Top 10 Experts Predict Bitcoin Will Hit $100k In Few Months

It’s been exciting with crypto-trading. Yes, it’s being a profitable venture.

But sincerely, it is only profitable for those that are empowered with the right knowledge. See, knowledge is not only power, but knowledge is also PROFIT.

Some few weeks ago, I started encouraging people to buy bitcoin and learn how to trade cryptocurrency because in some few months to come, bitcoin is going to hit its all time high.

This is not just one individual’s speculations. About 10 top experts have predicted that bitcoin, the grand-daddy of all cryptocurrencies, is going to hit $100,000. That is about 36million naira for just one bitcoin. Currently, bitcoin is in the range of $9k, that is about N3.2 million.

What it means, is that, if you have just 100USD of bitcoin now, which is about N36,000.00, in the next few months, when bitcoin gets as high as N36 million, then, your N36k may turn to approximately N400k by then. That is about 1000% growth.

The question now is, how soon will bitcoin get to that level?

If you have checked my report on the big crypto event coming up soon, known as bitcoin halving, then, you will have idea of when this will likely going to happen. Check it out again here:

That is why those that understand cryptocurrency trading are pumping money now into the market.

The truth is that it is not only bitcoin that will shoot up, other currencies will also follow the rise of bitcoin. There are some that will nearly break your bank account at the rise of bitcoin. There is one that is very sure to grow astronomically and I have been informing all our students to buy that one.

When you join us, I will definitely leak the secret of that top currency to you.
Let me tell you that the price of our cryptocurrency training will soon move up. Just like bitcoin is going up, our training price may also be climbing the ladder too. The training fee is still at N30,500.00 simply because we have a lot of persons that asked us to consider them as they are waiting to get paid at the end of the month.

So, we are retaining the current price till 10th November, 2019. After, the day, the price goes up. Therefore, I want to encourage you to be part of this now.

Another reason you need to be part of us now is that the market is still at accumulation stage, where you can still buy bitcoin and other currencies at a very cheap price. Bitcoin was at $7k last week but it has moved to $9k now. It simply means that it is gathering strength to rise to its highest.

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I will also use the opportunity to show you the top 10 predictions that bitcoin is going to hit $100k soon with the different timing chosen by these experts.

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That is why nobody should despise the day of little beginning. They started with N50k and now, they are getting N100k and even up to N500k.

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