This Is How We Will Profitably Trade for You Without Touching Your Money

Currently, we are trading for some of our students that just joined the class and while at the same time they are learning.

I have previously described how you can enjoy our 30 days FREE trading bonus when you join the online class. In case you miss that, you can check out the details by clicking the link below.

Today, I want to explain to you how we will help you to trade profitably without even touching your money. The first thing I know that many people will be concerned about is the safety of their investment. Of course, I will personally consider that too.

Many of us have got our fingers burnt while trying to pursue one opportunity or the other online. This time around, several people are now more careful before they part with their money for any income opportunity. The first question that may come to your mind, which will be the same question I will personally ask is “can I trust you with our money?”

Sincerely speaking, trust is a serious matter in our nation. You don’t want to listen to a story that touches the heart afterwards. You don’t want to hand over your money to someone you don’t know or you have not met before. But we also know that if you don’t take some risks, we may remain in one spot in life and financially. But then, we have also learnt that we should take calculated risks ONLY.

That is why we design a risk-proof method to trade for our students and Crypto Community. When you join us, we will instantly show you how to set up your cryptocurrency investment and trading account without sending a dime to us. Your money will be in your personal trading platform and you can monitor it by yourself.

That is the first training we will give you when you join us. You will show you how to fund the account and how to secure it such that nobody can steal your money or move your money without your knowledge. We will equip you with the right information that will give you peace of mind that your investment is safe.

Then, I will teach you how to get an API key that we will use to connect to your cryptocurrency assets account. With this, we will be able to trade on your cryptocurrency assets without having the authorization to move your money from the account. The key to withdraw or move funds from the account will always permanently be in your hand. I hope you feel safe with such an arrangement? Cool.

I will also teach you how and when to take your profit which may be on a weekly basis.

I believe with this plan, you can sleep with the rest of mind without getting worried that you may wake up one day and discover that your hard-earned money is gone.

Now, please listen to me. We don’t trade for you except you join our training class and crypto-Community. You can’t say, “I just want you to trade for me, I am not interested in learning.” There is no way we can work with you without you participating in the growth of your investment through our teaching and support.

Your training starts right from your day one of becoming part of us. The opening of your account, securing it, funding it, getting API keys, learning how to take your profit and withdrawing it to your bank account are all parts of the training we shall give to you. This is why we only want people that are willing and ready to participate in growing their cryptocurrency investment.

It is not necessary that you should start trading immediately when you join us. We will do that for you while you learn to gain mastery over time. As you increase your knowledge, then you too can pick up the trading challenge by yourself. Trading is sweet and interesting, only if you know what you are doing.

Having said this, if you are ready to start seeing great results and profit weekly and monthly from cryptocurrency, kindly click the link below to join our online class.

Don’t forget that the training price is still discounted at N45,500.00. The price will soon be increased, kindly take advantage of it now. Also, note that we may soon remove the FREE trading BONUS by July 2020. Kindly join us now.

Know that when you join us with the fee of N45,500.00, you become a lifetime member of our community.

So, go ahead and let start making some good returns.


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