jump in for direction on how to profit maximally at this season is through our training. You just need to click the link below and join us right away, if you have not.

CRYPTOCURRENCY TRAINING – TUESDAY, 19th November, 2019 & SATURDAY, 23th November, 2019 At Lagos

Now, the opportunity is opening up again for you to learn about cryptocurrency trading. This Tuesday and Saturday, I will be showing you while you need to invest your penny into cryptocurrency, no matter how little you have. You must see the crypto market as a fertile ground to put in your money seed.

There will be FREE training session from 10 am – 12 pm this coming Tuesday, 19th & Saturday, 16th November, 2019. Thereafter, we will start the PAID and PRACTICAL session. This is where I will show you exactly how we have been doing it.

The paid training is still being discounted and it is going for N30,500.00. The price may also rise very soon just as the crypto market is rising, therefore, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

White House,
90B, Okota Road, Opposite Abbey Mortgage Bank,
Near Chemist Bus Stop, Okota, Lagos.

If you are not in Lagos, you can join us online. We have some of the videos of the live training we are doing. You will also be able to join our WhatsApp group where I am currently giving coins/signal alerts. I gave two accurate buy-and-sell signals of recent and those that got in are in profit now.


If you need a soft loan to start your business, then, I will strongly advise you to attend our consultation session. You can have access to our training, whether online or live training at our office.

Now, that Crypto market is giving a good return, you may even decide to get a loan to participate in the highly liquid market.

Click the link below to learn more.  


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