TOP SECRET – How To Turn 100USD To 100,000USD With Cryptocurrency

A lot of people seeing my claim of turning 100USD to 100,000USD won’t believe it and some may start thinking it is a scam. That is why I called it top secret because most people that even have crypto coins don’t know about this.

Let me give you an example of this possibility.

The lowest price of Ethereum (ETH) ever was $0.4209 and that was in October 2015, 6 years ago . Let’s assume you invested 100USD in ETH in 2016, 5 years ago when the price was around $1. Then waited till 2018 to sell it when the price got to over 1000 USD, go you know that you would have earned 100,000USD in just 2 years?

If you could endure and wait till 2021, 5 years after when the price got to over 4,000USD, do you know that your 100USD would have earned you 400,000USD?

With the current exchange rate of N500/$, you will have N200,000,000 (two hundred million naira) this year and you too can throw a party like Obi Cubana.

But do you know that most crypto investors don’t make so much? Why?

Most people are always afraid of losing their “hard earned” money in crypto. Why? It is because the crypto market keeps fluctuating, going up and down with its prices. Do you know that currently, the crypto market price is falling?

What do we see people doing now? They are taking away their money in frantic sales of their coins. They are selling off because they don’t want to lose their money. Those people withdrawing now because the market is falling are the real losers.

Many have bought when the prices were high and just selling off at least to have something back.

But this is when the real money makers position themselves to buy. It is time to observe the market, ensure it gets lower enough and buy.

That is why you need to be trained on how to know how to buy and when to buy.

The top secret of this market is in WAITING. Just think of it for a moment, if I invest N50,000.00 this year and I wait till 2023 (two years after) to earn N50,000,000 (fifty million naira) will the waiting be worth it?

If I could further wait till 2025 (4 years after) and earn N200,000,00.00 (two hundred million) will it be a good “waiting”? Think about it. That is how people have been making it with crypto.

Then the second secret now is for you to find coins that are not too expensive but have potential to grow exponentially in the next few months or years to come.

Some of such coins are  the ones I gave as bonus when you purchase any of our training on

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