The Very Last Chance To Get Land at MAV for 70k

Some of the Stakeholders Eating and Having Interactive Session At MeritChoice Agric Villa on Saturday, 8th June, 2019

I want to say a very big thank you to those that have been part of our vision by becoming a stakeholder of the MeritChoice Agric Villa (MAV) project.

Just having a plot of land at MAV is giving you a great privilege of becoming part of a glorious future. A lot of people may not see the opportunity now but may wish to beat themselves in the future for ignoring such wonderful opportunity. Why did I say that?

The truth is, what we are about accomplishing with MAV with corporate effort is too huge for anyone to ignore. But still, this opportunity is for those that have deep insight cum foresight. Many will only see this at late time and will be rushing to be part of it.

While we are seeing developed and great city at MAV, some are seeing bush and undeveloped area. At MAV where we are seeing great agribusiness centre, some are merely seeing a rural area. While some are thinking the location is far, we see a place that is a centre of attraction not only to Nigerians but to entire world and people would not be seeing it as a far distance but a place to visit and be.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful is just in “seeing”. If you see the future with MAV, you will not hesitate to be part of it now. And we will start proving that shortly as we roll at our plans.

Yes, we suppose to end the N70,000.00 promo by Monday, 10th June, 2019 as we start taking up development projects at the villa. But we are still persuaded by several others persons that have reached out to us for more time to be able to make their payment.

Therefore, the last time that the land will go for N70k will be on Monday, 17th June, 2019. Yes, it will be the final day to sell the land at MAV at that price. If you have not got any plot, you still have the chance to do so by clicking the link below:

After Monday, 17th, we will give the opportunity for those that are willing to promote the land at MAV to come in. A lot of people have been asking to help us market the land so that they can make commissions. A plot will go for N100,500 and marketers and promoters will be able to make 20% commission per plot.

Therefore, if you are willing to market too, get set as the opportunity is also coming for you from Tuesday, 18th June, 2019.

As a matter of fact, our Beekeeping and Honey Production at the MAV is on the increase. We were at MAV last week Saturday and the people are excited after seeing and learning more on what we have done with beekeeping and honey production.

We are also working towards starting pig farm. Just look forward to my message and also follow me on social media as I will be updating as per some of these projects soon.

Due to the fact that we have been busy with planning of MAV, I have not been able to post much on social media but I will soon start with some important updates, therefore look forward for my posts.

Don’t forget, the last chance to pay N70k for the land is now Monday, 17th June, 2019, act now, click the link below, register on the site and get full information about our plan for the land and project.


Yes, you can visit our office for more inquiry about the land from Monday till Friday starting from hour of 10am till 6pm.

You can also call us on: 08027097030, 08120843936


Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

For: MeritChoice Limited

Our Customers’ Service Phone Contacts:

+234 802 709 7030, +234 812 084 3936

Let’s connect:



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