This Opportunity Is Only For Those That Desire Secured Future

If what you are doing today does not guarantee your future, then you need to re-think and re-plan. I discovered that a lot of people love federal government jobs because they provide some level of futuristic security in terms of gratuity and pension.

Unfortunately, many people have discovered that those futuristic promises are no longer guaranteed. There have been a lot of inconsistencies with government policies and promises hence everyone is looking for a way to secure his or her future.

Yesterday, I told you about an opportunity that many will regret if they neglect to tap into it now. I have been using a coded name to introduce it to you. I called it the Passive Active Income System (PAIS). But just like I promised I am giving you the name of the system today.

Yes, I am doing that because I am gaining more confidence with the system. My main purpose is to start an education series on why I trust the system. I will also tell you the likely problem the system may have. But sincerely, if all things go well, the system is promising to be the future you desire financially.

Now, the name of the system is QubitLife

Of course, you might have heard about the program from me or elsewhere but my purpose is to show you why I subscribed to it and the potential that QubitLife has. I will also let you know the scepticism of some people and how some of the opinions about the program are not valid.

By the time I am through with this educational series about QubitLife, you will also be equipped with information on how to analyse a company.

The slogan of QubitLife is “Welcome to the Future”. Some may probably think that I am just dogmatically following the company statement by claiming that the opportunity is for those that desire a secured future, NO, I am not. My assertion is based on my personal analysis.

Yes, I told you that you can make money without doing anything and daily your money will grow. The first thing that comes to mind when you learn about such an opportunity is Ponzi, pyramid or money doubling program which my people called “sogun do goji” that is, a false scheme that promises to turn twenty to forty for you.

Let me categorically tell you that QubitLife does not look like the regular Ponzi scheme often built on falsehood. QubitLife, though promises 250% of your investment over the period of 10 to 12 months have a lot of projects and services that make it a genuine company.

But how do they generate so much money for you every month with the promise of about 21% per month? They trade cryptocurrency to generate money. When you open an account in QubitLife you will see a daily report of the profit they are making and that is what is added to your investment daily.

Some sceptics claim they are not trading that they are just using the new investors’ money to pay the old investors. For you to know that those guys understand trading, go and check the Robots and signal section of QubitLife backoffice on their site. There is no way they can doctor the daily reports and results of the robots and signals because real people like you and I are using those services to trade and make a profit on their own. That is different from the Educational License that QubitTech is trading for us.

The simple analogy is that if they can provide services that help others to profit on their own using their automated system, how will they not be able to trade with the same knowledge to provide profit for their users?

So, for me, I believe our money is being traded and that is what gives us daily profit. The reason I will also believe that is because I trade personally and to make 20% in a day is very much possible with cryptocurrency. For example, I recently traded AXS/USDT and it gave me about 25% ROI in just two days. What about that? I believe QubitLife can even give us more than 21% per month if they want to.

Some people that don’t know what is happening in the crypto world will say it is a lie. The truth is that if you refuse to upgrade and understand our present world, it would be difficult for you to secure a desired financial future. The future you so desire is now here. With cryptocurrency, we have it and QubitLife is one of the vehicles for you to experience the future now.

If you need more information, ensure you click the link below, watch the videos on the site and make sure you invest as fast as possible.

I will give you more enlightenment about this opportunity tomorrow.

Finally, don’t forget to sell you BTC on It is unique, simple, the fastest ever and the best system in existence. You will be happy you use it.


Please note that I don’t work for QubitLife and MeritChoice is not affiliated with QubitLife. MeritChoice is a Nigerian company while QubitLife is an international company registered in Estonia and have 55 offices around the world.

I currently have over $2000 investment with QubitLife and I keep increasing it every week. I am a user of the system and it has really paid off. I am also an active participant in the system and get commission by referring others.

The information I am providing here is for educational purposes and it is not legal or financial advice. Make sure you do your due diligence and be responsible for your decision.

Apart from QubitLife, I also promote other opportunities, programs and services that I am persuaded are genuine but I will NOT be responsible for the profit or loss you made from such a program. Business and investment have two sides of the coin of profit and loss. If you didn’t give me a share of your profit when it goes well, don’t expect me to share your loss when it goes the other way.

If you are deadly scared of losing money in business and investment, my candid advice is for you to remain glued to your 8 am – 5 pm job as there is no profit and loss with salary – though it is void of a realistic financial future.


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