The Untold Secret Of Becoming Social Media Influencer for Internet Marketers

I remember someone telling us an interesting story of people that go to hospital.

You know that there is an order in the hospital. You can only see a doctor based on your punctuality. “First come, first serve” works well in the sector.

But we have few individuals that often break the protocol of queuing. These types of people often jump the queue to get attended to earlier than every other person. Do you know who they are?

You might probably think they are some kind of VIP or specially registered patients of the hospital. They are not in any category of the people stated.

I learnt that the person that can make the loudest noise gets attended to first in hospital. “Make the loudest noise, how?” You wondered?

Yes, that is correct. Let me explain.

Let’s say we have someone that has a very critical case and can’t even talk but lying down on the bed in the hospital. The nurses will still make such a fellow follow the protocol of queuing before seeing the doctor.

But if someone comes in with an ordinary headache and starts shouting, “my head o”, “it is about to break o”, “it will fall down o”, “you people should help me o” and he keeps making serious noises, what do you think will happen?

Your guess is the same as mine.

Others will be abandoned and the noise maker would be attended to. It will seem as if the noise maker has more critical condition. All attention will be on him. He gets to see the doctor first, get treated and leave the remaining people on the seat.

What am I driving out?

I am saying the person that can make the loudest noise gets all the attention on social media too. Sometime ago, I noticed some individuals that are making waves in the area of internet marketing and I know they don’t even know one third of what some of us know.

But they have bigger followers and make more money because they increase the volume of their loud speakers on social media.

Believe me, that is the secret of the social media influencers.

Before you know it, everyone is thinking they are experts in the areas they keep talking or pushing.

To become famous or popular these days is not really hard. But it is still not simple because it requires some level of dedication.

Two major things are required. They are:

  1. Ability to keep pushing your opinion or acts on the social media
  2. Consistency in doing what you have decided to do.

If you can do that enough, you will start getting followers, likes and fans. Then, you will be well known.

The main key is consistency. Even these days, some stupid ideas being promoted get serious followings.

How will that be helpful to you?

If you are into business or you have something to sell, then, becoming a social media influencer will be a great bonus to you. You will be able to make sales easily.

In fact, social media influencers often become the face of companies who give them a lot of money to assist them in promoting their products or services.

If you have the time, you can become a social media influencer in a few months if you are consistent. Sincerely, money is not required to become an influencer, time and consistency are the keys needed.

You can start talking about something you are passionate about. It can be politics, sports, entertainment, fashions, cooking etc. Just keep talking.

Then, make videos. Take pictures. Before you know it, the likes will be growing, the followers will be increasing, the influence will be spreading.

Finally, choose a comfortable social media platform to start from. We have dozens of social media platforms but you must start with the one that resonates well with your audience. Work hard to dominate the platform you choose by pushing your opinions and activities out regularly.

You can choose any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok, Snapchat, Youtube etc. You can later spread your contents across all the available platforms.

As an internet marketer, you need to create some level of influence too online. This will help your personality to validate any product or service you promote.

My social media platforms preference as an internet marketer are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Why instagram is not part of my immediate preference is because I use web links a lot to redirect people to my website but instagram does not permit the use of web links. Your link will not be clickable on Instagram.

But you can make a video or design graphic and put the links on it.


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