Trading Bitcoin With Naira for Good Profit

There is no other time to trade bitcoin with naira than now.

Why am I saying that?

Number one, there is a lockdown. We are not able to move and neither are we able to transact business as usual. In Lagos, banks are not even operating. Most of them shut their doors and only work online or respond to you via the phone.

Unfortunately, as if the lockdown challenge is not enough, naira went on a downtrend and its value nosedived. Someone just said that if you think you have enough money in the bank, just divide it with 360 or 490 and see the value of your real money in USD.

There is one thing you can do, you can preserve the value of your naira by keeping it in bitcoin which is the modern world’s digital gold. Do you know that smart people around the world buy physical gold to preserve their wealth?

They are so sure that if all currencies of the world get devalued, gold will still maintain its value. It may not be easy for you to buy physical gold because you would have to deal with experts in that field and be sure of what you are doing if you don’t want to get scammed. But every one of us can purchase the digital gold which is bitcoin to preserve some of our money.

You can behave smartly by putting some of your reserves in bitcoin and some good cryptocurrencies. I can tell you that bitcoin and some good altcoins, though volatile, may perfectly be your best choice to preserve and increase the value of your naira at this challenging time.

For example, if you have traded bitcoin with naira (yes you can now trade bitcoin with naira, in case you don’t know), some 3 weeks back, you should have gained 40% of your money by now. Just imagine that you invested N1million and now, you would have gained about 400k and have a revenue of 1.4million within 3 weeks. That is what we are saying.

Bitcoin is currently correcting itself. It is coming down now for people to be able to buy at a low price again. So, when you understand when to buy and when to sell, then, you will become money king on the cryptocurrency platform.

This is one of the things you will learn when you join our online training class. Click the link below to learn more.

Let me also tell you that there is a way we observe how the market is flowing. We use what is called a “chart”. With a chart, you can have an understanding of what is happening in the market.

There is a site that gives you the best chart templates to observe the cryptocurrency market. It also gives you different kind of ideas, news, signals etc that can help you to get better with trading or understand how to invest in cryptocurrency.

I am giving you the link to the site below. I will like you to go to the site and register. Then, ensure you keep following up with my messages here as I will be giving you some pointers as per how the website can help you in making a better decision as per trading and investing in cryptocurrency.

Click the link below to register on the site:


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